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DriveClub FG Tournament

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Hello FG! I wanted to get an idea as to how many people would be interested in doing some DriveClub competitions/tournaments together?


I was thinking we could do a mixture of solo races and team races. Teams would be randomly chosen and would change each session, if you win as a team than you put a win down next to your name in the table.....if that makes any sense?


I know we've had issues with doing tournaments before but hopefully this can be set up in a way that means that people can still compete even if others don't make it. The way this would be done is by setting a maximum number of races you can complete in, say 20 solo and 20 team. If you've completed your maximum number of races then you can still join in other races, it just won't count as a win or loss but you would be helping yourself by taking wins away from others. 


I know the above doesn't really make sense as a tournament but it's only for a bit of fun. If anyone has any suggestions then chuck them this way.







@phil bottle








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1 hour ago, GazzaGarratt said:

Anymore people up for this??


What's the plan @tronic44?

Will see who else wants in and i’ll put something together over the weekend 👍 Might sit down with someone else and work out a plan actually, anyone wana help?

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