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  1. Just finished it tonight and have to say even though for much of the series I had no clue what was going on I enjoyed it overall. I thought it started well went off the rails in the middle a little but the series was rounded off nicely. Definitely made a nice change to see something different as I've watched some crap lately *Gray*. I will leave this here though, it's quite long but an interesting discussion, maybe not knowing much about the lore helped? Now I get some of the arguments against it but at the end of the day it's TV and tbh all TV suffers in a similar way imo.
  2. Tbh since getting interstellar I found I've little to no reason to turn the game on, there maybe some interest in any fg Friday that might occur however it's not just cod where gaming is concerned at the moment which might be down to the fact the winter should be over.
  3. Gory, brutal and funny definitely gonna check it out. Also hearing that you don't need to have played the games to enjoy it also helps.
  4. Might find a reason to turn destiny on again just to take a look.🀷
  5. Watch the original to see how bad this new one is😁
  6. So I finally watched the beekeeper, now it's a Statham film so you know what your getting but for me that's fine as I like his stuff and it's pure brain out entertainment. I also watched, back to back the new road house and the original. Now for me it's the original hands down but I have to say the remake wasn't as bad as I expected if you can get past Jake Gyllenhal fighting Connor McGregor πŸ€” however not sure we should see McGregor acting again either πŸ˜‰. However not a waste of 2 hours.
  7. Id have to agree, however stash house is maybe even more chaotic than shipment.
  8. Free solo is excellent πŸ‘
  9. So I watched Ferrari last night, I knew nothing about it going in and didn't know it's based on a true story. Tbh it wasn't that good, all the racing scenes seemed like bad CGI especially the crash scene then the bits about his life was just dull. This was no le mans 66.
  10. Came across this guy and have been watching loads of his stuff, I just love his presenting style and he certainly seems to know what he's talking about. He's definitely a big fan of Elon πŸ˜‚
  11. Watched Napoleon at the weekend, I was going to see it at the cinema but after watching critical drinkers review decided not to. This turned out to be the correct decision as in some parts I was just bored. I'd have preferred more of his campaigns etc and less Josephine bull shit.
  12. Can't imagine why people use "dodgy" boxes. This streaming/subscription thing has got out of hand. However there will be enough people out there who justify it by saying it's one less coffee a month to cover Amy losses from people cancelling.
  13. I got drunk and spent over 2k on a pc etc one Friday night so I'm not the best comment on gaming expenditure. However I don't buy many games at all tbh and never really have.
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