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  1. I've just edited the OP to remove Kyla's full name, too many creeps around. Also non-FG people.
  2. Add Kyla and myself to it, will ping you some wedge later.
  3. No mate, nobody would. Sorry.
  4. That was some sweet fucking justice. The lengths that dude has had to go to to get those buffs is unreal, he literally tripled his character's power with them which is why he was such a bitch to fight. Unfortunately he came up against a frost mage, the last thing you'd want to fight as a melee class. Ziqo got lucky there, if it wasn't for that final stun the paladin would've wiped the floor with him. Great fight 😄
  5. It's a fantastic game, the absolute carnage and chaos is unlike any other game I've ever played and accidentally dropping an orbital on your team mates is so satisfying hilarious embarrassing. Looking forward to another sesh tonight.
  6. Played all night, zero problems. No they don't, this isn't a Sony problem.
  7. This is getting such a panning it's hilarious. What does this do that Sea of Thieves doesn't?
  8. It's so weird that you say this as I reinstalled it on Friday. @techno and I were gonna have a little play but a 132gb download quickly put an end to that. It's fully updated and ready to go though, maybe I'll even put something in the calendar for Friday. I'm so bored of cod it's unreal. I even subbed to WoW for a month to see if that would keep me busy but after running a few dungeons I'm just bored again. Helldivers 2 looks ace but my days of spending cash on games that get played a few times and then get abandoned are done, I'm only spending cash on stuff I really intent to get stuck in to. I really wish Playstation would give trial periods of games, even just an hour to get a feel for it is usually enough. That being said, it is payday on Friday and this sweetens the deal even more: 15% off PlayStation Gift Cards - from £4.25 for £5 to £85 for £100 | hotukdeals WWW.HOTUKDEALS.COM
  9. Yessir. Loving it, what an amazing place to work!
  10. Everything. I finished the camos on MW3, now I've gone back to fill in the gaps on the MW2 weapons to complete that too. Dunno what I'll do once I'm done with those, apart from realise what a monumental waste of my life it's been. Still, shiny internet guns. Can't go wrong.
  11. Preferrably PS5, something RPG-ish, must have both MP and SP, preferrably playable together, like Density, but with NEW CONTENT EVERYBODY. Anyways. Got bored of WoW. Warframe never took off for me, almost completed the camos on corrodoory so that's gonna take a back seat soon. I need a game I can both have a good sesh on, or hop on for 30 mins and log off again without losing progress. Not something hardcore, I don't mind a bit of survival stuffs but I tend to die a lot so would like to keep my shit. Bit of action, atmosphere, yanno, like Density but newerer and betterer. Any ideas?
  12. YO WHAT'S GOIN ON GUYS IT'S YOUR BOY DIDDLYTOTHEDEE DIDDUMS COMIN AT YA LIVE FROM MY WORK PC (if you know, you know, soz in advance for the spams lol)
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