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  1. Spain 2-1 England Very disappointing once again. Lucky to not be 3-0 down and when we do get back into the game, we sit back and let them get a later winner. I don’t know what it is about us gradually sitting back and inviting pressure but it happens every bloody time and costs us dear. Subs did well again but maybe Palmer and Watkins should’ve started as Kane get again just chased shadow largely and he was spent by 60. Don’t know why we have to fall behind before we start playing either. Best team won overall but Spain were there for the taking after we equalised and we were lucky to get to the final. Their run was significantly harder. Another monumental missed opportunity and despite another strong tournament; nothing to show for it apart from regret.
  2. J4MES OX4D


    New hero shooter coming out next month on PS5 and PC. Looks a bit like Overwatch with the pace of Halo. Seems fairly polished but I think it's a bit too slow paced and I'm not sure if there is room for another new shooter IP limited to multiplayer. I'd probably give it a couple of months tops.
  3. First campaign mission is around the half hour mark
  4. This only happened the other day but he actually fell off long before then with some other shocking incidents. Surprised he lasted as long as he did to be able to go on to fake cancer.
  5. Another once-legendary YouTube OG turned degenerate scammer and pathological liar is Boogie - he was a humble creator back in the day with his Francis alter-ego and now he's just been caught lying about having cancer after trying to crypto scam his fans for fake medical bills. He's even too far despicable for Kick
  6. Fantastic performance last night especially in the first half. Got the subs right once again. Penalty was a bit harsh but as soon as you lift your leg studs up then you risk drawing contact so it's a penalty based on that. One more big performance needed!
  7. Better performance from England although we rode our luck a couple of times. Did well to get back into the game once again. Outstanding penalties under real pressure to seal the win!
  8. I can't believe England got through after delivering possibility their worst ever performance at a major tournament even more dire than Iceland 2016. I didn't even celebrate because it felt more embarrassing than anything. Southgate lives to fight another day but if it carries on like this he and England will come badly unstuck. Foden needs to be dropped seriously - has never had a good game for England ever and it has a terrible knock-on effect to the midfield and forwards. Great to see Palmer and Toney make some sort of impact but we should've been 2-0 down by then and should've conceded the most humiliating goal ever from the halfway line but got lucky once again.
  9. In other words, 'we'll wait for the dust to settle before giving him a contract' Kick houses some of the biggest scumbags from scammers, public nuisances, convicted criminals, junkies and fraudsters so Doc is ideal for them. That platform pretty much picks up all the big names that have been banned on YouTube and Twitch and doesn't enforce what few safety terms they have in place. I agree if he does come back it'll have to be under a new persona and he'll probably just be himself as that Doc image is tainted and will be forever ridiculed.
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