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  1. This is apparently working nearly every time for people so may want to try this out 😄 We were on last night ( @Luseth @Macca89 and @Mitch) and where Mitch and Macca got straight on, Matt and myself got the server message. Having said that it only had to retry twice and Matt once so we were both in less than 2 minutes and it was great all night! That was just after 8pm too so a very high peak time so its not as bad as people probably think. I don't think its ridiculous because no game offers 10 million slots for concurrent gameplay, thats insane and probably costs an absolute fortune. AA games aren't expected to have the amount of immediate success they had and whilst i'm super disappointed I couldn't play over the weekend due to servers, sometimes I have sympathy for a company that delievered something way better than they even anticipated. I'd urge more people to give it a go and try and log on. I don't think the peak will last for months too. Whilst replayability now is amazing, we know that their regular updates won't be as quick as other live service games. You don't have to gorge the content (you can't anyway because of slowish XP progression), rather more the game is there to be enjoyed having a ton of doing a few missions with some laughs involved.
  2. This has popped up as a nice surprise to watch this week! Looks ace. I struggled to get into the game as it didn't itch me as much as Destiny did but the characters and story always seemed interesting. Sounds like they're pitching at the right sarcastic, action focused mark. Jack Black as Claptrap is a great choice. Lets hope the best bits aren't just in the trailer like some other films 😄 Any thoughts?
  3. Loads of people have been dying for more Elden Ring content - I know the Americans @Jason and @BO7H B4RRELS have been waiting forever for it, so its nice to finally see the rumours 100% confirmed. My son is stoked for it, he doesn't get too loud about hype but has already said its worth pre-ordering it. Looked really good, as you would expect from FromSoftware. Anyone else keen?
  4. So its pretty clear, this game has surpassed most gamers expectations and for the price too, people have flocked to it...just abit too much than they anticipated! I'm pretty gutted we can't play it most nights of late with servers just saying max capacity without any update of getting on. The issue seems to be a cap on the servers for max players which was then made worse by people going AFK and leaving themselves logged in because the game didn't have an AFK kick function. They are working hard to rectify they have said and I think they've sorted the AFK part but max servers will most likely be a software issue written into the code - so its not as easy as people think. The producer has said honestly that he would tell people that haven't bought it to be patient and wait which in fairness something that not many others would say. I really hope its fixed in the next few weeks as this game is bloody fantastic and a great party up game. Lots of replayability too. How you all feeling about it? I'd love to know more about the technical reasons as its clear that you can't just pump money on new servers being turned on unfortunately.
  5. Expected over the last few days and now official. I'm super happy about it, it will bring lots of players into the game, including myself straight back to the game. Absolutely loved my time on this and accessibility just being on my console of choice will do wonders. The game is in a fantastic state, its crazy to think when it first came out we played it on PC and the game felt barebones a little - now its definitely got the right level of content to just enjoy and sail the seas trying to solve loads of quests and capture some booty! Anyone else want to bookmark this and jump on the seas with FG? I'll be there for sure and we definitely will need help explaining where all the quests are and how to start them off!
  6. I haven't heard or seen anything about this one, which is weird. Although, a few other games have exploded and took over the internet over the last month. Compared to Valheim, where would you put it?
  7. I'd be happy if these came across. I've wanted us all to play Sea of Thieves more but you can see how people's behaviour means that we don't play it much on PC. If it comes to PS5 then you should see an increase on that for sure. One of the best live service games out there. Grounded was great too when we played it on PC for a while. Hopefully more fleshed out now given it was some years ago. For cloud gaming...well, we'll just have to see. New youth of today get games through everything now, even Netflix. I don't hear many people playing them on there but that doesn't mean they don't get played. It'll be interesting as Google Stadia burned and failed so the gaming consumers have rebuffed the first round with many rounds to go I see.
  8. Such a shame. I'd like to go back to it but not really sure what i'd be doing other than just seeing the story through. Another game had thats stalled and gone backwards after sprinting ahead to the 50 metre point.
  9. Cheers Chad, sounds like one to wait until it gets to £20. Maybe £25. Its not much more but theres enough on other games to keep me going until that sale inevitably happens. I'll still look forward to it though given your reviews on gameplay.
  10. You should use it mate. Its really so easy as we've used the FG Game Room discord chat within seconds onto the PS5 and its just as, if not clearer than PS5 party chats. I'm here atm. I'm just trying to work out if I can do that because I have a feeling it will drop a little soon too. If Helldivers and Sony can't sort the max capacity servers out in the short term then this could push me into this sooner.
  11. So... I'd suggest Destiny 2. In June. 4th June to be exact. I'm partly joking but also not. We've all had a break for over a year, I intend to keep away even further until June. DLC will close the story off we've played for 10 years. Seems fitting to play it with all the QoL enhancements we've not seen. Lots of FGers here too still haven't got into it and if we all did around the same time it'll be a better experience. No grinding, just play different experiences with everyone. You'd probably enjoy that if you did just work yourself around all the experiences as objectives for us to do together. You just need a game for the next 4 months mate - Helldivers 2 and CoD will cover that period 😉
  12. Its definitely looking like they've done the right thing of leaving it as it is with just upscaled graphics in parts. Surely the D-Pad is the best way to play the game still given the fact that most ledges to jump up and puzzles require you to be more on the correct right angle?
  13. Please don't spam Roman @r_sviatkin . I'll keep this one up as it seems the most appropriate. We don't usually allow links to be spammed from people that are new - its a place that most won't trust the link at all if they don't know you or if you've not been around to be an FGer for a while. Just setting expectations. Good luck on your University project 👍
  14. Well, I've picked it up off Amazon so will be here in a few days. It keeps coming on my feed and the small snippets of videos look truly awesome. Hopefully we'll plan a few events on FG and get a few squads going 👊
  15. On the ever growing list too, mainly because its free. I have Splatoon on my Switch and I couldn't massively get into that and it does look extremely similar. How many players can play together on it @WelchyTV?
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