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  2. Staying up late at 9 years old to watch The Miracle of Istanbul… Outside of football, I remember watching GB beating the Americans in the 2004 4x100m final felt very special when it happened.
  3. I think my list always changes depending on my mood, but first that come to mind would be: 1: Pulp Fiction 2: Interstellar 3: Grand Budapest Hotel I could probs make a top 100 and still be sad to miss films out
  4. I really enjoyed Watchmen. Always thought the opening credits to Bob Dylans 'The Times Are A-Changing' went extremely hard...
  5. Prickford and Killmonger are club legends…
  6. I’ll only be able to jump on occasionally for the next few months, but will be back to normal from March/April sort of time. I always wore no 8, as did my father before me 😂 Prefer playing in the middle - CDM/CAM/ST… CB if we’re desperate.
  7. I moved to Australia a couple months ago!
  8. I’m 9 hours ahead, so will have to get up in the very early hours for the draft. Friday or Saturday definitely makes that easier for me!
  9. Gutted I won’t be able to make these, would have jumped right in if I was home!
  10. I played just before the dragonflight update. Really enjoyed leveling a few characters, and just exploring the world. Think as others said, it does get a bit stale after some time if you're not running with friends. Also found as a very casual player, dungeons were quite intimidating when you're not with patient players, which could be alleviated if playing with friends. I'm not looking to get into it seriously any time soon, but would have been fun!
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 241 seconds  
  12. Always been a Tekken fan, but never really ventured into other fighting games. I am excited for Tekken 8 however...
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