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  1. Not even sure what's in my back log but just of the top of my head tomb raider 2 and 3 the last of us 2 ps5 version skyrim VR then there's loads of the ps plus games. I always get to them at some point some time down the line which I'll have to do soon with a couple as storage is against me at the moment.
  2. The last of us mainly due to how Joel and Ellie relationship through out the game bonded as if they were father and daughter. The whole of the walking dead telltale series mainly due to the characters ones you think won't die and the last game you think the main character dies. Am hoping they do another game as a different studio took over.
  3. Hmmmm @Lusethall depends on tge game but any way 1v1 me. i like the idea but definitely prefer old titles would be better.
  4. Yeah the old 2D style must of been early 2005. My brother introduced me to it played maybe 6 months worth can't remember much apart from fishing😅
  5. Wow I remember playing the OG version of this not even sure I remember any of.my login details might have a little gander see if I can find out. After RS I went on to another game called ogame which I played solidly for 12 years.
  6. Welcome to the new farmers league.
  7. With FC 24 hopefully get a big tournament on the go could be interesting.
  8. I will always buy cod mainly for the campaign but o can't remember the last cod I gave up on after completing the game but I do still pop on every now and then but only lasts for a maximum of 3 games.
  9. I'm going to agree with lara due to the fact she was the OG playstation icon but pre playstation it's a toss between Alex the kid and jump man OG name of Mario.
  10. More to add to the library that may get played one day.
  11. Better gaming than crack.
  12. Welcome to FG. This may give a few of us a reason to fire up the game again.
  13. I would definitely recommend using the d pad as using the toggle as you'll find you will place both thumbs on the toggles. I can't see any change really in a change of the camera angles.
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