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  1. I would definitely recommend using the d pad as using the toggle as you'll find you will place both thumbs on the toggles. I can't see any change really in a change of the camera angles.
  2. The control's are horrendous but you can change them but will take some getting use to or should I say remember them. One aspect I do like pressing the options button switches between the remaster and old style graphics. It's quite odd seeing Lara with a more round bust rather than triangles 😂
  3. Already got the ps4 and ps5 versions installed so will hopefully get to play it today at some point as it's almost 4 am and I've been smashing out power was simulator of all games.
  4. Seen some dodgy reviews so haven't jumped om it as of yet but it's in my library for when I'm stuck what to play or haven't got anything. Game play doesn't seem to bad but what do you expect for a free to play game.
  5. Was reading up on the trophies a couple weeks ago and it seems they've done something similar to modern warfare 3 with 3 platinums for the ps4 and no platinums for the ps5 now I'm not saying every hame should have one but surely as its on both systems surely both should have them if not then I would of thought having just the ps5 would of been the better option.
  6. Looking at the clips I'm quite glad ghosts came out instead. I loved most of the maps apart from Stonehaven not 100% sure that's the correct name but was the castle map.
  7. Some shocking and not so shocking results today but we'll done to Maidstone which has to be one of the biggest upsets in recent years.
  8. Apparently he told the board back in November. I'm wondering if it's health issues or there is word he may manage Germany.
  9. Welcome to FG. There's a few of us you'll have to take a pinch of salt with other than that a great bunch to game with.
  10. For those that would play on a different system I suggest using the psn app to be able to join the chat party.
  11. I do want to jump straight on to the 2nd but will be going through them in order. I'm all for remasters but it's the remakes as I find they have modernised them for today's gamers not the generation that grew up playing them.
  12. On February 14th the first 3 games are coming out for ps4 and ps5 the price I think is pretty reasonable at 24.99. I'm pretty hyped mainly for the 2nd game. There's not many pictures and only a short clip so not much to go on. Anyone else picking these up.
  13. This was harder than I thought I was so close to putting these in Trainspotting Twin town This is england
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