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  1. Sorry mate but we don't allow links from non community members without express permission. We also get a lot of these types of request, so no.
  2. Should be dropping on 27 July
  3. Yep, it's so annoying, most days I give up trying to access the site. Seems ok today, touching wood 🙈
  4. I haven't played an NHL game since I was maybe 12. The old games used to have a bit where the players would fight each other, which was hilarious. I might download for the lols if it isn't a massive install size
  5. He's definitely passed the job interview for the BBC 🤣
  6. It's finishing games I have trouble with. If its a really good game I don't want it to end. I'll happily do side quests and ignore the main mission. Prime example is Fallout 4. Between console and PC I have 300+ hours and still nowhere near progressing the main story.
  7. Cheers for organising this @LordBaguette Can't believe I actually got France 🤣
  8. I know this horse has already bolted @LordBaguette but not a great idea to put your name and bank account details on a public forum 🤪 Great post though, i pick France 🫠
  9. Yeah, seems a bit gimmicky but does look very realistic
  10. I do wonder if cutting players like Grealish and Maddison has had an effect on team morale. They're both big, positive personalities and maybe that vacuum creates uncertainty in the minds of players and affects confidence. I'd have kept one of them around. But then, Iceland are almost a bit of a bogey team for England, so who knows...
  11. Of the 505 cars in the game, the only one I'm waiting on is an invitation to buy the Porsche Carrera GT '04. I might be waiting years 🤣 I have 44m credits. I actually have 508 cars, two from Manufacturers which I already own but I don't have any other duplicate cars, so not sure why...
  12. The online PVE mode with progression has been a game changer for me. I'm building my Hideout, which I never used to focus on, and already have my heating, lighting and a shooting range set up. Because of random deaths I used to not bother collecting the junk required and just focused on high end items to get better weapons. But no more cheaters or ppl hiding in bushes means I'm free to play the game as intended. The scavs aren't too tricky to deal with, although they can do you with superior numbers but the faction AIs are a lot tougher and i try to only engage them when i really need to. I'm level 8 and my soft skills are developing nicely. The more you do stuff in Tarkov the better and quicker your character gets. I've also started to do the missions but just focusing on those in the Ground Zero and Customs maps.
  13. If I was a Man U fan I'd probably want Ten Hags to stay, but either way, them ensuring Chelscum are out of Europa League cracks me up. Although think they're in the other euro cup, is it the conference?
  14. It's all good, they're preparing new ways to needlessly and annoyingly kill you via the environment from what i understand, plus trench foot I believe. But yeah there's other maps available to play for free so I hope they don't really charge 30 quid, I bought the original game for 15 sovs on day one lol
  15. I enjoyed CoD best on Xbox 360 so it'll be like returning to an old friend 🤪
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