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  1. Echoing this Lee, it's an absurd idea to expect servers to be capable of millions of players, even if you look at Counter Strike on PC which has a sizeable following it doesn't hit 1 million players. Considering the first helldivers was nowhere near as popular it's hard to predict this would have gone down as well as it has. Sony could easily spend a fortune now ramping up servers similar to Palworld but is that practical? The numbers will drop fairly quickly with quite a few online games coming out over the next month or so.
  2. So this was a surprise announcement in the Nintendo Direct, the original 2 games with a bit of a remaster but more importantly will be up to 64 players on PS5 / Switch etc which will be great. I played online on the PC for a spell and it was great fun! Any interest on here for this one?
  3. I had a brief go with this when it was first released on xbox. Now it's coming to other consoles I am giving this a nudge to see if anyone else would be interested? My first impressions were pretty positive so looking forward to playing this now that it's further down the developmental road.
  4. It is one of those games I wanted to play but never did as I did not have a group to jump on it with. I imagine it will be full price on Playstation so I likely will keep game pass going (assuming it will be crossplay) and play it on there (assuming it's crossplay) as that will work out the cheapest way to play it. Justifying the full price for a game that is ridiculously cheaper elsewhere just to play it on my preferred console seems a bit saft. But yes I'd be up for jumping on, this would garner my interest a little more than the likes of destiny I think.
  5. I still haven't properly played Elden Ring I won't lie. It looks like a game I would enjoy the gameplay of however is it like the Souls games in that the story isn't really there? I.e. you can read the lore but that's about it?
  6. Anyone for another session on GTA?
  7. 🎮 Kick off the week with an epic night of virtual football fun! 🕣 Event Start Time: 8:30 PM 🔥 First Come, First Serve Positions, so secure your spot early!
  8. I had heard that as well but I don't really understand where that has come from. There are sort of like 2 battle passes, 1 which is free and earned in game, the other is paid for (but you do earn the currency through general play and the free battle pass). The guns on the paid for option have been compared with those you get on the free and everything is fairly well balanced.
  9. @Stretch616 just you wait till @Macca89 get's a montage sorted of last nights schenanigans!
  10. Sea of thieves and grounded are 2 games I would pick up gladly!
  11. @WelchyTV I think you must have been too happy the day you made your predictions!
  12. I have just checked this out, you can have a server of up to 20 players but smaller squads of 3 to take on objectives and quests.
  13. Luseth


    I won't lie, I haven't even touched this. I just have too much to play so when games come out on PS Plus they just get added to the library for tomorrow.... Then tomorrow often doesn't arrive unless reviews crop up like it's the next Palworld or Rocket league etc.
  14. So, a few from my latest JRPG, I am quite enjoying the art style of this one albeit the game feels like it might be a bit short -
  15. I won't lie, I'm a little burned out with this COD already. I am trying to keep it more engaging by switching up weapons, playing around with the flamethrower n such the past week but there are a couple of dreadful maps i.e. Highrise, shipment (this is fine for camo grind but should just be kept away from the main playlist I think). My gripe's not necassarily the game itself, it's fine and typical COD, gunplay is good but my gripes - - Even now spawns in a game can very quickly still become a clusterfuck, the number of times I have spawned in (particularly with smaller maps) and spawned right in front of someone to be shot in the back is absurd. Then with larger maps, you only need one person to sit in spawn sniping and then you can't get away from it. - Maps, the MW2 maps are great nostalgicly but they are getting tired. In fact the reintroduction of some of the maps from the last game have for me been one of the best aspects of COD lately and I think there is a gulf between them. The 3 lane design in principle seems simple with newer maps but I think due to that the games flow better, a game of domination tends to result in points swapping either end and provides options for flanking and flipping spawns which is a plus for me. - Player base, I know there isn't much that can be done here but we do come across some toxic lobbies. I am fine with camping and such generally but when you get a whole lobby doing it then it get's tiresome and those matches become really dull.
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