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  1. Reply to this post if it’s a good game and if you’ve bought it, that’s my main criteria: 1. Is it good? 2. Are people in FG buying it?
  2. Just seen the gameplay for this, obviously hard not to compare to ghost of Tsushima, hoping it can live up to It
  3. After a few updates this game could really be next level, really wanna try it
    Legend for making this!! Need to get in some parties with us!!!
  4. Perfect summary of how the 2023 movie scene went. If you don’t watch this guys videos, please do
  5. I dont think I payed 5 new games this year😂 and the ones I did play wouldn’t make the list except for Spider-Man 2
  6. Came across this guys channel. He has several types of videos but his exploring dead games series are the best. He goes back to some older games that still have active servers with little amounts of people on. Gets into some wholesome situations and also gets his discord members to join old games to experience them again. Good watch if you’re working etc. Lots of nostalgia if he happens to visit a game you used to play https://www.youtube.com/@RyeGamesOfficial
  7. I think the video below should be watched by basically everyone Also a great channel in general if you want to learn
  8. How did you find the forum out of curiosity
  9. Just generic forum post, what is the first FPS you guys played? Mine was the first ghost recon on PC
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