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  1. We face Wigan on Monday and that's also on ITV, i expect us to lose as well but then i expect us to lose whether we're on tv or not haha
  2. I believe they called it Squadron 42 because that's how many years it was going to be before it's released. All jokes aside, that is a game i've been looking forward to for a while. I feel like there's a lot a space type games coming out and i'm a bit spaced out.....as usual haha I was looking forward to Skull and Bones but that games had so many setbacks i'm not sure how it will turn out. South Park Snow Day looks great, plus it's four player co-op which could be great fun. Loved the previous two games. There's a couple of other games but not sure titles or dates have been released yet so will keep my mouth shut haha
  3. I'd tend to wait for games to go on sale, unless they were new releases that everyone's playing. I haven't gamed much this year, so have only brought a handful of games and they were all on sale. The one thing i did do though was look at the PS games catalogue and upgraded my subscription to be able to play them, there were 5 games on there that i want to play and buying them all together would have cost over £100 where as getting the upgraded subscription was no where near that price. I definitely recommend looking through the catalogue and checking out the games if you haven't already. In previous years I've probably spent a fair bit on games each year but all it takes is pre-ordering COD and buying another game and you've already spent close to £100. The thing that'll probably set me back this year is upgrading my PC but that'll be for a mixture of work and games.
  4. It is very frustrating but I liked the added challenge, I haven’t touched it in a while now and no idea how far along I am in the game.
  5. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay and get some games in with the good folk here!
  6. My voting is slightly unfair as you'll see. I voted for Alan Wake 2 because my company worked on it, Baldurs Gate 3 because my mate Neil won best actor for his role in it and Zelda because it's the only game on there I've played and it's brilliant.
  7. Pulp Fiction! How could i forget that film? It definitely makes it into my top 10 but not sure if it quite makes top 3. Grand Budapest Hotel was a brilliant film, i love that style of film. It reminds me of Only Murderers in the Building. A top 3 of each genre would be good, action, romance, animation, Xmas films. Then i can put Die Hard as number one Xmas film and have an extra spot in action films haha
  8. I agree about Amazon being the best for money, fast delivery, video, music, pictures....I'm sure there's more. Netflix now is so expensive it's ridiculous, if you want the Ultra HD subscription it's around £18 a month which is stupid. Disney is a pretty good price baring in mind how much there is to watch on there and the fact they get new films pretty soon after release. It's ridiculous that they're adding adverts, they definitely don't need to do that with the money they make. I read that Netflix has increased the amount for a subscription because more people were buying subscriptions....that doesn't make any sense, surely the more people who have it the cheaper it should be?
  9. 1. Tekkonkinkreet 2. Goodfellas 3. Seven Samurai There’s probably a load I’m not thinking of, special mentions also go to Dead Mans Shoes, Shawshank Redemption and Evil Dead Army of Darkness.
  10. Even former employees are taking shots The Day Before controversies continue as former employee says it was never an MMO WWW.EUROGAMER.NET The strange situation that is The Day Before keeps getting stranger. The whole thing sounded like a shit show, i even read that they were using volunteers to help make the game, so they didn't have to pay as many people. They then back tracked and said they could become full time employees. Read this shit below, it's mind blowing. Not sure if it's already been posted but we all know everyone works best when they're not being paid. 😂 The Day Before developer Fntastic responds to volunteer controversy, says they can become full-time employees | Game World Observer GAMEWORLDOBSERVER.COM Fntastic has responded to criticism and allegations of using free labor as part of its volunteer program. The Day Before developer shared more details about its policy of attracting unpaid volunteers, saying that...
  11. I've got a feeling that will be our highlight for the next few seasons 😔
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