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    Jordie's 70 Yard Screamer....oh, hang on!
    The scenario: No Rules Cup. You can be offside and be anywhere on the pitch as there are no rules.
    Winning the game 5-3, @jordie1892  takes a huge pot shot as they bring the keeper out following a late attack.
    Enter @Macca89
    Classic FG.
    Quick Warzone Edit
    Had a go at doing an edit on my lunch break. Quickly realised I don't have the time or patience for Youtube...
    'Calculated, Calm, Chopper' Dennis Rodman and his 10ft Defending Legs
    James @Lurch aka Dennis Rodman, denying everyone and their best mate to the FGFC goal with his wondrous 10ft legs.
    Highlights from Monday Night Football 25th January 2021
    Importance of never giving up!
    This why you should never give up!
    Online daily race at Laguna Seca and had qualified P5/P6. Strong consistent pace had got me up to first and had decided to go in for tyres. Second place decided to risk it and not stop and this was me hunting him down with a great ending...


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