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  2. The chants at Chelsea were hilarious. Cole Palmer needs to get a move.
  3. That Reaper just sounds like he'd find a problem in waking up in the morning and checking that he'd won the lottery. Like you say Gaz, its a TV show and the way that Reaper and MauLer pick the absolute fine detail out to the n'th degree is mindblowing. I do agree generally speaking that there were moments where it felt slightly overly whacky but the arguments are basically saying it should follow the game but not follow the game when it needs to be more realistic. You can't take a Fallout world seriously and I got that vibe from the first parts of the first episode. Sometimes if it was set up incorrectly you can lose yourself in what feeling you are supposed to feel like. Feel like those two need a Frankie Says Relax t-shirt 🤣
  4. "What restaurants, fast foods do you try?", it seems like there's a lively discussion going on. IRaMPaGe started the topic and many users have shared their favorite fast foods and restaurants. Some popular choices include Chinese, pizza, Indian, and Greek food like gyros and kebabs. There's also a mention of limited Asian food options in Greece, but some users have found ways to cook Asian recipes at home. What's your go-to fast food or restaurant?
  5. Myself and @Luseth had a session last night, it was very cool : ) I think @Diddums has it installed now too, maybe we can have a few of us if anyone fancies joining? It was free on PS Plus a while back so most should have it!
  6. Last week
  7. I'll laugh at Chelsea anyway 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. It's all cool, just sit back and laugh at Cheatski 🫠
  9. OK, so you see where AWB foot ends which is at the end of the blue line, well if you find a pic of Hadji Wright, his foot was partly in the red line so he was off. The law for handball states that if he moves towards the ball which he didn't, then its a pen, he moved his arm away and had his arm tucked in so never a penalty. Yes Cov played well, but they were played off the park for 70 mins, they were literally non existent until then, played well for the rest of the game. They weren't robbed at all. It was just a questionable call which I would of said should go towards the striker. And as much as anthony is a dick, Hadji Wright is too, as shows the pic below, that's why Anthony did what he did 👍🤣
  10. 🎣 If we’re going by ‘the law’ AWB’s hand-ball is illegal. And the offside line was clearly drawn over his foot and not to his foot which would suggest Hadji’s toe is onside. Either way, VAR ruined one of the FA Cups most exciting games in recent history. Now I’m not one to talk about supporting a club for any reason, but I can feel for the fans who feel they were robbed of a place in the final (my grandma for example, who is a life long fan of CCFC). Either way the a team in Sky Blue is going to win it. As for Antony at the end… it’s laughable, he’s actually such a joke. Found Maupay’s comment funny about it. The better team lost.
  11. Yano something, I'm actually getting sick of it now, I couldn't care less anymore. Yes I felt for Cov, to have come back from 3-0 down and to have been so close and go out the way they did. I can't imagine the heartbreak. However, I have none stop seen posts on social media the last few days saying they have been cheated, blah blah blah, plastic utd fans this. First of all, if you actually look at the offside, where the blue line ends, is where AWB foot ends, then Hadji Wright's foot is slightly in the red line so therefore he is just off, however I still agree with Lee that advantage should go with the striker. But in the eyes of the law, he's off. 2nd of all, Coventry shouldn't of even got to extra time, the penalty that was awarded against AWB was absolutely shambolic, he was less than 2 yards away with his arm behind him and to his side, wtf was he meant to do, awful decision but nobody talks about that, if that was given against coventry there would be all out chaos. (Pic attached is 2 similar instances from this weekend which weren't given, yet nobody says a thing) 👀 Also, I'm absolutely sick of everyone labelling Utd "Plastic Fans", pretty sure I've seen about 10 people who I know who are Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea fans, all went down supporting Cov yet we are the plastics 🤣🤣🤣 On to the final 💪🤣
  12. Just finished it tonight and have to say even though for much of the series I had no clue what was going on I enjoyed it overall. I thought it started well went off the rails in the middle a little but the series was rounded off nicely. Definitely made a nice change to see something different as I've watched some crap lately *Gray*. I will leave this here though, it's quite long but an interesting discussion, maybe not knowing much about the lore helped? Now I get some of the arguments against it but at the end of the day it's TV and tbh all TV suffers in a similar way imo.
  13. I think it launches in early access on April 26th but I'm not sure what the ETA on the finished article is.
  14. Another RPG that I spotted in the past week, I don't think we have a thread for this but watching it, it looks very Game of thrones esque. Don't suppose anyone knows much about it?
  15. I loved the first game though I never completed it. It's exactly my sort of game, couple this with the likes of the witcher and I am in my element. I know there was a lot of uproar around the views of the person who created the first game but you can't take anything away from the original game. The trailers for this look more of the same but much better quality, so more polished shall we say. I will have to get back and complete the first one before it's out!
  16. New trailer dropped showing a few bits about the story in The Final Shape.
  17. Its not really about catching anymore since they changed the Power and grind factor in the game. Power numbers are extremely similar now so theres usually only a tiny increase each season and from what I remember some had zero update to max cap on highest power numbers. The game introduced a progression system with a bunch of objectives which I believe is the main number shown when you walk around seeing randoms. All about just what you have completed, not about doing a million and one raids, dungeons, etc. This update for me is going back in to experience the world much moved on with a bunch of Quality of Life updates we badly needed earlier in the game, a good solid campaign story, and being able to just try and complete fun activities with lots of us here. Anything else is a bonus.
  18. The more I look into the Coventry ‘offside’ goal the more it frustrates me. Forrest are at theirs ends with the Premier League and I’m not surprised, the level of inconsistency this year has been pants.
  19. Which divisions are the layoffs from? If it was me, take a redundancy package, reapply for the thousands for roles they are inevitably putting out there to get GTA 6 over the line, and grab even more money from them. I jest a little bit in that, I know its not that simple and detracts away from the real issues somewhat. Blows my mind they positioned it as forced given GTA 6 will need a monumental effort to get it to release on time and then huge support once the live service element is switched on.
  20. it looks like they are headed for Vegas, which was the best game, in my opinion. I'm excited for season 2.
  21. Finished it last night and the inevitable sad feeling that another series isn't there to watch straight away kicked in. Safe to say its a fantastic and well made series, that explains the world of Fallout extremely well across the course of the entire series. Having never been able to get past the character creation screen in Fallout, I didn't know anything much about the world of Fallout so its been a great insight into how things have been made. Like most series that hit super well with their first series, the challenge now is alot of the backstory and wow factor could be already known so really interesting to see if they can pull off a great second series now. I think the world looks like it can easily have 4-5 series in it but I suppose only the Fallout game experts will know how much has not yet been discovered! Maybe that gives me an even better feeling about the series going forward 😄
  22. When's the early access for this now the detail has been updated?
  23. Coventry fully deserved by the end. Mental as it was looking like one of the worst semi finals up until 70 minutes. Cov hadn't even had a shot. Then all carnage broke loose - the VAR we've talked online for a while now about it and I think for me its more now that VAR highlights are cruel the Offside rule is. Gaining an advantage my arse on that goal - and the line the morning after showed that pixels went over Wan Bissaka's foot. It just doesn't feel right. Separately, Forest just made a bad situation for them even worse with that tweet.
  24. Really like that you guys are trying this. I looked at it previously but the Premium service seemed expensive to keep a private server going. See if you can get a few clips on how it looks playing on a local host save.
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