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  1. Im keeping an eye on this whole situation, there are a couple of xbox games I would love to see on ps5, especially forza horizon
  2. Merry christmas everyone!!!! I hope you all have an amazing day with your loved ones ❤️ 🙂
  3. So my Playstation wrap up for 2023 juat popped up, seemed i spent a lot of time on Fifa again this year 😂 Lets see yours peeps!! Wrapup.playstation.com
  4. Number 67 please fella. I tend to play RW or CM, but can slot into RWB or CB when needed 🙂
  5. I played Calliston Protocol earlier this year and really enjoyed it so would definitely recommend getting that one 🙂
  6. We have our 14 teams!!!!! Draft date is set for Saturday 26th August - get your picks ready guys!!!
  7. A few guides for everyone to take a look at in prep for the draft 🙂 2023 NFL Fantasy Football Draft Guide | Fantasy Alarm WWW.FANTASYALARM.COM Fantasy Alarm is your home for season-long fantasy sports rankings, 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Guide - PressBox PRESSBOXONLINE.COM Joe Serpico helps you build a championship-caliber fantasy football team with a... Free Fantasy Football Draft Guide - 2023 Draft Guide WWW.FREEDRAFTGUIDE.COM RealTime Fantasy Sports - Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Best Ball, Daily...
  8. Cool, ill send you an invite for the whatsapp group
  9. Poll set up to arrange a draft date for peeps to select any they can do
  10. So with the new FG NFL Fantasy Season starting soon we need to get a draft date sorted. After discussing with others a Friday or Saturday evening seems like the best bet. It would be good to have a mock draft before the official draft too. Please select any that you can make amd we will go with the most popular option
  11. Hi Ally, i will add you into the whatsapp group for this, the links are in there too. Glad tonhave you on board 😁😁
  12. In thebprocess of sorting a draft date. Im going to post a poll to decide the date 🙂
  13. I know we have @G_dub52 amd @Findmartin in too. @Misneach_ Matty are you up for it this year dude?
  14. Ive sent you an invite to the whatsapp group.
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