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  1. Drinky drinky smash smash
  2. Thanks @Greboth I can now live out my fantasy as a Pro Racer, Left, Left, Left.....
  3. Greebs could you do one with the figure 8 FG logo
  4. This game is both a blessing and a curse. If you enter this with any other thought than having a Love/Hate relationship with GT Sport you'll end up like @LordBaguette Ceeb's (CBA TOM). Honestly love getting on with you lot Tuesday evenings for race days. The wife has not been pleased as our time difference puts me directly in the cross hairs of the end of the workday, time to pickup our son, and get dinner on the table. Alas she has given in as long as I'm off by 5:30 (Half 10 for you lot). It must be said that you can have phenomenal times and make one mistake and it be a misfortune. Its gre
  5. There was no button for “Abso-fucking-lutely” so I just clicked “going”
  6. In my defense @slamminbones you can see me in the rear view staying in the outside land and you went to change from the center lane 😊 if it had been any other way I’d have felt awful, but instead I feel redeemed.
  7. I’ve absolutely loved Tuesday race days! Even if I get a little crazy.
  8. *Bern bern bern bern* what’s up guys? It’s your boy matty happy New Years to all. I don’t know if games are planned for tonight but if my GT sport peeps are around I would love to do some races tonight get pissed and inevitably rage quit! Tonight 9 pm Friday January 1st 2021. @jordie1892 @JBR-Kiwi @phil bottle @Mikepjbell @Spacedeck @LordBaguette @Greboth @Diddums @Stretch616 @GazzaGarratt hope I didn’t forget anyone. Pepperoni Toni ...
  9. As always I think we all have to thank @GazzaGarrattfor putting all this together. You go above and beyond all the time. Fg wouldn’t be what it is without your contribution of time and energy. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  10. I think the r2 goes more than we think
  11. I request one of these videos weekly before each race on said course! Loved it.
  12. Love that I’m getting personalized walkthroughs / tutorials 😂 @Greboth awesome buddy.
  13. Congratulations! These awards are all well deserved. You boys keep gaming alive. Well except @Diddums literally thought he threw all his gaming stuff away until last week. Seriously though, love getting together and gaming with you lot.

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