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  1. XBOX 360 isn't retro yet. Fight me.
  2. I'm currently loving synthwave music. Check out The midnight, LeBrock and any other synthwave artist. Love driving the MR2 with the roof down to this, feels like I'm in Outrun 😄
  3. My PS2 is currently booting from memory card to a network and reading games from my pc. It's a pretty awesome setup, although Lee will hate it.
  4. My favourite console was probably the 3DO. I never actually owned one, but my mates did, and I spent a LOOONG time playing need for speed on it. Good times.
  5. Desert Strike and Jungle Strike NBA Jam Aladdin Ghouls n ghosts Interesting factoid about megadrive games by EA (with the yellow tab). EA originally reverse engineered the genesis because SEGA wanted much stricter controls on who they would allow to make games. Seeing they had a work around made SEGA buckle and grant them permission.
  6. They only need to create the world and make it easy for people to create missions. Downloadable missions, custom games etc etc. If they only make a new map its not going to be as exciting, it needs to feel next gen, and that means another dimension to the game.
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  8. To be honest, the mod community have made GTA V into a masterpiece. All rockstar need to do is create a basic game and leave it to the community.
  9. I like the idea of going back to basics. Rainbow 6 got a bit silly with gadjits and tings, it lost its grounding in reality and I liked the idea of it being realistic.
  10. Looking forward to getting stuck in to this 🙂
  11. I shall also buy a monkeybike......
  12. Sooooooo I got a bonus and need to spend it before it gets spent. I bought myself a nice ultrawide monitor which has obviously taxed my current 1060 to within an inch of its life. Do I wait for the 4000 series? wait for the 3070 ti to drop a bit more in price? Is intel the best CPU? All these questions and more in todays episode of........ WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I BUY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. Escape from tarkov - My PC struggled with this one, I'll be return inindustria - cold war alternate reality shooter. Seems very much like half life 2 dystopia vibe. Just my jam. Hellsinger - Shoot to the beat awesomeness with metal soundtrack. Basically looking forward to rediscovering my games on ultra settings!
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