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  1. Holy shit i just realised it originally launched on PS3!
  2. I kept getting a green screen when I used standby. I just power it off now.
  3. Highlight of the night was driving 2 inches behind Jordies rear bumper and watching him shit his pants and fall off the track.
  4. Fast and Furious: Tokyo wet one
  5. Yeah, the game lost its edge when you could send zombies to space.
  6. crispymorgan

    VOG full run

    I should be about
  7. Ajay is hunter, but can do other classes at a push
  8. Can someone carry me through a 100k nightfall before reset?
  9. I've bought the season pass. Been having fun so far. Only here for the VoG.
  10. The local 5 a side club has given us Tuesdays to play on the evening, would anyone mind if we choose another night?
  11. I'm looking the team/livery/manufacturer idea. How about the total points are an average of the race points ( race point total / 2)
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