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  1. I've bought the season pass. Been having fun so far. Only here for the VoG.
  2. The local 5 a side club has given us Tuesdays to play on the evening, would anyone mind if we choose another night?
  3. I'm looking the team/livery/manufacturer idea. How about the total points are an average of the race points ( race point total / 2)
  4. I had a similar idea. Shame you can't switch drivers for endurance/relay races
  5. The BMW was more than capable of a 1 stop with a little patience. Nice to be in an actual race though.
  6. Going really well. Despite the track being awful for last night's race it produced a really great race, except for Lee. Again. The race for third was amazing, but I over cooked it on the last corner and bailed, meaning I lost 4th place as well. All or nothing. I reckon I could have fuel saved for a better position.
  7. crispymorgan

    DSC run

    I'll make up the numbers of it helps
  8. Good work guys! Easy to forget that this site takes a huge effort to keep going. Thanks for stepping up 🙂
  9. This is the alternative. But it is tiny, and I'll only have enough room for spare socks.
  10. Need to wait until they release the tourist schedule for the track. If you look now it shows which days track is open for tourist drives, they release it around march time for the season ahead. Anytime would be good around now. Just need to link it with Alex's school holidays. My main car is a Skoda Octavia vrs, Skoda used to have a less than desirable reputation, but it's owned by VW now, so it's basically a golf GTi. Adenau is basically on the track, so it's great, accommodation is cheap. Sure we could pick you up from an airport.
  11. I'd be looking at the tourist drive day, so hire a car or drive your own. Last time I stopped at the pinnochio hotel in Adenau. So just a method of driving required. Not sure if I'd trust my MR2 all that way so might take the fake Audi. If that's the case I could carry some extra people.
  12. I've mentioned it a few times, but I'd quite like to have a blast down to the 'ring. Would anybody else be interested? Costs are reasonable, and I usually stop in Bruges for a night and go to ribs and beer where you get beer and unlimited ribs. Nommy. Do a few days at the ring then home. It's worth it just to enjoy the atmosphere and looking at all the awesome cars.
  13. Got nobbled by the audi's atrocious tyre eating habit. Still lots to learn!

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