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  1. A few things, I'm just running through how to upgrade to 19.3 stable using the mod launcher. Basically I'm having the opposite problem to Matty, I'll update you all when I have the answer. I'm going to be Hunter and survivalist class, we *need* watches! Also a bad ass cross bow makes me happy, plus I like to kill stuff. Let everyone know what class you want so we can cover all the skills.
  2. They muddied the water a bit with the whole ps4/ps5 thing. It's not always entirely clear what version you're looking at. Booting COD on the PS5 gives you the option to purchase the full game, but only offered the PS4 version (apparently you need the cross-gen version). I will move GTA to the HDD in that case, at least that's a bit of space saved. Overall I feel like Xbox UI and PC integration a cross play has been implemented better.
  3. Storage on the PS5 is a joke. With COD and a few other essential titles, Alex's PS5 is full. 825Gb drive with only 667Gb useable? That's borderline criminal. I understand that using external storage breaks the loading times, but not even being able to archive games to external is stupid. With no viable expansion currently it's a very annoying situation. Can't imagine a PCIe 4 NVMe is going to be anything less than £200 either. Arse.
  4. crispymorgan

    DSC Raid

    rsvp'ing for ajay
  5. All truly well deserved. Merry Christmas everyone. This is still my favourite corner of the internet.
  6. Free NiGHTS Into Dreams (Steam) - hotukdeals WWW.HOTUKDEALS.COM Grab NiGHTS Into Dreams for free! That's right, Sega is celebrating their 60th anniversary and they are giving away NiGHTS Into Dreams entirely for free! To gra Loved this game, and I'm sure @GazzaGarratt will too 😉
  7. In my hunt for a bargain, I accidentally bought PlayStation Now and not PlayStation Plus. CD keys are usually pretty good. have you redeemed your key?
  8. I've RSVP'd on behalf of Ajay
  9. Went on a little cruise around the map today. Headed north past greboth mountain. Once I got to the burnt zone took a left and followed it. There is a nice big city in the top left slightly adjacent to the zone, may be useful? Anywho, carried on following it round for ages until I picked up the wasteland zone, not quite as big and soon changed to the snow biome. Good hunting here as lots of animals and not a lot of hiding places. Then on to the desert, make sure you dress appropriately as it gets scorchio here. Another large looking city about 1 o clock as you look at the map. Will try
  10. As most of you know, I've now mapped the biomes and made a crude diagram. We should probably get a forward operating base for some of the useful ones. I found a nice city in the desert so I'm going to set up shop there I think. I might even start my own air delivery company.
  11. 7 Days to Die Map Renderer Alpha 19 KUI.GITHUB.IO Map renderer for 7 Day to Die Alpha 17
  12. I'm buying a playstation 5. I'm also going to replace my original playstation and playstation 2. Then. having them all setup in my new games room, because I'm a child at heart.
  13. I'll be doing my game room when I move in a week or so. Can't wait, this is a great idea. Probably more Sega for me though.

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