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  1. Did anyone record it? 😂😂
  2. Mikepjbell

    F1 2021

    I had a massive erection as soon as I walked into this thread.
  3. Hopefully not too soon! 😂😂
  4. I think @LordBaguette is fast in a single lap but needs to avoid trouble during the opening laps of the races, a bit more ducking and diving or anticipation of mistakes from others. Although there was nothing you could do about @Greboth booting you off! Agree that @crispymorgan keeps getting faster each week and will be at the front of the pack with us before long!
  5. Great racing again last week. The spring race was good, glad I kept hold of P3 and I think that's going to be my realistic target this year, I feel like Phil and I are the red bulls of the pack at the moment haha. Still not happy about blue moon, but I don't know who the point the finger at 😂 Looking forward to the next race tomorrow!!
  6. We put pictures of you up on the walls
  7. Skipped straight to the last race. Satisfied.
  8. I think Phil does win the award of "most punted off road" 😂😂 "I'd like to thank Mike, most of all, for his incredible determination to get in my fucking way, t-bone me, and cause me problems. Without that lunatic I wouldn't be here winning this award, thanks Mike." Then the camera would cut to me and I'd be clapping with a tear rolling down my face
  9. Another week of great battles, banter and racing all round. Enjoyed close racing with everyone!
  10. On more reflection I could probably stretch to £1400 if required. It sounds like the real problem is the availability or extortionate cost of video cards at the moment! I'm all sorted for keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
  11. What kind of money do I need to be spending to get to a higher res do you think?
  12. I've been thinking about getting a budget gaming PC for a while which for the most part will be used for website related stuff, but it'd be nice to play some games too, including some of the more modern titles and racing sims if at all possible. Main considerations: - I have a 32" IPS monitor thingy which isn't 4k but it's 1440 I think? I can check on that... - Budget: no more than £800 or below £1000 at a stretch - I have a display port connection free on the back of the monitor so a video card with that on would be nice, unless HDMI is the only way forward with g
  13. I just wonder if the system is already there to slow people down for punting people off, it might be worth using, rather than adding extra admin after races? Happy either way
  14. Just as talked about on WhatsApp, is there a difference in rules, do we need to be more strict about giving a place back if you ram someone off, or do we implement the slow down zones like in the daily races?
  15. I think still do that Le Mans track then but during the day in Gr. 2 or 3 in that case. Happy with Red Bull Ring or Tokyo again in the wet, it just adds that extra bit of fun. I really enjoyed that wet Tokyo race!

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