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  1. I was honestly shocked by how far off the pace I was in both races. I usually pick up racing games very easily but I think I'll need a lot of practice before the next round! Side note, I think we should have a championship /table over say 6 months?
  2. Ok re-installing this today 👍
  3. Hope you enjoy it Lee, you've kept this place together by constantly nagging us all. You're a true gent and you deserve to enjoy yourself this Christmas ❤️
  4. I'm definitely up for this! Need to get in some practice though 🙃
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 73/100 My Time 140 seconds  
  6. I think you have a very valid point there though. The problem with avoiding gun fights is that when it gets towards the end ring, your accuracy and responsiveness is completely out the window if you're not used to it and you've been camping out. I guess there has to be a happy medium and a bit of luck in order to get the win. Helps if you don't mow your team mates down with a rogue helicopter, granted.
  7. You lot absolutely cleaned up! I've only won two games on Warzone and both times were very quiet games where I didn't see many people. It's strange how you can go around melting people and still not come first. Part of the fun though!
  8. It was funny to see Matt's approaching demise 😂 I'm not even sorry haha.
  9. Watching these back makes me really want to play again!
  10. Mikepjbell


    What makes you think it looks crap?
  11. Lee and others you've done a bloody good job to help increase discussion on here, especially as it's currently holiday season ! Ppr updated
  12. 'Fallout 76' BETA Will Be The Full Game & You Can Keep Your Progress Bethesda has revealed that the upcomingFallout 76 BETA will include the full game and all player progress will be carried over to the November release. This sounding like a really fun game. I'm not usually a fallout fan but this sounds great!
  13. I can't get my head around how people build so fast.

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