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  1. I'm in the same boat mate, I don't fancy losing places now I've got to a certain level haha!
  2. Did you tap me in that last corner @Misneach_
  3. You won't win the race in the first corner. Aim to stay out of trouble in the first corner, pick a clean line and allow other drivers to make mistakes. This is particularly relevant in the public online modes.
  4. Watch out for early braking. If you're in someone's slipstream and you're approaching a braking point, consider that you'll already be carrying more speed than the person in front, and that person my not brake as late as you. Sometimes it's best to lift off slightly before the braking point if you don't intend on overtaking the person in front, and instead aim to take the corner cleanly so you get a good run out of the corner.
  5. I may also give this a try and map the buttons to X And [ ] It's remarkably easy in real life because I'm fine with putting my car into manual mode and using the paddles but in the game there's so much more to contend with and things are happening much faster.
  6. I'm very much up for this, and we would need to make sure that we have enough available manufacturers for each class. I would also note that some manufacturers have better suited or stronger cars, for example Peugeot have the RCZ in both Gr.3 and Gr.4 and both are strong cars. How can we ensure that there is a fair distribution of cars, or do we give Greebs the shit ones? Just a thought. When Greebs eventually wins this, do we have sufficient levels of anti-smug available in reserve stock? What are the rules for smashing into people? Asking for a friend.
  7. Instructions on adding it to your car: 1: Download the logo using the link provided by Greebs above and saved to a folder on your PC where you can locate it later. 2: Navigate to the Gran Turismo website using the following link: gran-turismo.com WWW.GRAN-TURISMO.COM Gran Turismo Official Website 3: Click on "GT Sport Community" (top right corner) and then on the next page hit "Sign In" You'll then need to log on to your PSN account login details. 4: Next, navigate to the Decal Uploader or use th
  8. Good shout, and I did indeed do that too. My current chair has a very low back, no lumbar support and it's like sitting on a wooden board so hopefully that should also help! Thanks mate
  9. I can't believe I didn't think of doing that. I'll give it a go with a laptop stand first and see how I get on. Thanks!
  10. I'm getting a bad back whilst using my laptop sat at my desk so I've decided to get a small PC and connect it to my 42" 4K TV. I figured if I'm not leaning over a laptop i'll fare a little better. I wanted to ask if anyone can suggest the cheapest way possible for me to get a desktop PC which has reasonable spec and will do the following: - Have HDMI out and cope with a 4k resolution - Can run photoshop / office applications, normal stuff - Being able to play some old games like CS:GO or BFME2 etc would be great but not really necessary. I have a p
  11. I think that was a much needed evening of good fun racing at the start of what will be a challenging time for all. Really good racing all round and it was great to see some surprisingly fast times being banked during quali and the race. Also amazing win Lee, totally not jealous at all.
  12. Enjoyed last night and so good to see so many people playing! Look forward to Tuesdays race hopefully with above 10 people even?! PS, Sorry Phil. Sorry, sorry sorry soz. Matts fault.

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