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  2. I saw it posted earlier by Grian. He wasn't someone I watched but 23 is no age 😞
  3. Previous GTA race nights we've used the PS4 version.
  4. Forgot to mention I shall also be bringing my poker set again. It’ll be good to have a game or 2 again.
  5. I know right! It’s amazing how big the map of not London is.
  6. Good idea Tom to post the map. These are the rough routes I'll be taking depending on if I'm picking Bones up in Cardiff or not.
  7. I‘ll be driving from Birmingham too. I’ve said I’ll be a backup if no-one is passing to gives @slamminbones a lift. So I’ll have a couple spaces if anyone is flying in to Birmingham airport as it’s only 10ish miles from mine.
  8. I can’t remember how many bacon eggs I brought last time. So guess I guess I’ll just have to do the maths again on how many people are coming this time 🤣 I still have my Costco membership so can bring pepsi, lemonade etc. again. Edit: In terms of stuff, I’ve ruled out bringing my sim rig this time. I can bring the TV off of it though and can bring my Xbox360 and PS5 too. I can fill my laptop with films again too (open to suggestions) if anyone wants a more chilled couple hours.
  9. 'Budget' isn't the problem though, the RRP of GPU's honestly isn't too bad with a 3080 only being ~£100 more than a 1080. Third party manufacturers have always been more but the problem is that even the "budget" ones are £150-£200 over RRP with some getting close to double RRP. Yet a lot of cards are out of stock because people are still buying them. So make an actual budget card, or price as such, when you can double your profit on all your cards.
  10. Quoted for the truth. SBMM has it's place but it shouldn't be the defacto matchmaking. SBMM was introduced as a way to increase enjoyment and stop noobs getting stomped but all it seems to have done is make sweatier lobbies. Sure in the (original) MW and MW2 days you'd get stomped occasionally but equally you would occasionally stomp too so it all evened out.
  11. I’m always going to suggest Gr. races but maybe have a Gr2 race if everyone has one? As there’s a lot more to choose from in this than Sport.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 186 seconds  
  13. Greboth

    GT 7

    That is good news! Now my hand is mostly better I’ll be getting back on this and fancied trying to gold the Nord.
  14. I was planning on getting on in a but anyway so count me in. I cba to redo everything so will be on console again.
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