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  1. ACC is as brilliant as it is frustrating. I’ll be interested to hear your views on it in VR. I struggled to get it to run well but it’s been a while since I tried. I don’t play ACC enough but I think @phil bottlehas it for PC too so we could do some online racing if you fancy it?
  2. Nice work Phil! With the addition of Kiwi’s suggestion, I can’t think of anything to add. Though with dropped races, I might be strangely abscent the week of Fuji 😆 I guess it is time to start practising.
  3. Yeah editing the videos and writing these articles takes a long long time ..... ok and maybe I’ve been practising too 🤣 I don’t want to come in a lowly fifth again like last week.
  4. I was wondering what was going on about the league last week. It probably isn’t worth the effort but still think you should do it 😆 Though if you do it and there’s anything I can do to help out, just let me know.
  5. The only thing I’d say is to using a wider selection of cars. We tend to stick to N100, N200, Gr4 and Gr3 - as do the weekly races to be fair. Though I think it could be fun to try some of the cars out the higher N classes. The only potential problem will be leaving people out as typically they’re expensive cars and those who haven’t played it much won’t have a car or be able to afford one. With the races announced the weekend before, maybe decide these a whole week or two in advance? As that should be enough time for those who want to join to obtain a car.
  6. I deny all charges your honour and I have the replay to prove it. Though irrespective of our contact, it isn't why you end up in the gravel. It knocks you wide but you keep it on track, it's Pete (Agent_gsv) who actually knocks you in to the gravel. Just you as it looks like you're going to get back on track, Lurch (who's also running wide) clips you too and pushes you back in to the gravel.
  7. Race 1 - 4 laps Fuji Gr4 Fuji is quite a technical track with some tricky tightening radius and off cambers corners with the first half being faster with flowing corners and the last sector being all slow and tight corners. Qualifying Due to some technical issues this week - the pit out bug - qualifying had to be stopped and restarted. After the re-start the real qualifying began unfortunately Lee was still unable to leave the pits but we bravely carried on regardless. @JBR-Kiwi was considerable faster in practise and carried this to qualifying with his first la
  8. Weelll Shiiiiiiit! I guess I've got to get it now haven't I.
  9. Yeah, it was good to see action throughout the field and battles going on over half a lap or whole lap.
  10. Race 1 - 12 Laps Willow Springs Gr4 Even though the Audi TT has been given a Balance of Power (BoP) nerf recently, this race looked like it was going to play out in a similar fashion to Laguna Seca a few weeks ago. The Audi TT is significantly faster but is Front wheel drive and suffers excessive front tyre wear meaning a pit stop is required. Choosing a different car though would mean being slower on ultimate pace but able to do the race without a stop. Which would be quicker in this race of strategy...that @Mikepjbell screwed during practise by explaining the assists he use c
  11. It’s hard to see this as anything other than another victim of the cancer that is cancel culture. Calling her out as racist and saying she should be fired just because she didn’t make a BLM post. Or calls for her to be fired because she supported Trump. By that logic, 74 million other Americans should be getting fired too. I don’t follow her, or anyone really, o social media but from the articles I read she hasn’t actually said or done anything wrong. Sure I disagree with the things she said but I’ve yet to find anyone I agree with on everything.
  12. Hello my name is Greebs and I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners.......oh that's the not the type of meeting you wanted 😆 There is a few PC games that bring us together, the biggest is probably 7 days to die which with the Darkness falls mod is both brilliant and horrible at the same time. I also run a modded Minecraft server, currently running Sky Factory 3, and is open to anyone in FG. Outside of that though PC can be a little sporadic with games here and there on Star Citizen, Green Hell and more recently Valheim. Valheim does look interesting and something
  13. There's only about 54 corners to Saint Croix - how long could it take to learn it.
  14. I’m happy to go with reverse grids based on the result of the first race. Though if we’re going down that route, I’d say the first race should always be the sprint race with the reverse grid taking place on the longer race. As I think a reverse grid with a small number of laps has the potential to be a bit of a cluster. Though maybe that’s the dick in me wanting more laps to get as many positions back as possible 😆
  15. I'm with you on this, there's a few too many coincidental things that they've tried to paint Wanda as the cause of the hex and West view. So naturally my assumption is she isn't the true cause. I didn't think about WandaVision being the start of a new story in the MCU and spin-offs but it sounds reasonable.

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