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  1. If you practise in the single player time trial then you need to make sure that in the settings menu, you enable BoP (Balance of Power) for the circuit. The main problem with testing in a time trial is you can't specify fuel or tyre wear so if you want to figure out strategy you need to do it in a lobby. I also prefer to do any practise in a lobby as it's much easier to try different cars out rather than having to reload the track over and over.
  2. So I mentioned this in the whatsapp group that I was going to post it here after the season is over. However I thought it was a good idea to post it now as statistical analysis is not something I've done so there might be (probably is) a better way to analyse everyone's performance. So what's included now is; 'Finishing positions' - pretty self explanatory though worth noting that the dates at the top are mostly when I made the race results images rather than the actual date of the race. It was mostly just for me to keep track as I went through them all but it does ensure th
  3. Oh God what have I done? I'd assume the manufacturer would be free choice not that everyone has to pick different ones 😅
  4. I like the idea of an endurance race (or races) though I'm not sure how it would work in practicality due to, as Crispy pointed out, GT not offering driver swaps that some other racing games offer. As for Jordie's idea of teaming up, I think it's a good idea and one I'd be down to do. I think we should do it like touring cars set up, all the regulars get teamed up but any of the more sporadic attendees can enter as "independents" - it kinda rules them out of the constructors championship but means they can still rank up the drivers to see how they do. As for deciding team, maybe
  5. I’m quite proud of my recovery as I didn’t think I’d get back to second but my massive fuck up to need a recovery rules me out of DOTW. Crispy had a great race and is a close second but I think DOTW has to be James who had a good race while everyone else was making mistakes and kept pushing to bag a podium right at the end.
  6. Damn that looks awesome and has me looking forward to Phase 4. Though on a side note, I didn't realise Gemma Chan was going to be in the Eternals - Can't be many actors who play 2 different characters in the MCU.
  7. Greboth

    F1 2021

    Yeah, yesterday was an alright race. I think the DRS was a little too strong so it made overtaking in to T1 a little too easy but it was good to see Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas going wheel to wheel for the win. One thing I couldn't work out for the fastest lap was why Mercedes didn't do it a lap later - it would have only given Bottas 1 lap to go for it but it would have prevented Red Bull and Verstappen going for it. I agree about Norris too, he's doing very well in that McLaren though his 3rd in the WDC is bolstered by Bottas' and Perez's current lack of points. So sadly,
  8. I mean tea and coffee are 99% water anyway sooooo...... I do drink more water than anything, in an attempt to drink less coffee I started having a glass of water between cups. It just turned out my glass is a 1l beer stein so definitely larger than my coffee mug. Though tea and coffee, I don’t really have a preference and go for convenience. By myself, it’s quick to make coffee but with others a pot of tea is easier.
  9. Interesting, I took that line as further showing Karli's naivety rather than bad writing as consistently she took the simple stance of Avengers = bad rather than considering what Sam or Bucky have been through and experienced. Though I suppose you could argue Karli being quite 1 dimensional in this respect was bad writing.
  10. It was decided that we are all massive members already so there was nothing to be done. Though the thread necro has reminded me it's been a while since I donated.
  11. I keep seeing adverts for it at the moment which is weird as it came out a few months ago. I’d agree with you though I can see if you don’t like Andy Samberg it wouldn’t be so good. If you liked Palm Springs, have you watched Brooklyn 99?
  12. Race 1 - Round 6 of the Spring League Fuji Gr2 15 laps Fuel usage x 4 Tyre wear x 3 Qualifying Kiwi has always been fast at this track so for the first lap of qualifying it was a surprise to have provisional pole with Mike, Lee, Phil, Paul, Crispy and James completing the top 8. Mike nails his second flying lap though and managed to take provisional pole by a tenth of a second. However Kiwi, about half a lap behind, sets a blistering lap to take provisional pole from mike by over 4 tenths. James constantly improves through qualifying and moves himse
  13. Not a mini? 🤯 😆 I’m working on a McLaren Artura at the moment. All the models posted above are done from blueprints so fancied a challenge of doing a new car without blueprints. The 300SL is a classic though so could give it a go next. Interiors are a bit of a pain but I’ve not done a doors open model so that would be a new challenge. I’ll see how long it takes to finish the Macca as having to mode a lot of detail at the rear so it’s taking a while.
  14. Beggars can’t be choosers springs to mind. If someone needs a transplant and refuses a transplant for a stupid reason like that, take them off the transplant waiting list; simple.

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