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  1. Interesting combinations like the 1969 Fiat 500 round the Nordeschlieffe? 😆 I do like Kyoto though only ever done it in gr3 and gr4 so going to be fun learning it in much faster gr1’s.
  2. Ahhhh think I was missing the underscore but all done now 🙂
  3. It doesn’t seem that long ago since we did gr3 at lago maggiore. Still is a good track so I don’t mind. I don’t think I have the mazda so will have buy it ready.
  4. Reminds of Apocolyptica in showing how classical and metal can mix nicely Though for piano covers, I think this is better than the original song and the original for reference
  5. Yup, it shouldn’t matter which launcher you use.
  6. Afternoon all, Speaking with a few people who are whitelisted on the sever but new to modded Minecraft, I have updated the server to run FTB Academy. From the mod page; https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-academy The biggest problem people have when they first start playing modded Minecraft is that there's no clear choice for which modpack to play. Learning the mods requires scouring online wikis and guides, and watching videos. FTB Academy aims to fix that problem. It is designed especially for people that have never played with mo
  7. Oh damn! When I saw the event I thought it was the GP circuit not the full Nordschlieffe... Nordeschleife... Nordschleife... Green Hell. Definitely some practice required then as I kinda know my way round but really not that well.
  8. I missed the first episodes of this but caught up over the weekend. I have to say they have maintained the quality of the first season and it continues to be great. I do wonder how people who haven’t watched other SW extended universe find the show as they’re doing a good job tying it in to other SW shows. Though I also do wonder if some of it is just fan service though like the introduction of Bo-Katan in ep3 and her saying for Mando to seek out Ahsoka Tano. I’m just holding out for a live action Sabine Wren too as she would fit nicey in this show. Plus her Beskar a
  9. It was some great racing last night and I think the closest finish we've had in any race so far.....just a shame I was on the wrong end of close finish 😞 Race 1 round Alsace village, I hopped on a little after 8 to get some practice in and Mike soon joined. I reasonably quickly got down to the 1:54's and wasn't doing much improving passed that. Harold then Kiwi joined giving us enough for a race. Some more practice later I'd squeezed my time in down to a 1:53.6 with Kiwi in the low 54's I memory serves. We moved on to actual qualifying and Kiwi smashed it out the park with a 1
  10. Damn, I wanted the easy win too 😢 When sounds like there will be 4 or 5 of us then so I’ll see you gentlemen tonight.
  11. At this rate it’ll be an easy win for me 🤣 I guess Lee wasn’t going to make it due to Destiny but don’t know about the rest. Maybe we miss this week if no-one else is going to make it.
  12. I think the only time you were catching me was when you didn’t brake 😆 I tried desperately to drive anything that wasn’t that damn TT but I relativey easily got the TT in to mid-low 28’s but was on the edge trying to get other cars even in to the 28’s. So I succumbed and drove the TT 😞 It was certainly an interesting start to the race, the first lap was a little tentative but lap 2 I almost equalled my quali time then lap 2 and 3 were quicker managing to get the fastest lap with a 1:27.5. I could see some of the carnage going in my mirror so between my pb’s and lee p
  13. I don't know how much I can comment TBH, I learned photoshop as a hobby along side my degree so it's possible to learn it to a reasonable level as a hobby. Though I've never used it professionally to be able to comment on that side. Though I can say, I'm aware that I do have gaps in my knowledge due to learning through tutorials and things which may not exist had I learned it formally. I don't know if it is an issue but something to consider if your ultimate aim is to use it professionally. Photoshop is a fantastic program and certainly has it's uses for design and editing exist
  14. Urgh! I wish they’d release an update as seems almost every track the TT or RCZ is one of fastest,if not thefastest, car to use. Sounds like I need to get on early and put in some practise then. Laguna Seca reminds me of Goodwood on the sense of very little or no kerbs for run off so need to be precise. Shame you’re not going to make it mate, hopefully see you back next week. Regarding the online races, are you doing sport races or general online races on lobbies? Random onlone lobbies in any racing game can be hit and miss. If you do the sport
  15. You're definitely not alone in that. They used to be pretty decent at getting it correct then there was an update, earlier this year I think, that messed them all up and it was a common problem of penalties being given to the victims. It was around this when I stopped doing the sport races as even in S safety rating lobbies you still go people doing that. It has been improved since it was its worst but still seems worse than it was originally.

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