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  1. Great read Chad @Riff Machine . Do you think it took the right elements from RE4 or could it have taken more? I'm also interested in how you found the camera angles as opposed to RE4 and whether it took away from the feel of the game at all?
  2. Well at least Sony got our memo that the FG colours are the way to go 😎 Getting a black controller with my pure white console gives me OCD anxiety, however the red one I could dip for if a controller breaks in the future.
  3. So I've heard that it was being teased for June which is really good news that we're hopefully not far away. We've now had confirmation through one of their sales calls that whilst BF6 is being created specifically for next-gen in mind, it IS getting a PS4/XBox1 version as well. So thats great news and a big banana skin avoided.
  4. So, I didn't get chance to play this as it past me by when I was younger. Owl always raved about it and I ended up buying one of the later series just for the MP. I probably should shift more time to play SP games cos of the story in this one. I'm worried about how much the controls and gameplay are outdated though so would be good to know if they've revamped them in any way for this edition.
  5. It makes sense that someone like yourself Bob @Baabcat is missing the grind because this is all you play so that extra added incentive of watching a big number go up helped you focus. Problem is there has been far more feedback for most of the playerbase that the gring is too much, especially for people returning or want to get stuck in to more content with their friends but can't do it. This is why the power grind being now just an additional 10 points, which is just extra pinnacle points makes perfect sense. I know get to probably try GMs now when I physically couldn't last Season because o
  6. Thought it would be good to get this going as i've only had an hour on it so far so not played all that's available to me so far. Positives so far The story - The development of the characters and how they are now portraying the story through more and more interactions with charcters in game is exactly where they needed to more. Its built on the previous season and whilst not as hugely threatening as the last season, the intentions through this story makes you want to learn more and understand what is happening yet another unlikely 'alliance'. Lakshmi is back! And I tho
  7. I'll be honest here, if you're spending at least £500 for a console that you want badly enough to get up at 2am for, then paying an extra 20% to secure one (that probably would've given you a spare controller which is handy) wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world surely? At least its not buying it from a scalper that will give you the base machine for 30-50% more.
  8. Thanks mate, tbh that second race I really should've won considering I caught you up and past you with 2 laps to go, I just couldn't hold you off before the final lap!
  9. You don't need the DLC. If you come back and play it more then its your perogative if you wanna pay it or not to get more stuff to do. Tbh, how much you're online, the 8 quid pass is more than enough right now for you. Thats why I said so do just that for now in my earlier post. Now quit your whining if you're gonna play the damn game. And that doesn't mean going on and then just going for a poo as soon as a strike starts as you usually do.
  10. @Rumelylady Happy birthday Sarah!! Hope you have a great day and make sure @Riff Machine gets you all the things you want!! ❤️😎🎂💃🤘
  11. @RenFengge La, definitely get them across and say hi. A few more that want some help and a home is always welcome here. @jordie1892 @Lurch @Macca89 @G_dub52 @Mikepjbell I know you all have started to get back into Destiny so take a look at this as I think in a week Saturday it could be a really fun day trying out the VoG raid again. @Greboth, about time you dusted yourself off like we did for the Beyond Light release, isn't it? It was fun trying it last time out together.
  12. basically... so just easy grind to that level. Thats it. Then £0 out of your pocket. yes, Vault of Glass is free to all players. So you can keep saying to us all in game as well as here LoOk At ThIs NeW GuN I hAd 4 YeArS aGo. Still, its gonna be a great experience, for people that have never played D1 before and for others that really miss the experience of a 6 player team jumping into a raid. If the Deep Stone Crypt Raids are anything to go by, we'll have even more laughs with everyone on this. I'd suggest buying the Season whilst you're arou
  13. Good few races this week, unfortunately the GT Sport update delayed us all getting off earlier than expected but worth the wait. I don't think i've ever seen so much practice go on in previous weeks so nice to see the buzz around! @JBR-Kiwi had some stellar races, winning the first 2 and wiping the floor with us if i'm honest. @jordie1892 showed great pace and he was just unfortunate that a miscalculation meant he wasn't even higher. @Macca89 showed some promise again but his race was impacted early from lack of knowledge on the track 'prone to the dust z
  14. Save the best to nearly last, right? 😄 Yeah, I expected this week to be tight in the FG Super League race but felt confident because i knew i was quick and could pull off a good show on this track. I stuck to my strategy of Mediums 12 laps, Softs for 8 laps with a little fuel save early on meds to try and save refuelling stop time. A solid quick and incident free race from me (finally) means I ended up in a much needed 3rd place. Thankful that I have some consistency traits somewhere in my body 😄 Thought @JBR-Kiwi blew us apart with the right car and strategy. Thought @jordie1892
  15. We're in Division 2! Lets cement and push for the promised land! GGFGFC!

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