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  1. Some ace numbers there @Macca89 @LordBaguette . Tom, your top 5 makes me think of how I wish Overwatch remained as relevant as it used to for us for literally years. 😭
    I'm literally dying watching this 🤣🤣🤣 @phil bottle voice in shock by how many miss his body! 🤣🤣
  2. Good share @Antpool84 ! Its abit amazing when you look back and see how many hours you end up playing just one game....and then rest 😅. @slamminbones , those trophies are literally insane! Here's mine. I wish I could get my PC stats too!
  3. Under the radar game (again) and after re-reading this thread, i'll admit i'm hyped but keeping it very under wraps. The thrill of the night time mixed with Parkour was something to behold.
  4. I'm not apologising to enjoy this upbeat dance track 😄 But if you want an oldie but goldie track, then here you go 😄
  5. @Middle Class Caveman @Rumelylady I know you both have some experience in heavy lifting that may be able to help La?
  6. After convincing/challenging Carl @TurboR56Mini to make the entrance underneath the OG base, we've now made huge progress to the underground network, connecting it fully to the Big Base, Horde Base and work has started on the tunnel to the Bad Place 😄 We've toyed around with the lighting and came up with a snazzy Lamp Post effect, that is inside the walls. Carl has been incredible on it, and its been a pleasure working it all out with him. I've also started on the huge space of nothingness in the Big Base so we can make more of it, adding a slanted roof. However, as the Stability has been creaking, we needed to start getting rid of the remaining rock underneath the surface. This led to a bit of the existing part falling down (@crispymorgan - your Plane Tower took a hit) but if we don't do it now, we won't be able to build anything in that area. I'll grab some pics when I can. I also think La and Carl should share pics of the Bad Place as the house looks great and its a great place to chill out and mine underneath too! Penis Ball Art FTW 😎
    I rate this 17.64 stars but could only give 5 stars 😄 Superb moment, Bones 🤣
  7. Not been trying to post in here about the Championship, mainly because I don't want to jinx it! 😄 All i'll say is that the seeing is an absolute cracker in the Championship so far. Everyone beating everyone, and I think it shows how good a league can be with tight squads. Even the likes of Fulham, Bournemouth and West Brom have not been allowed to run away with it....just yet. I geniunely think that Derby will also stay up now! -21 points and only 8 points away from getting out of the relegation zone. Especially 19 games to go. Mental season.
  8. Any specific date on this next month, James or just aspirational targets mentioned?
  9. And the whole world reads and ironically all collectively sigh in one motion.
  10. Even if he gets the inevitable payout, it sounds like he will go which can only be a good thing. I don't think changes anything straight away, imo. Immediate positives through a few games on GamePass but longer term i have my doubts. But thats also gaming in general. 100% agree with the money model is not after $69, which is the more slightly concerning issue here in general. Agreed again. Culture is changing and people seem to want this as a feature as they don't want to change allegiances in platforms. Although, I think this has become a glorified bonus personally as many won't/don't want to play with crossplay on in an FPS game. I think for me the gaming industry has shifted already. We've talked before on how consumers gorge content like no tomorrow and waiting 7 years for an original AAA masterpiece is very difficult to wait for these days. I think many games won't be at the same quality if we keep forcing consumers down a rental service. Movie industry is a prime example that has seen this impact. Over time, the real winners will be the games that keep alive via Live Service, or can create sequels that are essentially add-ons. In a weird sense, could be fantastic news for Overwatch 2. Release smaller content drops more regularly. People want to play all the games and don't want to be held down to one anymore by Game Producers. We'll see how quick they can actually churn out AAA games to match what Sony have produced in the last 5 years. I think they can, but could take another 5 years to come side by side.
  11. Tbf, Day One whilst anyone trying a raid goes in to try and complete, based on previous contest modes we aren't goign to get majorly far so i'm not concerned about busting a gut for hours on end. However, I wouldn't say its the sweats, I genuinely believe most of us can do a Week One completion as after that Day 1 contest mode is switched off, we should feel the change up in getting through the raid. Make sure you're available both weekends buddy. We need to change the mentality that we have to wait ages to raid and be ridiculously overlevelled to complete it. 👊
  12. Don't be sorry for adding value on to any thread mate, its good to know there are cheaper versions of Steel Series that could work too. I feel like after trying wired A10s, Astro still own a portion of my heart fondly.
  13. GazzaGarratt

    Clubs Update

    Its a good time to chat about this @J-Lurch . I think the concept of having a 'strictly event only' FG Club is a good but not sure it flies due to seeing how people will be stuck sometimes in multiple clubs and we lose part of the fun in increasing what a specific FG FC club does. I love the cup night ideas and i think more ad-hoc events should go up for sure. It doesn't matter that cup isn't worth much cos you could argue the whole thing then isn't worthy of playing but we do it for the hell of it so go for that mate. Ad-hoc nights will work better for cup nights too because you can only play a specific cup each day and we'd never win all the cups if we just played on Monday. If we have one club though, the key is to keep people 'in the know'. It just needs anyone on one evening of clubs to just post up how you all have done. We'll have a megathread for any gaming nights and people can catch up on the antics and scores. Whats worked well and not, etc. I equally am going to start alternating the 'official' regular night between Sunday and Monday - I notice that games and evenings can get stale super quick if we turn up just for the sake of turning up. It has to be fun. That also means people can still put up more events, even on the Monday when I look at Sunday ones. I might or might not be there, but that doesn't stop having a ton on that evening, just like the past few days. I really want to pick up the Game Hub stuff more often but i notice when Work and Life is hammering its just too hard to maintain. But I think with your help James recently trying to make more of it and a few others doing the same, talking on here, posting up videos, etc, it will keep it being a great mainstay of FG. TL;dr - Make a new club or stick with this one. Both work as long as its one club - as long people post up how we've been getting on each game night, ad-hoc or scheduled.
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