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  1. The determination and stubborness of you trying to get out of a 17 mile deep hole was courageous (and bonkers) @Greboth. Couldn't believe you made it out before the end of the night. Good horde night on Friday. Shit tons of Zombies like last one but we were more on top of it this time. Nearly like a well-oiled machine. I only fell off once. Thank you Anna @craftofboredom for saving my bacon 🥓. I now have max Bartering skills with all the traders so can see their best loot they offer. Finally got to see Solar Banks and Solar Cells...but we might need more money to get the cells as
  2. I don't what to say to this other than...why Wrexham?? 😬 They look like utter dog food. Man Utd we're nearly just as bad but they ground out a wacky result with that penalty after full time 🤣 I'm loving this season so far. Its very VERY difficult not to get carried away with Blackburn so far. Its not just the fact we've battered Wycombe 5-0 and then 4-0 away at Derby (sorry Tom @LordBaguette ), its the performances that are reminding me very much of how we were in yesteryears Premiership. We could have won 10-0 today and it was all without our star Righ
  3. Looks very Elder Scrolls Oblivion-esque doesn't it @J4MES OX4D ? Not sure where i'd find the time to play something like this!
  4. @Diddums, there's just enough blunderbuss for you. 😬 And also some double pump action for @phil bottle 😎
  5. So the first main/temporary base is coming along nicely and we had over a half a dozen of us on last night to get through the latest horde night which is quite epic. A first proper Horde night for Matty @Misneach_ and maybe the first correct way of doing a horde night for Dave @Plumbers Crack considering I took him through the last one and failed miserably, setting him on fire with about 4 Molotov Cocktails. Who knew he would light up so quickly in a small room underneath the base? Zombies GALORE it was and for the 5th horde night, its already getting rather tasty. Radiated ones
  6. I'm not that in love and desperate you bar steward!! 🤣🤣
  7. I'm with you. I'm very aprehensive about it all but one promising element about the direction to stay with Destiny 2 and not make a Destiny 3 is that the current version of the game is/has been getting technical updates behind the scenes - which will allow for better ways of development on missions and other updates as each season moves along. They're taking a hit now by removing legacy existing content on old code so the game can have proper longevity on multi-platforms and re-integrate the best bits so we all have a better flowing and evolving world. However, I think its easy for
  8. I actually thought the Definitive edition was the Trilogy version?! That looks like a good deal on the PS4 @techno , I'll add this to the list of ones to grab potentially for crimbo.
  9. Simples. Put it in your pocket. Yes, that's correct. 7 Days physics and logic all working in perfect order. Give it a go. Hold "E" and you have options, one is to pick it up (providing there is nothing in the storage). I should take a pic and share it on here really.
  10. I'm glad you have Dave! Once you've played around with skills and created a few things, hopefully the game will just click. It'll help you're a Pro at Minecraft, unlike me 😁 I'm happy to if its stable and doesn't require any real effort from us all? Makes sense to be on the latest version that is stable but equally not if it cocks up anything we've already done or going to do. That's ace mate! Tbh, I was hoping it would be a surprise to see them up top 😁 Geniunely, you were way more productive than me. I just dug for Coal which got me my extra skill
  11. Brill, i'll send you a PSN invite and we just need to find a night where we can get back into it again. I'm sure @ChaosGladiator and @Nutcuttlit can work out when they're on next (even though I know you guys have been sucked into PUBG!)
  12. Me's have one too 😄 I'm similar to Rich apart from maybe an odd weekend morning when the kids are sitting with us for family games. Mario Tennis Aces - Good but some annoying controls which make it not like the standard tennis game. Super Smash Bros - Super game. After I unlocked all the characters it got a little stale though. One to play with friends. Super Bomberman - We played this at @Diddums house I recall! Super harder than expected tbh! Another just to play with friends. MarioKart 8 - No more words. You know this is a must have on a Switch Zelda BOTW -
  13. There was also a small rumour that went off the radar back in May about Microsoft using their name to sell the new Xbox in Japan - therefore calling it the Sega Series X. Its got a better ring to it for sure! 😁
  14. The CEO has come out to say they ain't finished yet and there is tons of speculation about who is next. As the good old internet does what they do best, there is loads of connections to Sega in recent weeks too. I've pulled some pics from the tinternet to help your thoughts. If its not Sega, then theres always a chance of Capcom or Konami. Definitely feels like its more Sega though. Thoughts?
  15. Welcome to FG, Jamie 😄 I can see you already had the delightful greeting by @Diddums already! As @Shucker and @tronic44 have said prior to my post, this place is really unique and a one of a kind gaming family. We'd love to get involved and stick around, one extra thing of note though... ...if you know how it works, its always nice to say hi and get involved in places before you want us to watch your stuff. I'm sure they are fantastic btw, but there's people hear that watch videos, follow streamers and even buy games purely because they value the opinions of other F

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