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  1. I think part of the problem with the maps is that they feel extremely open so you can snipe from anywhere and then have tons of hole in the middle people can camp and essentially get instant camouflage due to how they blend in with the background. There's no inbetween 'lanes' we're all very used to. However gun play is feels very good on the initial games i've played.
  2. Man, I need to find more time to practice as i'm seriously losing time from a consistency POV. The rage was real! 🤣 Not sure what it is about this game but maybe because you have to be on it for every corner and straight, my own consistency just infuriates me. Top effort by @Spacedeck too as he wiped the floor with me in both races. Maybe next time I can also have less distractions from the kids constantly getting out of bed too 😄 Good idea Philly. I need to look into the Tourney application we've got here. It easily does leagues however not sure if it just works with 1v
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all our North American FGers! We hope you have a great day today and enjoy lots and lots of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie! Let us know what you're up to in this surreal 2020 we seem to be having. Fingers crossed you still get to celebrate and relax. ❤️🦃
  4. Lets move it to the next available date you can do Bob. Charlie hopefully can join then too and it'll help people like Scott and Foxx to run with some experienced people along the way 👍
  5. Apologies, missed the s off the end...but you had way more 'assist assists' than assists. You can blame @Dan94 and @jordie1892 for that 🤣
  6. Any advantage to Prestige in Cold War this time out?
  7. You know when you have one of those of nights where everything just seems to click and go right where you want it too? No? They don't happen often do they, but it did last night for FGFC! What an amazing night of results AN performances. Not one game I would say we were lucky, even if a few games were extremely close. New FGer James @Lurch AKA Dennis Rodman was on an absolute stormer, probably down to the fact it was his birthday. The silent assassin kept that quiet, just like his prefferred position is CB but he scored 18 goals in 11 games last night 🤣 Everyone to a man were amaz
  8. I have it...I just gotta find more time to seclude myself to some hours playing on my own!
  9. What a blast doing this blind was! 5+ hours working out this section, i'm just devastated that the PS5 hasn't stored the settings to record voices like the PS4 did 😞 However, here's the run we had which shows how we had Charlie @Venom  and @Baabcat as the Operator, Nick @Bluebear  and Me @GazzaGarratt as the Scanners either side and finally Scott @RedXIII  on as much ad duty as possible.   We had numbered the control panels 1-5 as per Nick's great suggestion and simple drawing he did whilst we were in there. Shanks hit hard and I got explode twice in quick succession down to where the shanks were.   We started the round really well but as ads overhwhelmed us we fell behind on the fuses, only to clutch the last one at the end with next to no heavy ammo and a random pulse grenade securing the completion. I dropped the Scout Rifle at the end, a super gun to drop - looks good and shoots great.   Next time with voices! GGFG!
  10. I'll admit it, we're struggling what to get for our kids. I'm struggling for Hayley to if i'm honest. So can anyone lend me a hand if they've seen some decent fun things on the t'internet please? My kids have also got to the age where a lot of toys just don't cut it anymore (mine are 8 and 11) so any funky ideas wouldn't go a miss. As for myself, I'm thinking of asking for some Blackburn Rovers stuff and some PS5 games like usual but i'm also interested in trying out the new Pulse 3D headset for the PS5 to see if there is an improvement in sound over astros as its specifically desi
  11. Some of the old 007 games that were single player campaigns weren't that bad actually. Yes, they were very linear but you knew what you were getting with them which sometimes is all you need out of a purchase. For them to make a statement it would be incredible to see some form of MP like Goldeneye back in the day to really see if it could get enough backing.
  12. We've gone on our inaugural family camping moment this year and we just dabbled abit in cooked breakfast and basic stuff thats easy. I definitely love the idea of doing it more whilst out camping rather than just at home. We've had a few BBQs but as my wife is a Veggie and i'm the exact opposite it doesn't combine for the most exciting range of food for us as a family! I know that @Middle Class Caveman has done some smoking of late and maybe @Stretch616 , @G_dub52 and @crispymorgan have done something different on their camping expeditions?
  13. It was a phenomenal ride and something I wasn't initially intending to do but as the week went on I felt if we could get a team together it would be worth it - and it didn't disappoint. @Baabcat @Venom @RedXIII @Greboth and @Bluebear shared joint Worlds first for approximately 10 minutes whilst we navigated the first 'Sparrow' encounter. Just getting from post to post was incredibly hard with the blizzard in full force throughout that section. A great opening though for sure. Once we made it to the second 'Security' encounter, we bounced many ideas around and slowly made progre
  14. I think they'll be many people blitzing through this game because of the hype so don't be surprised to see the 'it wasn't long enough' comment afterwards. Its too early to say just from these trailers. The skill trees look simple though and I really don't think they'll be huge depth to each character. To me, it more looks like you have 3 story playthroughs as per the 3 different characters you can select from. Thats what you're paying for.
  15. If they're doing this they have to top Angelina Jolie as Tomb Raider, even if they weren't top notch films. Always felt if they backed this franchise with money this would be pretty huge. The original films are not what you'd hope for (even though I still like them cos they're a super easy & corny watch)

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