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  1. I'm sorry but I think it's best if @Diddums explains the complexities of how we resolved this issue (within one minute). 😁
  2. I may have helped @Diddums fix this 😄 You can now start saving for the next updates...and start playing Beyond Light and this season, you pellett.
  3. Oh yes! Nice find @Antpool84 . As it says, they won't recreate what they had, I think just taking the name alone will just create a bit of buzz to entice viewers in. Its crazy to think we've waited this long for a show like this on more mainstream TV when the video game industry is one of the biggest in the world. I can see it being filled with snippets of news, game tips and moments like what TikTok gives you these days. I'd totally go for that. He was utterly bonkers.
  4. What I don't understand is how they get away with it. I think its down to their lack of social presence as every other game that does, has to find a way to acknowledge improvements and follow through with them. It just would be nice to know why they'll never overhaul the party system and how to find specific multiplayer games. Cumbersome is putting it lightly.
  5. I think if we look at both ways I think that would be ideal. 1) Multiple nights with The boss CP for people who still need 1K 2) Separate raid nights for people who either haven't experienced Last Wish, or really want to run it again as its a fantastic raid - i think these should be on weekends whenever we have the spare time to dedicate 2-3 hours. I'm pretty sure theres still loads at FG that are like @MrSwainey101 and @Diddums that haven't done the raid at all and its an absolute travesty if we can't help this lot experience quite possibly one of the best raids they've ever made (doesn't mean it will be easy though!!).
  6. They were hoping you'd say that, because now its impressive. 😎 @Greboth, utter ridonkulous drawings mate. Love the one over the shoulder of the car door, so realistic its a little unnerving 😅
  7. It has been an age for an FG Friday and whilst its still relatively late popping it in, I know we can all gather ourselves for some laughs and utter nonsense on the game that was made for FG 😎 RSVP please!!!
  8. I was like you in terms of not caring either way. At least the good thing on Valheim is that it doesn't feel like you have missed any time like on 7 Days, as there isn't as much importance put on skills acquired and learned. You can build and create whatever an experienced player has pretty much so both servers should actually be fun in exploring and checking out. Although atm I can't get the existing server to run! Rachel @tronic44 needs to stop working in like forever so he can have some fun (and help out fix stuffs 😄)
  9. I'm only buying if we get enough of us to buy it together and that doesn't look like that's happening. Warzone is still relevant and I already have that so sticking for that until we see the full launch and Didds whinge some more 😄
  10. I'm open, as ever, to whatever the majority to decide. I will play it either way. I will be disappointed to lose stuff but also excited to play the new stuff alongside everything else. It should be a group FG decision whatever the decision so I suggest a poll should suffice and i'll kick the other lot that have played and are coming to this game soon to actually get to FG and vote. The only thing that niggles me is that they've asked us to start over to make full use of the new updates...so it immediately puts me on the back burner thinking "is this update going to bring enough fun to the table like it did previously?". It would be nice to have some actual facts on new stuff to create such XXX things to craft and XXX recipes to create, etc. It would also be more comforting if you could save the world and come back to it another day, but alas they do not do this at this moment in time. @Tar-Eruntalion I imagine starting out new characters will allow you to fully experience everything again, although i'm sure we'd probably want to beat the first few bosses in a day now 😄
  11. Cannot wait to watch this later or this weekend, cheers for sharing Connor @JamaicanSteve . Its amazing to think how many years he has been in private for after the horrific incident to his head. I do wonder if we will see pictures and shots of him in the documentary but we also know how he always explained to his family and media that 'Private means Private'. I'm pretty sure we all just hope that we hear he is still on the mend and getting better, albeit slowly - and thats regardless of what we thought about him on the racetrack.
  12. Hi Emma @Emma McManus , I'm Lee and welcome to FG! Phil @phil bottle and La @RenFengge above has been pretty good so far and I wouldn't be disagreeing with him much in terms of questions. I assume you are looking for a ready made PC and not to be made by yourself? I was assured by the rest of the FG people here that these days there isn't as much difference to cost as it used to be back in the day so for less hassle i'll go with the ready made. The PC Tower (with all the bits to make it work in it) Monitor Keyboard Mouse Operating System (like Windows 7, etc) Chair Desk I apologies in advance if this is teaching you to suck eggs but you never know what people have thought about and allowed room in their budget for these things. If you're buying a ready made PC, they'll usually come with parts 1-5 (although 5 can be missing in some bundles so beware). Those games won't require a huge amount of 'top spec' for them to work, however as he is nearly 10, I would imagine he'll be wanting to be play first person shooters before you know it and that when you need a little more oomph. Would it help if we found a few links on some low budget, on budget, and over budget bundles on the internet to help your selection? We could probably help with all the rest too if needed as theres been previous topics on what chairs and desks people want these days too. @Greboth @Diddums @Tar-Eruntalion @Spacedeck @BO7H B4RRELS @The3rdWalker - just tagging a few core PC players if they can add anything to help with what you need!
  13. A Deep Stone Crypt raid - Justin @FallenDark200 i'm sure needs one so this will be on Discord for talking.
  14. The usual Wednesday VoG slot for you all.
  15. Its reset, so lets get a VoG out of the way for people this week. One of many going in the calendar for September.
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