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  1. Well, I lost a fiver so overall it didn't hurt me much based on the fact I bought it for that in the hope it would get a huge free update like No Mans Sky did. Whilst it doesn't change much for me, 2 things stand out. 1, That I find it amazing that a game with such huge budgets, give an extra 2 years of budgets to fix it, can just be given up on and 2, shows that game development is really hard and takes years. Even more so makes games like Destiny standout that they can create big live service world games and make them last, in quite tough evolving conditions.
  2. Good evening again, not much time to write much but I enjoyed the racing that I had. Didn't use my wheel as I've struggled for energy and time to use it this week. Whilst I was probably still faster on controller than my wheel, I knew I'd probably make enough mistakes to drop me down from the top pack as I haven't kept topped up on any practice of any kind. Still some good fights on the track and great laughs. 3 more for a full grid, its getting real close now....
  3. Now that is so frickin clever, why didn't I think about chests would look sideways!! You've created something quite amazing there, Carl @TurboR56Mini . Looking forward to getting on at some point this week and taking a look around. I want to finish off a port up North to build some boats so people can freely feel like they can explore on their own or in a group if they wanted to. Just a quick thought whilst its in my head - I know you can hover over portals and eventually it'll show where its going but I'd much prefer signs above the portals anyone can quickly see which one is whic
  4. I'm not sure I could do both and although D2 has been hugely commended in the past, a remake over the brand new version of the game seems like I probably should wait for D4. I enjoyed D3 enough on the PS4 that if I wanted another kick out of Diablo, i'd get it from that as works very well still today. Even have D3 on Switch which is optimised brilliantly on that too for when we go on holidays (remember them? 😄)
  5. I was hoping to have more time too, although burning the candle after other game nights is basically keeping me going! From my POV is been a breath of fresh air having you guys get on with us and be so active and helpful. Its great that we're having more games with people across the pond and also I think you've supported the reason why we thought a private FG server was the way to go. I think over time from now we'll get people on the server that would love to create thier own designs in a community world as well as explore the larger world to help everyone get on togethe
  6. Unfortunately not Tommy, if I was, i'd be on PlayStation too. I'm stuck in a survival games phase on my PC atm (probably haven't had a different phase on PC tbh!). Its a grindy-esque which I have my fix via other games that don't really have the grind alongside them or if it does they don't feel heavy on you, like Destiny 2 and Valheim.
  7. Sometimes you get funny glitches where only a few people see things like a troll... hilarious this troll was stuck at the entrance of our main base and I'm the only one that could see it! 🤣
  8. Honestly Carl, these were a sight for sore eyes when seeing the progress take place yesterday. The hall was amazing seeing it constructed, sometimes more so than a finished product because it reminded me of how sometimes in films you see them creating building in the back ground and it felt like that! The portal will be a lifesaver in the early stages....we may need to think of where the others will go when we open up the map on the larger scale!
  9. Bit gutted about this really even though its been on the cards for a while. Codemasters was a super developer inthe UK. Made so many games, especially sports ones, that I absolutely loved and still play to this day. I worry that we'll lose their game identity if EAs track record has anything to do with it. Please let me be proven wrong.
  10. Division 3 will be ours!!!! Let's see what team we've got for Monday Night Football! GGFGFC!
  11. Event Title: Monday Night Football - FIFA 21 Pro Clubs - F.G.F.C. Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 02/22/2021 08:00 PM Division 3 will be ours!!!! Let's see what team we've got for Monday Night Football! GGFGFC! Monday Night Football - FIFA 21 Pro Clubs - F.G.F.C. N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  12. Love they've already got a road map for this game. Here's the roadmap at a high level if anyone is interested: Be real interesting to see some further crafting elements to see what they can create. I haven't really even touched the surface with the seas so i don't the extent of what you can do now so its great to see even more coming in update 3. Not sure what they can do with Combat Improvements. I mean the game is pretty basic on that level and based on how it looks and how chill the game is, i'm not even sure it needs too much work. Its not like its going to
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't say its exactly that...but its a bit more than playing GT Races and Wreckfest on an FG Friday! 🤣🤣 Its nice that we have both types of racing nights we can enjoy.
  14. Tbf, that wasn't intentional (I didn't even finish the first race and started 9th 😄) because the second race settings got fucked up so @phil bottle couldn't reverse the grid. I'd have to look at the race again, but I haven't seen anyone force people off intentionally - lets face it, we've all probably fucked each other off the track even when we didn't want to! 🤣🤣 I actually think the second race, you owned it by making your way back up the track 6 places.....and thats the last time i say 'yeah, lets try manual and a wheel' 🤣 I succumbed to your pressure! 🤣
  15. A trophy secured and another oh-so-nearly season although it didn't look like it early on! We welcomed new free agent Cal Nash @TheMuggySpud . Highly surprised to snap up the cool and calculated Irish dynamo all for a promise to buy him a Chicken Burger and a Sprite at the next big FG meet up. The first game of Monday Night Football we expected to use as watm-ups but needing 3 points from 2 games for the Division 4 title, it spurred everyone on to battle hard and comprehensively beat a strong Nuttin 2 Suttin side 2-0 at the first attempt. Another trophy in the bag!! Whe

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