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  1. I was keeping an eye on this then noticed there is this version as well. Would this be the way to go if you hadn't played any of the games?
  2. I played a few games yesterday but the fact I haven't been jumping back on says alot. I was hoping for a,maybe not great but at least enjoyable experience and in some games I got that. It's hard to tell how it's going to be when your restricted to 3 maps one of which is truly awful (Miami) I also hate tdm so those games I started to leave. Graphics, don't really care too much if you can spot enemy players but as stated in these maps it can be difficult. Dom played quite well and the scorestreak system isn't as bad as I thought it would be. However the maps are as always a big issue, if we
  3. If I come across a chance to pre-order one etc I probably will but I'm not in a massive rush this time around. Infact I think I got my first PS4 at the end of Jan ๐Ÿค”
  4. Exclusive ace is pretty good can't stand driftor
  5. Tedium is exactly right, hated that game mode since KC came out which is my staple too. Need to watch some feeds but stupid quick scoping is one of the things that turned me off of ww2 originally. Don't want anything to do with vehicles outside of battlefield. Need to see some actual 6v6. Graphics and all the other shit ... Whatever after playing against dumb annoying specialist the scorestreak thing if balanced right will probably be ok. As long as core gameplay is fun and the maps are decent then it's a start. I need a new cod to play.
  6. People will always defend any CoD game and play it no matter how bad. You just have to read comments about the games over the years. I should have maybe said it's got a chance for me. Once again warzone is brilliant if you like that kind of thing, as stated I don't but it's f2p so who cares. O hope the campaign is worth a play through but I'm only really interested in the MP. I'd agree that b03 was a better title than bo4, hell of you guys hadn't bought me bo4 I'd have missed out but as it stands now it's a fun pretty solid game and even though the "excellent" mw19 is out b04
  7. Mw MP is in great shape, is it ? As long as dead silence is a perk the maps don't suck, the pick 10 kind of system returns and scorestreaks and the terrible colour pallette is changed then it's got a chance. So far treyarch cods imo have shat all over the new IW games. Basically a fun game. Warzone/ BR can suck a bag of dicks for me so that's no consideration. Looking forward to seeing the MP reveal etc.
  8. techno


    Ey up and welcome
  9. Ey up and welcome to the forum
  10. Brown sauce on breakfast, and as I ran out of jam I have had it today on Jacobs cream cracker's . Used to put ketchup on everything till I discovered reggae sauce, now ketchup is retired to just when I have gravy ๐Ÿ˜ Yeah yeah whatevs
  11. I played the beta and I've seen enough to know๐Ÿ–• Oh and if have bought it ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Just read the campaign has multiple endings depending on how you play through it.

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