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  1. What a massive waste of time remastering campaigns are. Tbh all these mp remasters are ok to mess with in private lobbies, I'd be surprised if they're anything worth playing otherwise. Basically all they do is prove how much the latest games suck.
  2. I can confirm ribs and beer is an excellent establishment.
  3. Starbucks is next to my filling station of choice πŸ˜‚
  4. I have recently started making my own iced caramel machiatos. The offset that the wife made me a bowl full of long Island iced tea at the weekend πŸ‘
  5. I drink more water than coffee, i think or try to but between tea or coffee no surprise it's coffee. There are no tea bags in the house.
  6. That does sound like a waste of beer πŸ˜‰ Cheers guys 🍺
  7. Yeah me too especially after they spent money jumping through hoops last summer.
  8. I'm from Leeds and hate Leeds πŸ˜‚ at least covid stopped the fans from making getting to work a pain😁
  9. Remembered or not it's great to see people come back from the original forum, back where it all started. Welcome
  10. The lazy ginger was hand reared from one day old as he was found by one of our other cats and brought home. The other cat sometimes looks as though he has human lips. Last year we had the oldest cat die and the black and white cats mum has gone to live with someone up the street, don't know why and were not sure who but we see her now and again. 20210208_112945.mp4
  11. It's the Norwegian fjords on P&0
  12. I've done nothing but watch YouTube to help with the travel blues, I missed Iceland and two trips to Norway this passed year, the one to Svalbard really hit me hard. Still not planning foreign,.other than rebooking my cruise again, this year but will look to places in the UK I had trips planned for and hopefully use the digs I had to cancel as they were really good about it all. Can't wait to get out and about even though travel is the only thing that changed in my existence.
  13. Yeah just heard that on radio, passed the pub at the end of the road, Monday dinner drinking. I think as fast as it's seemed certain industries are still being greatly affected by the rules. Some councils are stopping pubs from even opening outside ffs.

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