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  1. I'm not sure about cod MP being dead by Xmas, I started bo4 this past Feb and ended up before cold war came out well into master prestige levels, now maybe that showed how bad people thought MW was that bo4 a game that apparently was bad still had plenty of people playing well into its successors life cycle. Now if your talking Mw and cold war then maybe that's the case, I struggled to find a kill confirmed lobby on sat afternoon ffs.
  2. Now all I see from YouTube is how warzone is full of cheats and hackers🤔 For me as bad as cold war is it's better than MW.
  3. Maybe it's because not everyone wants to play battle royale some of us like core mp and I'm sure the numbers back it up. People buying cosmetic crap are the dumbest and as much of a reason we get a shitty product.
  4. Thats not strictly true, the content creators are circumventing the sbmm to get into lobbies with worse players. Sbmm is actually having the opposite affect that Activision want it to. Withiut sbmm they'd have to spend time lobby surfing.
  5. techno

    Latest TWAB

    I see more and more YouTubers really getting pissed by this and I can seriously see why. I mean thousands of pointless tokens that have been worthless for ever now will be gone. 🤦 Now we know why you'd sunset weapons, so you can go get them again 😂, yeah nah bungie
  6. techno

    FG GTA Friday!

    GTA had a decent update for me
  7. No it doesn't leave a checkpoint.
  8. I didn't play IW but AW was one of the shittest cods ever it even made ww2 look like a masterpiece. Infact on time played of cods I've bought AW stands as the worst. However cold war is boring as fuck especially after coming from blops4
  9. I love it up there, I missed out on going back last September. The one scene I always regret not stopping for was one early sunny morning winding down the edge of loch awe no wind so the loch was like a mirror, stunning.
  10. The one over the sea is the Atlantic Ocean road in Norway
  11. Lol I thought you were American so I was confused by your post🤦 yeah it was up towards the Highlands, can't remember but think we were heading to ullapool at the time. A quick Google and I think it's the Eilean Donan castle
  12. I don't class Scotland as close to me 😉
  13. I don't have any tips , also thought you did already, but I just find it makes the game more involving more immersive if thats a thing.
  14. As we can't really travel at the moment I thought I'd share some pictures of some of the places I've been over the last decade in the hopes that you guys would do the same, the one thing that has changed with covid is the lack of travel, true for others it's much worse so I get that a lot of us have been lucky so far. Pics from Norway, Australia and aushwitz and closer to home Scotland,Wales, IOM and Yorkshire. Hope the link works, it said something about not being able to embed https://www.flickr.com/gp/191699114@N02/k71n3F
  15. Yeah I've played quite a bit and watched some videos but as expected I have no idea what to do it's usually left to the randoms I get thrown in with. Would be cool to get a group together and figure the shit out it probably won't take long to suss out.

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