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  1. Seems some YouTubers feel the same way 😁
  2. Yeah I'll probably watbh this over the weekend I had it set on reminder. He's someone from a time where I was well into formula one and it was worth watching for me so will also hit that nostalgia button.
  3. How about removing dots from the mini map then give you a perk to put them back🙄 cod should be the easiest thing in the world to make.
  4. Here's a couple from @Diddums and our meet at Silverstone
  5. Hope this isn't just another cash cow release. Tbh the trailer was shiny but didn't instill any hype personally. Guess I'll end up watching it on TV eventually.
  6. Might have to look this up, as far as American football films it's invincible for me.
  7. I won't be trying the beta as I'm not pre-ordering shit. I've zero interest for the game simply from what I hear. I'll watch some videos no doubt simply out of curiosity and so I've at least some idea that will enable me to wind up the fanboys on twitter, that could be the only fun surrounding this game.
  8. I watched sweet girl yesterday, a bit, well a lot far fetched but decent enough and the scene on the stadium roof had me all, holy shit how did I not see that coming.
  9. I've actually always really just played FPS games and a couple of driving games, I've tried in the past to diversify but always come back to cod, destiny, battlefield. However now I have a pc, I will and have tried some more sim type games and valheim. I don't think there is any particular genre I'd dump for good if I found them enjoyable.
  10. Hearing that dead silence isn't a perk is a big negative for me and wtf is the idea behind blind fire, that's not something that should be in an FPS multiplayer.
  11. Wow so much hype... what a pointless 3 mins. They can pump out any trailer tbh and it means nothing until you can actually play the game. Guess it gives the usual YouTubers something to talk about or wank over.
  12. If your interested in a movie based loosely around video games may I draw your attention to boss level on Amazon, basically a grown up action version of groundhog Day. Has some nice tongue in cheek moments and is a nice change from the run of the mill reboots and dull franchise stuff.
  13. That's a great cause so added a small donation, good luck, my friend's wife died after getting early onset Alzheimer's, it was a terrible thing to see.
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