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  1. Twitter and Facebook, I have to say it's more of a local Facebook group that "need busses" but I do see posts on twitter basically " here's x train driver telling us how he can't survive on 70k" or some similar crap. People always seem to focus on one thing... The money.
  2. I've been on holiday this past week, the week before I was actually balloted for strike action, so back to work tomorrow to see if I've got my rise or if I'm going on strike anytime soonπŸ™„πŸ˜ oh and I've noticed like with us it's unite. Also unlike Phil from what I read, mostly on social media, people seem more pissed at how it affects them and how much people earn than working class folks sticking up for themselves. One thing to add, at the last vote I voted to accept the deal as it is imo the best deal I've ever been offered but I can see why it's just not there for some.
  3. Unfortunately that's all I hear, and I didn't rate many of the previous films however as the wife went to see maverick it looks like she won't listen to my pleas for clemency and I may be forced to sit through that turd.😑
  4. I have a makro card so I could grab some boxes/ packs of snacks etc
  5. This could be the best cod of the last couple of years πŸ˜‰ But I couldn't give a flying fuck about the campaign, that's just an appetizer next to the main dish.
  6. This guy does a lot of builds buildsorn Or you could switch and play a decent character 😁
  7. However much this is true are we sure they even know how to make a good game afterall they actually think they did a good job with the first one in2019. Making a good call of duty should be the easiest thing ever especially as they have all the info/assets they could ever need.
  8. He's here bungie the one person that loves gambit, I'd be more than happy if they removed the random win bounty farm "gamemode" from the game and put resources into something more productive, possibly a new lighter shade of white tin of paint for the cupboards a bungie HQ got example. Oh and this will be the first season I ditch IB as fuck rift
  9. I couldn't careless, if I'd seen anything throughout this sorry affair it woukd be briefly on twitter right up until my mate mentioned the bloody mega pint of wine last week. So I've seen at least that.😁 Unfortunately it's stuck in my head however at least for the briefest of time thankfully there were a couple of funny skits to amuse.
    As stated an excellent montage especially when youre featured in it.
  10. This is one of its biggest fails for me, the grind for some basic stuff is incredibly dumb and with weapon crafting it's been turned upto the max. You grind for red border weapons with an insane low drop rate then you need fucking 5. One catalyst requires 50 min completions of mid tier difficulty stuff πŸ˜‚ @Diddumsalso hit the nail on the head regarding crucible, I used to love spending hours just chilling in crucible now it's bounties and done simply because I've had enough by then of all the cheesy bulllshit, every update seems to make it worse too.
  11. @DiddumsI didn't I said both were 🀣
  12. @GazzaGarrattif you can watch the first one again, you'll see some more of the links back to the first film in dialogue. Also unlike angry Joe you'll realise that penny Benjamin was mentioned in the first film. Just to mention angry Joe again he almost gave it a 10. @IRaMPaGe Dids can't be that hard to please he recommended the awful film spy 🀣
  13. I don't often go to the cinema but I'm glad I did today because top gun maverick was excellent imo, the wife even cried 🀣 So few sequels live upto their originals let alone surpass them but from the moment Harald Faltermeyers dangerzone started this certainly can be added to the list. I also like how because it's been so long coming that all the flash backs and photos are actually real and don't need to be CGI. Also how they were in Rocky. It's so good these days to have a film that just is what it's meant to be, no agenda, no identity politics just a good old fashioned action film. I was a little worried going in that it wouldn't live upto my hopeful expectations but having seen a few reviews and now the film I didn't need to worry. I also haven't seen a bad word said against it .... Yet
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