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  1. Yea I enjoy it a lot. Easy to pick up and play but a hard one to master. One of the nicest looking indie games I’ve played as well. The characters that all speak to you, some just pictures and text, all still have loads of creativity and personality. Only game I have played that is anywhere close is binding of Isaac, which I have just bought the expansion for.
  2. Well the final trailer is here. Potential spoilers below: I think it's clear the other spidermen have been edited out of the scene with the 3 villains on the scaffolding, since Lizard is jumping towards nothing (although it almost looks too obvious that this is the case). Marvel have a history of editing their trailers so, I am pretty sure this is correct. In one of the final shots, it looks like Andrew Garfields glove is going to catch MJ (Tom holland jumps but the glove is a different colour than the suit he is wearing), which makes sense he's the one to save her falling, as redemption for not saving Gwen in the Amazing Spider-Man 2. The red on Doc-Oc is not a redesign, its Peter using Stark tech to shut down the arms and make him docile again. I am hoping they explain why Dr Strange isn't helping in the fights, as they would be over in seconds otherwise. I hope its not just a case of "you have to battle these demons yourself parker", that would be lame.. I went back and watched all the spiderman films over the last couple months in preparation because I am a nerd
  3. I have actually forgotten Cold War was even released at this point, it felt like there was 2 weeks in between releases
  4. Angry Joes review is fantastic. Basically the laziest most uninspired COD to date -
  5. Likewise can do lifts from anywhere between nottingham and the venue
  6. I remember only getting into standard matches towards the end. Usually was just big on custom games. When I did play standard matches though was always Greek everytime, usually Hades
  7. New trailer below. Looks decent, not giving much away as yet
  8. Yea a lot online, was part of a clan as well. CoM I think was the abbreviation haha I forget the name though. Do you remember a guy called Nottud? He was like a well known map creator I was friends with him helped play test some of his maps, still got him on Facebook
  9. I played 2 a hell of a lot when I was young too. But my all time favourite was Age of Mythology, I miss those days
  10. until

    I, LordBaguette, acknowledge this event with all my will and heart. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, my sincere apologies to all of FG. I will endeavour to make sure I attend the next organised event. @GazzaGarratt
  11. or what anyone calls it because thats what it is xD
  12. Maybe - but the technology in the Toy Story universe is basically the same technology as ours in present day, this looks way more advanced
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