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  1. Hello all I have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch for my girlfriend, I will also be using it. Just wondering how many people in FG have one / are actively playing it online. Currently have Animal Crossing (thats for her) and Pokemon Shield. Zelda Breath of the Wild will be my next purchase Tom
  2. All The COD Cold War Alpha is available to download and play today. This exclusive weekend commences on September 18 at 10am Pacific / 6pm BST, and is set to conclude on September 20 at 10am Pacific / 6pm BST Play the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PlayStation 4 Alpha on September 18-20 BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM All PS4 owners can get a taste of the next generation of global combat this weekend in the Alpha. Details to follow, including maps and modes.
  3. Pointless just youtube it, dont need a whole thread for it
  4. Been skills in fifa for 10+ years though. Just learn how to roll the ball and do a fake shot. All you need
  5. Was good fun, I kind expected it to be a disaster but we played quite well 😂 @GazzaGarratt I would advise watching a quick video on all the little tips like finness shots, lobbed through balls etc
  6. I will probably cycle most of it, but I am game
  7. ill play - although not played pro clubs for years
  8. Second FG poker tournament. Moved to Saturdays going forward
  9. Event Title: FG Poker Tournament 2 Event Author: LordBaguette Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 07/04/2020 08:00 PM Second FG poker tournament. Moved to Saturdays going forward FG Poker Tournament 2 Details on how to join below - if you have already joined the club, skip to registering to the tournament step Apologies, due to gambling law issues, Americans wont be able to join NEXT TOURNAMENT SATURDAY 4TH JULY 8.00PM GMT Instructions for access: Download PokerStars client from: Onlin
  10. FG Lounge on discord if you are joining the chat! @phil bottle @GazzaGarratt @tronic44 @Middle Class Caveman @Stretch616 @G_dub52 @Greboth
  11. @GazzaGarratt@phil bottle@tronic44 @G_dub52 @Middle Class Caveman @Stretch616 @Greboth Make sure you guys register for the tournament before 8PM friday!!

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