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  1. Just a reminder to the admin to give the server a backup at some point, if you haven’t let me know and I can do it today.
  2. I’d keep it as it is, there’s enough map to not care about missing out on a few buildings and I can’t imagine there’s a huge amount of difference in most the updates. Probably just fixing textures otherwise they’d say we definitely have to restart. I’d only restart now if it was a massive jump, basically Alpha 21.
  3. Even though I’m not able to play often, it makes me so happy to see everyone having fun. I’ve pushed this game upon everyone for years, either the base game or the modded version and have close to 1000 hours on it. Hopefully there’s enough admins to help keep everything ticking over but if you all want someone extra to be admin, please let me know (although dave or Phil should be able to sort it) If there’s any issues at all, please let me know and don’t forget to backup them server every now and then. Don’t want all that hard work going to waste! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for enjoying it so much and happy surviving.
  4. You can also build a big clock so if someone doesn’t build Big Ben I’ll be unhappy 😄
  5. We’d definitely have to have a library and, when I get a chance to get on, I could build my swimming pool again with the see-through bottom 😄 I got so many ideas, just not enough time. ooo you could actually have a car sales place, omg you could even build an airport. Right I’m quitting work, something had to give and I’m too excited about this 😄
  6. That was kind of my thinking, it could be something that take us a while but in between we could be exploring of parts of the map extra. I love the village that you guys made in Valheim, that’s kind of where I took my inspiration from, just this one will be pretty big. You could also do a monorail type thing but it would be a 4x4 instead.
  7. I think we should build our own city or town, different buildings, pubs, cinemas, car parks etc. You could have dave underground tube idea under it. I’ve never seen it done before, it’ll take a while. Or it could also be done based on biome. If you do it in the desert zone then it could be a Wild West village etc
  8. Hey dude, long time no speak. Sorry to hear how much you’ve been through but glad to hear you’re on the mend! We’ll make sure we get some games on the go! What you playing at the moment? Good to have you back dude, there’s a lot of new faces in this place but plenty of people to get games in with.
  9. You’re right it is dog food! Nice one! I’ve added your steel crossbow bolts to the list, I’m hoping to move over to them shortly. Im still using a bow at the moment as I’m waiting to get my archer level higher, unless someone feels like making one for me ☺️
  10. Hi all, i thought i'd start this thread for people to be able to add items that are needed, what they are needed for (will be in brackets) and any other info. These items are one's that will always be needed brass, food etc Resources: - Scrap polymer (Robotic drone, Robotic Turret, SMG auto turret, Shotgun auto turret, steel crossbow bolts) It's needed for many other recipes but these are the main one's for now....i think - Brass (Bullet Casings) This can also be obtained via candlesticks, doorknobs, faucets & trophies. Important to note that you shouldn't scrap them to brass but put them straight into the forge and it will give you more brass - Sewing Kit (First aid kit) Canned Food: - Can of chili (Chili dog) - Can of dog food (Grandpa's Learn'n Elixer) - Can of pasta (Spaghetti) - Can of Peas (Tuna fish gravy toast, gumbo stew, shepards pie) - Can of salmon (Fish tacos) - Can of sham (sham chowder) - Can of stock (Gumbo stew) - Can of tuna (Tuna fish gravy toast) - Lamb rations (Shepards pie) - Large beef rations (Gumbo stew, Spaghetti) Raw Food: - Old sham sandwich (Antibiotics)
  11. I really like this @Diddumsi love you the way you’ve blended it into the game. I’m imagining a giant hall with some crazy structures, especially now there’s a million different shapes.
  12. I haven’t seen trees planted near the base for a while, it was just to have it marked down in case we get anyone new on the server.
  13. I completely understand that we don’t know what everyone can’t make but all it’s takes is to ask people who are on or drop it in the server thread. It’s just because we’ve all taken different paths, so we can build as much as possible. Like when I could build mini bikes and made a load for everyone. We should definitely do a wants wall, think that’s a great idea! I’ve just been posting in the thread on here about stuff I need for building things but having it actually in the game would be great. Anything in the main chests is certainly fair game, it’s more for the other ones that people have built for just them. I say we have a wall of chests with everyone name on and you can keep things like the tools your not using etc in there. It’s up to you wether you lock it or not. Basically we felt like we should start having server rules, it won’t just be for 7 days, It’ll be for all server we have in the future. Dave came up with a nice way of blending it with the game, plus we now get to build a big hall and jail.
  14. Great to have you back dude, it’s been far too long! How’s life been treating you?
  15. I’ve upgraded my chef skills, so I can now make spaghetti, gumbo stew and Shepard’s pie. All of them give you 100+ food, a lot of health and max stamina of 40. For us to be able to cook these, we need a lot of tinned food, so when ever you see a vending machine please grab what you can. Im also going to start making Grandps learn’n elixir, it gives you an extra 20% xp so will be very useful on horde nights. I’m going to be away for 2 weeks from the 6th but I plan on taking a laptop with me, I won’t be on British time but will try and jump on and do the odd thing when I can. From Mr Vague 😄
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