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  1. @phil bottle, myself and my mate George started a new world on Tuesday. This one started smoothly, we let George figure stuff out on his own until we’d hit the point Phil and myself got up to. Then the spiders came! we got trapped inside a building, with a spider on the outside. That spider then managed to squeeze itself into the building and attempted to royally fuck us. Luckily we got out...but whilst standing outside the building we heard a noise behind us. Yep, another bloody spider. We ran and ran quick, only turning back to see if it was still following...it was. Once we’d retreated
  2. It’s full co-op campaign with a proper story and what I can only imagine is plenty of items to craft. This is already shaping up to be one of the best games I’ve played, it plays so smoothly and looks incredible. Also it’s somehow still in early access, even though it looks like a finished triple A game. Jumped on to play with @phil bottle yesterday, we’ve started to set up a little base by the pond. Still got plenty to do as we haven’t searched everywhere and still have all the story to do. Also if you’re out at night time, it’s actually bloody scary 😂
  3. Crazy, didn’t expect it to look anything like the 10 previous Nuketown maps 🤨
  4. Welcome to the forum dude, hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Let us know how you get on!
  6. Sweet, Phil's in 😄 Not sure when i'll pick it up but might not be for a couple of weeks
  7. I'm a fan of smaller maps and shipments is definitely one of them
  8. I remembered buy some wood chips for a bbq that had been infused with whiskey...My bad, i've just googled it and they've used wood from the barrel. Jack Daniels Authentic Barrel Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Chunks | Etsy WWW.ETSY.COM Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniels Chunks ! AUTHENTIC BARREL! BEST FOR HOME BEER OR SPIRIT BARREL AGEING All chunks were cut from...
  9. So this fell off my radar for a bit but it's back on it now, George (work mate) and i were looking to pick it up at some point shortly. I was wondering if anyone else is interested in it?
  10. I've created a storage box called sweets, i recommend that everyone has a look through and see what each sweet does. There's some really useful ones in there. Atom Junkie – Atom sized candy and atomic sized power! Increase explosive damage 50%. Covert Cats – Be a cool cat and have it made in the shade with Covert Cats. Deal 50% more sneak damage. Eye Candy – Find that sparkling treasure easier with a drop of Eye Kandy. Find much better loot. Hackers – These tasty treats give you 20% more harvest when salvaging. Health Bar – Increases your max health and adds 50% resistance to crit
  11. 😂 That lasted long! tbf if my ps wasn't borked i'd probably pick it up too
  12. Hi, Microsoft has stated that Xbox Series X and Series S will support all games playable on Xbox One (excluding those that require the Kinect sensor), including Xbox 360 and original Xbox console games currently supported through backward compatibility on the Xbox One, thus allowing the console to support four generations of games. However i request you to check the description carefully on our product page about the compatibility with series X as we have mentioned already if they are compatible or not. But we highly recommend you to confirm this with Microsoft support directl

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