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  1. Question to everyone! Shall we move to update 19.1? We won’t have to reset for this I believe.
  2. I’ve got one but never use it, only bought it for going away for work. - Zelda - Mario Kart - The Flame in the Flood (love this game) - Untitled Goose Game - A few other random ones
  3. Tell us a bit more about yourself dude, what other games do you play? What consoles do you play on? Like others have said this isn’t a place to just come and advertise yourself/channel. Stick around though, we’re a half decent bunch off assholes 😄
  4. NOTE TO ALL! If you haven’t been on the new map yet, I’d log on slightly early as it’ll need to download the new map. To those who don’t know, we’ve gone from a 6km map to a 16km map.
  5. Also as the map is bloody huge, we’ll have to make small bases all around the map, so we can travel safely. If you haven’t seen the size of the map, go on and have a scroll around 😂 It’s ridiculous!
  6. @Greboth I didn’t realise there was a book for that, that’s pretty cool as we need all the brass we can get. Our garden is looking pretty good at the moment, I’ve maxed out Living off the land, so I get 3x of every plant I harvest. We’re just lacking blueberries at the moment, once we get more of them I’ll turn them into seeds. The blueberry pies are very useful. I’m also looking at upgrading master chef again, so I can make Shepard’s pie and a load of other stuff.
  7. I've foucsed on farming and food but it's a good idea for multiple people to level up food just in case that one person isn't on. Our farm is massive now, we're just lacking corn but i found two seeds earlier so hopefully they'll pick up soon. The base doesn't need to be reinforced quite a bit and then we can think about starting to build a new one somewhere. Although i think we may have to venture out soon, so we can find more stuff. One thing i will say is that we need to start looting everything. I went into a looted building earlier and everything, except the rubbish, was loote
  8. This is a brilliant idea and again proves why i need a game room in my life haha What made you go with N64? I'm guessing the great games and great art on the mags? Looking forward to seeing the final outcome!
  9. These cards are banging! I've been looking into them a lot lately for work and i'm so impressed by all the figures, especially the price!
  10. Still generating, so far it's done land,water and now we're on to towns
  11. The world is still generating, looks like it's all going to plan though. I've been chatting to the server people and they say it's running how it should be, so hopefully we'll have a new big world to play on in the next 10hours haha
  12. Actually I’ll be on for 7:30 tonight, so I can sort and get it built for 8.
  13. Right it’s settled, I’ll reset and upgrade the server when I get back tonight. This will be the last reset until we have to. I’ll start upgrading and resetting at 8, so if people want to jump on discord, we can talk through how we want it set up.
  14. Hi all, i wanted to get an idea from everyone about resetting the server. The only reason for this is because we're once again on Navezgane map, i thought i'd set it to random gen but i clearly didn't. Along with this i'll also look into paying a bit more to get a larger map, we're currently on the medium size at the moment. @phil bottle @GazzaGarratt@Diddums@Greboth@crispymorgan @Emma @craftofboredom

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