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  1. Cost is around £12 a month, which is around $18 I think.
  2. As it’s not an official mod yet, it would be a nightmare getting it on the server...well, not a nightmare but I’d have to click more than 3 buttons 😉 In all seriousness, if it’s not supported by gtx gaming, I won’t be putting it on because it nulls all our support. I’m sure it’ll be added in the future but I’d like others to have a proper go at the vanilla version before modding it. Further down the line, I’m up for modding the hell outta it.
  3. I think this will be a mixed bag. The story is normally the thing that lets these types of films down but if the violence is like that then fuck the story haha
  4. Pretty sure my positions are CF CAM RW RB CB Not sure of the heights but will looks into that.
  5. I’m liking these dedi servers we’ve got going, what shall we open next...hmm... Also this game rocks.
  6. Welcome to the forum dude, plenty of people here who play a wide range of games. There’s a Personal Progress Report section where you can document your progression on games etc, might be something you’d be interested in. There’s a lot of us loving Valheim at the moment, so will no doubt bump into you on that.
  7. tronic44


    This game is brilliant, wish i had more chance to get on it.
  8. tronic44


    Join us ya bastards!
  9. tronic44


    Whilst looking at the game i must have slipped and bought it, i should be on tomorrow for a bit @phil bottle 🙂
  10. Really liking it Lee, great work as always!
  11. Welcome to the forum dude!
  12. Great pictures dude, i'm loving that crazy road. Where abouts is that?
  13. Dude this is a quality write up! Ive honestly loved playing recently, cheers for making me get it haha Also when the hell did I get man of the match? 😂
  14. tronic44

    Oculus VR

    I think I’ve tried all the VR headsets apart from the PSVR, the Index wins hands down for me. It’s not just resolution, the fit and feel is a lot nicer. Also the controllers are the dogs ballz.

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