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  1. Quiet in here. How's the season going?
  2. American Truck Simulator... the most realistic sim I've ever played:
  3. I love that the devs are cool with some of the addons being created. Just installed a mod that adds a ton of Canadian cities to the mix and one that lets me hang a pine scented air freshener from the mirror. It's perfect now.
  4. You're crazy and I won't listen to this anymore. You need to go stand over there and think about your actions. Come back to me when you're ready to apologize. 😛
  5. Will definitely check it out. I wasn't interested in non-racing games but then I discovered American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I thought they looks totally silly and lame but now I'm hooked. It's just so perfectly chill... until I have to back a trailer up without jackknifing it. And I get to drive and customize my childhood dream rig!!
  6. Aside from the initial server connectivity issues in the first, I guess I've been fortunate because I haven't had any issues with crashes or loss of data (Xbox Series X). I think people get too caught up in the live service and longevity aspect of this game... and many games. Remember when we could just buy a game, play the hell out of it and look back and say... "Hey, that was a ton of fun! What's next?" I personally don't need a game to last me 2 years to feel like I've gotten my $60 worth out of it. I've really enjoyed the game so far and like the way they've handled the gamepla
  7. Live service for authentication. Game was down for a couple of hours on launch day. I've seen a little bit of gameplay from Mr. Fruit with Mtashed and it was pretty frantic. I think it depends on your playstyle and the class you choose. He must have been using a tank because he was in yo face the whole time. I chose Pyro and played it the same way I play Division. Use cover, break out the sniper when needed, be ready to handle rushers with my AR and abilities. Feels more like Division than Gears (not my fav). The combat spaces are small enough that more than three peopl
  8. A few hours in and really liking it so far. I mean... lava spiders... what's not to like? Despite a couple of weird lighting glitches, this game feels very polished and... surprise... launch-ready. Good progression, meaningful loot but not too much where you feel paralyzed about moving on cuz you have so much to sort through and you don't know if it's valuable or not (I'm looking at you, Division). Modding is cool and has a variety of ways to jazz up your gear without breaking the bank and making you feel like you should save up mats for the Endgame. I like the mods-system s
  9. Played a couple of hours of the demo last night and really liked it. Basically if D2, Division 2 and Gears had a baby. Controls are pretty solid, IMHO but I find it's harder to track moving targets downsight than it is in The Division. Graphics are great and the voice acting and cutrscene modelling is really good. Comes out today as part of Game Pass so I'm currently downloading it on my Xbox. Hoping to power through as much work as possible this morning so I can put in a few hours this afternoon and tonight. Happy to group up at some point with FGers since this beaut
  10. When I first started with you guys, I was doing well enough for a rookie so I decided to commit to manual gearshifts. That started to pay off but then I bought the wheel and getting used to it and manual shifting was hurting my lap times. I decided to git gud (as gud as I can git, anyway) with the wheel and went back to auto transmission. Next, I added in left foot braking, which has become second nature (that doesn't mean I'm gud at it though) and helped my times a little. Now I'm starting to bring manual shifting into the mix. That being said, I also started from a better place
  11. Set the controller and weather scripts to Sol, but clearly this isn't going to work straight out of the box. 🙂 EDIT: Didn't like the recommended CSP version so I went with the more recent one.
  12. Base game but video card has so much more to give. Will look into those mods... Thx!
  13. Just fired up AC in a Gr3 BMW around Laguna Seca. Man... it's a totally different game. The handling, wheel support/feedback, visuals and audio make GT Sport feel like a mobile game in comparison.
  14. I mean... this is clear... right? Hi Jonathan, Sorry, I couldn't respond earlier, I was out of the office taking my daughter to the optometrist. I don't have any calls or Zoom meetings lined up for tomorrow, so if that works for you, I'm available between 10-3pm if you'd like to line up a time to chat. Thanks! Chris
  15. Told a potential client we could line up a call today and that I was only available between 9-3pm (cuz race day). He chose 3pm.

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