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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking it's a USB cable issue, possibly. I've tried other power supplies so that's not it. Might see if I can remove it internally and solder in a new one just for kicks. Glad I don't have to send the old one back cuz I'd have to undo my pedal mods.
  2. My wheel started acting up... it wouldn't calibrate properly (full left, then full right, etc.) but instead goes hard to the right and then twitches a bit before giving up. Did this on any USB port I tried (Windows PC, PS4, Macbook, phone charger, etc.) so I knew it wasn't software related unless it was the wheel firmware. Got on live chat and explained the situation and had a video of it malfunctioning, which they reviewed. Took a while, as live chat usually does, but they processed an RMA for me, didn't ask for a receipt or how old it was and are sending a complete replacement within the next 5 or so days and don't want the old one returned. I did not see that coming... at all. Very happy with the end result... but maybe a little sad that I couldn't justify to my wife the need for a higher quality racing wheel. 🙂
  3. Yeah, just a cheap little upgrade from AliExpress to soften the brake and some spacers to add more resistance to the throttle and clutch. Haven't had much time to really give it a go but it's definitely an improvement. Wish I had done it sooner.
  4. Clearly, I'm the oldest of the bunch. 🙂
  5. I'll never not continue to always to play Horizon games. Nobody with any sense isn't not going to. That attitude won't get you nowhere.
  6. I assumed that anyone on FG who doesn't fly inverted would be promptly escorted out.
  7. I got tired of changing to inverted y-axis control schemes all the time, especially when I'm helping my kid in a game using her setup, so I've been training to switch to "Normal". I'm still not great at it, but it's definitely doable. Also gives me an excuse for being trash at shooters.
  8. Quiet in here. How's the season going?
  9. American Truck Simulator... the most realistic sim I've ever played:
  10. I love that the devs are cool with some of the addons being created. Just installed a mod that adds a ton of Canadian cities to the mix and one that lets me hang a pine scented air freshener from the mirror. It's perfect now.
  11. You're crazy and I won't listen to this anymore. You need to go stand over there and think about your actions. Come back to me when you're ready to apologize. 😛
  12. Will definitely check it out. I wasn't interested in non-racing games but then I discovered American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I thought they looks totally silly and lame but now I'm hooked. It's just so perfectly chill... until I have to back a trailer up without jackknifing it. And I get to drive and customize my childhood dream rig!!
  13. Aside from the initial server connectivity issues in the first, I guess I've been fortunate because I haven't had any issues with crashes or loss of data (Xbox Series X). I think people get too caught up in the live service and longevity aspect of this game... and many games. Remember when we could just buy a game, play the hell out of it and look back and say... "Hey, that was a ton of fun! What's next?" I personally don't need a game to last me 2 years to feel like I've gotten my $60 worth out of it. I've really enjoyed the game so far and like the way they've handled the gameplay. Especially things like facing a tough boss and having the ability to respec on the fly and change all of my perks and abilities as a means to rethink my strategy in beating him. Dropping down a world tier is a last resort. And get this... I can swap a sniper rifle for a shotgun mid-combat and NOT LOSE AMMO (I'm looking at you, D2). I've felt no need to grind anything at all so far. I'll likely play through each class to check out their abilities and see how fun they are and I might grind out some "exotics" in the endgame to see what they bring to the table, but after that... I'm totally cool with letting it go until they release some DLC and play all sorts of other games in the meantime. I'm done with letting one or two games dominate my gaming time for years on end (e.g. D2, WoW, Division).
  14. Live service for authentication. Game was down for a couple of hours on launch day. I've seen a little bit of gameplay from Mr. Fruit with Mtashed and it was pretty frantic. I think it depends on your playstyle and the class you choose. He must have been using a tank because he was in yo face the whole time. I chose Pyro and played it the same way I play Division. Use cover, break out the sniper when needed, be ready to handle rushers with my AR and abilities. Feels more like Division than Gears (not my fav). The combat spaces are small enough that more than three people would be crowded. Especially the boss fights I've encountered so far.
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