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  1. They need to buy Crystal Dynamics and bring back Legacy of Kain. That's all I want.
  2. I have to admit that I'm now considering getting an XSX before a PS5. Game pass is just looking great and the Xbox All Access deal for £28.99 a month is pretty good value.
  3. This is definitely a big move by MS. I doubt they'll make the games Xbox (and PC exclusive) as they'd lose a shit ton of money by not selling the games on PS4. Plus it'd be kind of funny for Sony to have to pay MS to licence their games 😦 More likely they've done this so they can put all the games on Game Pass which will then help them sell a lot more Game Pass subscriptions.
  4. Snipers will be getting nerfed for the beta and final game. I might just delete the Alpha and wait for the beta.
  5. I had a few games. Snipers are bullshit as they have utterly ridiculous aim assist.
  6. I've downloaded it. I'll probably jump on tomorrow night after work.
  7. We've had the announcement and pricing and everything else about next gen systems. And my answer to them is......why bother? Neither system - PS5 or Xbox Series - have any system exclusives coming out this year that makes me think "I *REALLY* need that game". Microsoft have said there won't be any exclusives to the XSX for a couple of years. Even games like the new Horizon or Spiderman game on PS5 are also coming to the PS4 as well. Then there is the cost factor. Both systems will cost at least £400 (let's just ignore the XSS for now). If you wanna expand the storage t
  8. There is a MP Alpha for the PS4 this weekend.
  9. They have a showcase on the 16th so possibly then.
  10. I reckon the Series X will be £449 and the smaller Series S will be £249..... I also think that MS have caught Sony off guard with their pricing. Can't help thinking that the PS5 was going to be more expensive. So PS5 disc version £499 PS5 Digital version £399
  11. The game has been rushed out so it's near enough guaranteed there will be issues. I think it's a strange choice to show of the Groundwar mode when most people just play TeDiuM in COD. Should really be pushing that mode. I'm not sure what I think of it. I'd need to see more of the smaller maps as I'm primarily a KC player. Really hope they nerf Quick Scoping because this shit it ridiculous (admittedly NoahJ is a pro player)
  12. Probably an early build. Animations look shit because whoever is playing is just slide cancelling instead of just running like a normal person. Apparently Treyarch have changed it so you get quite a big ADS delay when you do that shit.
  13. I have no issue with that. The core gameplay of MW was actually pretty solid. It looked and sounded nice. Plus the hit detection was spot on (something COD has had a problem with IMO). The 2 biggest issues with MW were the mainly shit maps and no Dead Silence. If this game fixes those issues then it should be good.
  14. 6 minutes of MP gameplay. Doubt it'll be up for long.
  15. As I have no intention of picking up a new consoles for a while then I'll be getting the bog standard edition.

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