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  1. BO3 is the best COD game this gen. It's all been downhill since then. As for this game..... I've barely played it. Not because it's bad but because I just can't be bothered. I think I'll wait til season on drops before playing it properly. Plus I've got a Terraria addiction again and can't stop playing that.
  2. I like Miami. It's just too big for 6v6. They need to cut off a section of it for 6v6.
  3. SBMM has been in COD for years. BUT whatever we have now isn't what was in years ago. Chances are it's this bullshit Activision say their microtransaction patent “has not been implemented in-game” | PCGamesN WWW.PCGAMESN.COM Update, October 18: Activision say none of their microtransaction patent is currently being used.Activision say their patent, which was part of an attempt to develop a system which would us matchmaking to drive... Activision say it was implemented but I wouldn't trust them at all. Especially when Michael Con
  4. Can't wait to back out of a lobby every single time this utter dogshit map is picked.
  5. Is there an FG clan for this game?
  6. You're Havana laugh if you think they're going to remake that map.....😱
  7. @GazzaGarratt Yep the games are there until they remove them from game pass. Imo it's just superb and honestly is why I'm getting an Series X before PS5.
  8. I've got Cold War on PS4 and got Beyond Light on Xbox as its on Game Pass.
  9. As the entire game including Beyond Light is now on Game Pass I thought I'd give it a go on Xbox. Anybody else playing it? Add me TheBironicMan.
  10. What platform are you playing it on? I tend to play KC.
  11. I'll be playing some MP after work tonight. Might even try FFA just so I don't have to put up with absolute potatoes as team mates.
  12. This seems to be a running theme for the whole "free maps for everybody after launch!" bollocks. Yes we get free maps but they give us fuck all maps to start with. The "free" maps are blatantly just maps that are already finished but they cut them from launch. Black Ops 1 & 2 shipped with 14 maps at launch. Even BO4 had something like 12 maps(although a few were remakes). I suspect this will be the norm for COD now. Launch with fewer maps and by the end of the games life cycle we'll have a decent amount of maps which Activision have kindly given to us for FREE! THEY'RE FREE! FREE! FREE I S
  13. I'd rather drink my own piss than play Shitment 24/7.
  14. Can't say I'm excited to play Nuketown again. I've never liked the map. I'm really hoping we get a remake of Grid. It's such a great map.
  15. Yes you rank up in Zombies.

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