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  1. I forgot about that. That's also something that added to the camping as players could just sit in a corner and be hidden from UAVs, plus there is the fact that gunfire didn't show on the mini map. It's like IW made this game specifically for campers.
  2. Those things are what killed MW2019 for me. COD is supposed to be a fast paced shooter and they made it into a boring camp-fest.
  3. You're missing out then. The campaign in MW2019 and Vanguard are both excellent. This certainly does look good. I enjoyed the MW2019 campaign so I'm looking forward to this.
  4. Taken down already. You've gotta be an idiot to try and leak anything like that as Activi$ion don't mess around.
  5. But roses really smell like poo-oooo-ooo-oooo. According to Outcast,anyway.
  6. Typical bloody @Diddums Starts a post asking for help and then doesn't bother answering people offering help. As a result I'm going to give a thumbs up to the absolute worst places to live in the hope that he'll get robbed at least once a week and also in the hope somebody* will post some shit through his letterbox. *me
  7. I only wrote that reply to wind you up 😘
  8. I'm definitely up for trips to Arcade Club. I've only been to the Leeds one once.
  9. They're just a massive scam. If you buy one then you deserve to be scammed IMO. The bloke who paid $2million(or something ridiculous like that) for the first ever tweet tried to sell it on and only got a few grand back. Hahahaaa! Fucking idiot 🤣
  10. I will also add that it's compulsory to own at least one flat cap if you live in Yorkshire. Plus we don't greet people with "alright, darling" as use "hiya love". We also tend to not like Southerners up here so I'm unsure how people will react to a South African 🤷‍♂️
  11. North Leeds and North West Leeds are nice areas. I live in a town just outside Leeds called Otley. It's nice. Plenty of towns around here that are nice as well - Guiseley, Horsforth. Areas like Chapple Allerton are nice as well. Just depends if you wanna live near the city centre or more out of town and commute in. Let me know of areas you're looking at and I'll tell you if you should consider them or avoid.
  12. If they gave us 100% off then I might get it.
  13. I've been playing it since it's on Game Pass and it's alright. Nothing special but it sure looks nice.
  14. Hard disagree. Having somebody sound whore you from 100 metres because you sound like an elephant just isn't a fun experience. The lack of Dead Silence/Ninja is what I hated most about MW2019.
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