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  1. It's more the principle of buying into Game's bullshit. I'm not willing to spend an extra £200 on shit I don't want just because Game are arseholes with things with this.
  2. On Tuesday morning I was up until 2am trying to get a PS5 but was told the Android Argos app wasn't working properly. So I went to bed in a huff. Wednesday morning I tried with Game. Got put into a 3 minute queue, that went up to a 4 minute queue and then a 5 minute queue, which I was in for 15 minutes 🤷‍♂️ When I finally got onto the site they only had super expensive bundles with random shite in them including a T-shirt. A fucking T-shirt! So I fucked it off as I'm not giving game any extra money as they're a scummy company. My hunt for a PS5 continues.
  3. Sledgehammer Games developing Call of Duty 2021 ‘built for next-gen’ CHARLIEINTEL.COM The developers of the 2021 Call of Duty game have been confirmed. COD 2021 is coming and it's not been cancelled.
  4. The fact it's only on the new gen consoles is interesting and quite surprising considering that the player base won't be that high for them.
  5. I read that MW2R MP has been finished since 2018. If COD 2021 is in such a bad state then releasing MW2 would make the most sense.
  6. Although this is apparently not true. So who knows? 🤔
  7. If it's in a bad state then they really shouldn't release it. But Activision really don't care and will happily release a broken pile of shit as they know people will lap it up regardless! They should just release MW2 Remastered MP. That may tempt me to buy COD this year.
  8. Whilst it was stupid that you couldn't use external storage for PS5 games I can also sort of understand why: people are fucking idiots and some would have got confused as to why they can't run PS5 games from external storage.
  9. Yes it would. Look at that picture. A 2TB drive is twice the price. Obviously it wouldn't cost them as much but it would still add another £100 to the cost and people just won't pay £500+ for a console.
  10. But if they put more storage then the price would be much higher as the NVME drives they use are super expensive.
  11. Looks like this years COD is going to be an absolute shit show. Again.
  12. I don't understand why they did it. Surely it would make more sense to unlock it and have the SSD available at launch?
  13. Sony have said they're going to release a firmware update in the future that will unlock the second hard drive slot. That's the last I heard about it.
  14. I've also got a third party controller that I don't use that you could have.
  15. There were definitely at least 100 playing Titanfall 2 at one point 😉 I think they should release a new gen version with cross-play support. That would be awesome.

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