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  1. The sharks sure are circulating around this type of service😁
  2. I know what you mean but I have no plans to upgrade my PC any time soon. I'll probably bypass this round of GPUs entirely and wait for the 4080ti 😁 I went from a GTX 770 to a 1080ti, the 770 lasted about 6 years before I upgraded, so, with that kind of form I'm happy to use this card for a couple of years more🤗
  3. @techno for me, the first one is too old now so you may not enjoy, the second is excellent, the third is a more modern style game and it's a bit marmite, but if this trilogy is the new version of Mafia 1 definitely go for it...hope that helps🤗
  4. 6 hours to go @J4MES OX4D 🙂 Mack will hate it 😉
  5. I've not yet been on the new map, so I'm easy with whatever. If it improves fps I'm for it as that's the only issue for me with alpha 19, lost about 30 frames from the build before it.
  6. Code was actually waiting for me on the website, now added to Steam and waiting for launch 🙂
  7. I bought mine from Humble store so I'm due an email with the Steam code. Really looking forward to this🤗
  8. Couple of good races last night, though I was a bit sloppy around Monza with my 11 seconds of penalties. With @JBR-Kiwi also being very quick, @GazzaGarrattgetting closer all the time, @Mikepjbell great first showing, and @Grebothonly slightly more vulnerable using a controller... looks like we're going to have some epic racing ahead 🙂👍
  9. I have BOTW, barely touched it tbh, plus: Mario Kart Diablo 3 Hollow Knight Hotshot Racing
  10. Yep, have been watching some of the community try it out. I'm bound to get it at some point 🙂👍
  11. Xbox Series X pre-orders have sold out immediately. At £28.99 a month for the console and ultimate pass, it has me tempted to be honest. But temptation is all for now, I have no need unless I suddenly get the urge to play Cyberpunk with ray tracing. On PS5 I simply can't afford to shell out a large sum for a console I have no need of, in a year maybe, but it has no spectacular feature that can compare with Microsoft's offering so I'd be buying it for the social aspect only. Plus its ugly as fuck. 🙂
  12. Microsoft already has 15 million subscribers (was 10 million in April) and this is what they're concentrating on. Expect to see that rise even more!
  13. Track: Brands Hatch Class: Gr.3 Tyres: Medium

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