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FG Fantasy Football 2019/20 Season


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@jordie1892 @Dan94 @phil bottle @Findmartin @tronic44 @ChaosGladiator @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack


Another one this season? Do we want to try something different like games against each other for points? Maybe more engaging and better to do as we can use the tournament function on FG if needed for a league format?


Anyone else want to jump into this for the new season?

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1 hour ago, phil bottle said:

Yes, but Jordie is temporarily banned for not turning up for training.

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I have PM'd him as I don't think I have his number anymore. I get ya though, would be good to be regular people here that were doing it with. That doesn't mean any new people can't join though, rather people try at the start and see how far they can sustain into the season! 

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19 hours ago, Dan94 said:

We still keen on the Pay to Play concept including a % going into the FG fund?


I'd be still up for it but we really need to know who is in for this year's first. If we do, i'd suggest something not too big as I wouldn't want people put off by the amount. What would you guys say would be the right amount? 5? 10? more? Split 50/50. Genuinely open to what y'all want.

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3 hours ago, Stretch616 said:

Totally forgot to put something in here dudes!! I've reactivated last years league so it should just auto enroll you for it. If not, use the following code:




Give me a shout if any issues!


Looks like I'm in! Cheers Stretch.


If new people want to get in on it what's the league code for new people to join?

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10 hours ago, LordBaguette said:

I’m in. Shall we do prizes? 


Would love to - I think its too late for us to have ask for a entry fee, but id rather say if we get donations like we've done in the past we can give a prize for 1st and maybe 2nd and 3rd. Does that work for people?

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My mood Friday night my last minute change from Ederson to Allison because of too many Man City players

frustrated jim carrey GIF


And then today after Sterling bags a hattrick...and as my Captain 😎


but is he ever ok not really doctor who GIF

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Can you bloody believe it. First time this has happened. Let's see how long it lasts!

Will have to change my keeper though as Allison is likely to be out for 2-4 weeks.


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Well that amazing start I had is slowly evaporating 😭 Stupid decision to change my keeper and defender to Man Utd players.


Who's performing well for you guys? Phil, have a word with old Harry and Eriksen today, I need some points from today!


@Findmartin @tronic44 @phil bottle @jordie1892 @LordBaguette @Dan94 @ChaosGladiator @Stretch616


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It’s been an up and down start to the season, I’ve had two really good weeks and the rest have been average.


Its hard not to pick city players, as much as it hurts deep down inside haha


Utds new signing James has been playing well, but after a good start utd are looking a bit average again.


I won’t give all my secrets away though 😉



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