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  2. Yeh the 80s seemed such a cool era but I was 84 so was only a kid of course. I still love the music now though. I like the idea of how professional sports people just mingled in with the public a bit more. And yes I think what you mean about the sports lee is that even the ones who made it lived a more normal lifestyle it seemed, eg snooker and darts players swigging pints and having a fag between games and footballers getting on the sesh every weekend 😂 but there were no camera phones to capture it back then
  3. I've signed up for the beta. Used to love playing the first Overwatch with you guys, so satisfying when you won a game getting the payload over the line in the dying seconds or holding on to a capture point in amongst all the mayhem of a team fight. Like others have said though it seems to have lost its appeal so be interesting to see what OW2 brings.
  4. Findmartin

    FG Germany FIFA 22 Cup

    Good stuff, this will be fun. If anyone wants my super accurate score prediction tips let me know 👀😅
  5. Findmartin

    FG Germany FIFA 22 Cup

    Luseth vs Connor is a hell of a game!
  6. Yes bud I'm in (fingers crossed i get Bayern 😂)
  7. Loved turtles in time back on my snes. I will have to pick this up. 6 player online co-OP with you lot would be awesome!
  8. Totally agree, the first film is amazing, he and Travolta play such great roles. Haha dunno how you can possibly get a sequel. Maybe a storyline around the son, hes probably about 35 now, man that makes me feel old 😔😂
  9. I think what's worse is that the teams bring out 3 new kits a season now. Back when I was younger 1 kit would usually last 2 seasons. I dunno how families with multiple kids afford it. Shorts are like 30 quid and socks 15 as well!
  10. Yes I think dier has been decent this season. Every spurs manager has picked him so he is obviously a good player and they trust him. I thought Sanchez was gunna be good but hes not fulfilled his potential so I think they will try for another CB. Re midfield, I think they never quite replaced eriksen he was top quality, and Moussa dembele a couple of years ago was really good too. that ndombele never really got going. Good point about Kane @GazzaGarratt but I reckon someone will bid for him, maybe even man utd
  11. It will be a really good fight for the 4th spot. Both Arsenal and Spurs have tricky run ins as they both have fixtures with things still to play for. And they have to play eachother of course. Totally agree, if they don't back Conte and they dont get 4th then I'm pretty sure he will leave. Can't see it happening but would be good if they both overhauled Chelsea and put them down to 5th 😅
  12. Ahh bugger that's my wedding anniversary so probably wont be able to make it......although I would probably rather play than spend the day with the wife 😅👀
  13. I think they need to just cash in on Kane now. They've not won a trophy with him, so why not take the money. Poch going back could be a good thing if he can get them into a hard working unit again?
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