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  1. What I was just thinking, might actually be able to communicate properly in crossplay now
  2. It's just mind boggling. I can go to Tesco, Primark, B&Q etc and be shoulder to shoulder with multiple people but can't go sit in a restaurant for a meal or go for a pint with my dad
  3. Yet still 8 weeks until restrictions are lifted. Feel sorry for the pubs/businesses still unable to fully open
  4. Ahhh those were the days 🙂
  5. 10 weeks until you can legally "go back to normal"... madness
  6. Good to hear mate, the biggest decision now is the colour. Really like the smart Phantom matte Black but the Silver which looks light blue looks very nice too 😄
  7. I did pay close attention to the OnePlus 9 release as was very tempted but decided to stick with the Samsung I think!
  8. Really tempted to get the S21 Ultra. The camera looks incredible and I've had my current phone 3 and half years now so starting to slow/battery life isnt as good. Samsung have this offer until the end of April where they give you £200 extra for a trade in, I believe. So my current phone would fetch £300 (£100 value + £200) and I have £200 from footy winnings this week so may treat myself as would be £1199 down to £700.
  9. So after the latest "patch" the AUG and M16 are still meta and have barely been touched... FFAR has a slower ADS now but is still the quickest TTK depending on the barrel in different situations Akimbo Magnums are now in the meta too as they're 3 shot kill up close with full plates lol
  10. Had my 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine today 🙌
  11. Yeah multi is a must imo, however in Warzone im pretty sure 99% of players just run stuns or heartbeat sensor. Seems a bit of an easy solution really, however this is COD so common sense usually doesnt prevail...
  12. Surely Grealish comes in for Phillips and we keep that mid/att pretty much the same? Rice Mount Grealish/Foden Foden/Grealish Kane Sterling
  13. I dont get why they dont just remove the stim. No one actually uses it, so it causes more trouble than its worth

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