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  1. Got mine on Amazon this morning at 9am when pre-orders went live, believe Argos are doing theirs tomorrow if anyone still wants to pre-order.
  2. Still losing weight since this post, currently sitting at 204lbs now 🙂
  3. Quality haha, what an absolute prat. I see Activison have started suing websites who create hacks for Warzone now, so hopefully they'll be less of this shit about. Only taken 9 months...
  4. Will probably be the cross gen bundle for me, seeing as I'll be getting the PS5 fairly soon after its release.
  5. Yeah just the movement patterns and the gun sway when running is very MW like
  6. Tbf, my new 4K UHD TV has a built in game mode which seems very good and sharper/quicker than my old TV. Think I'll stick with that for now, then maybe get a monitor when the PS5 comes out. Seems to be good for now though, so may be alright
  7. Haha potentially, it depends if Crossplay stays as a big thing with most games as all my friends are on console pretty much
  8. Cheers mate, must've missed that one. Reason for 4K is really for the new PS5
  9. Hi guys So as I've explained in my personal progress report thread, following my recent split up I've decided to change my room around and I'm going to be purchasing a new big TV and also get a separate gaming monitor for PS4/PS5. I want it to be 4K to make the most of the new PS5 and obviously a <1ms response time. I've found this after doing a quick search, reviews seem good on this site but mixed elsewhere, often you get what you pay for and all that and this is much cheaper than any other similar monitor I've found (most of the others are £220+).
  10. I actually quite enjoy playing the multiplayer, however I don't know if that's actually because I *like* the multiplayer, or because of the cross play element so I can play with full teams with lads from work who are on Xbox. The only game mode I enjoy though is Cyber Attack, your usual domination and TDM are shite.
  11. If you got the Season 2 Pass it's a blueprint "Code Breaker" [emoji1360] Sent from my Samsung S9+ using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah I'd say an ANY is a must. 4321 works really well too. Allows the LF & RF to have more of a free role so can stay narrow to help the striker or go wide to stretch, then the 3 CM's offer the protection infront of the defence. Used this formation last few FIFA's and works good
  13. Can't stand her, you seemed it up pretty well how I feel about her

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