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  1. I know, my point is without Warzone we'd have no other option other than to play Cold War
  2. I like core multi player too, probably more than Warzone, I have more hours in MW than in Warzone. Cold War multiplayer is just crap imo, which is why I think Warzone is masking just how bad it is because most streamers/youtubers are playing Warzone. Imagine if there was no Warzone...
  3. Played a couple multiplayer the other night, damn Warzone really is carrying and saving Cold War atm.
  4. Express returns from BO2.... *yay*
  5. Tony in that first clip: "Thanks for clearing that up Tom" Really tickled me 🤣🤣
  6. I actually preferred WW2. The maps were better imo and the gameplay, especially after the big overhaul. I didn't play IW or AW so can't comment on those, think I moved over to BF1 and played the COD4 remaster for those 2 games' lifecycle.
  7. Quality write up - I actually really enjoyed playing RB, it's a good mix of defensive satisfaction and contributing to the attack too 😎
  8. I genuinely preferred MW multi over CW... and I really wasn't a fan of MW that much. 😄 CW is honestly the worst, least fun multi I've ever played.
  9. This might give them a kick up the arse...
  10. Yeah but give Biesla credit James, they played some really good football, absolutely fearless and should be really proud...
  11. That half and half 125th edition was a thing of beauty. Didn't we snatch a draw with Kaboul getting the equiliser? 😄
  12. No worries, its definitely more fun and fast paced than usual Warzone. I can't stand the multi atm, so its definitely a nice change up as a middle ground 🙂
  13. Its Alcatraz from Blackout, but day time. The rebirth resurgence version is trios, when you die there is no gulag instead you have a countdown timer for when you fly back in, as long as one of your team mates is still alive. They replaced it the last few weeks with "mini royale" instead which was quads but with gulag and a smaller portion of the map like in normal Warzone mini royale.
  14. Good to see the real re-birth game mode return with the new update 🙂

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