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  1. Yeah, thanks guys...officially an OAP today! Gimme mah money DWP!
  2. Me and the missus bought this after hearing it as background music in a restaurant on holiday in Wales...happy days 🙂
  3. I can confirm this, especially with un-optimised games like 7DTD. However, the silver lining to this with the energy price crisis is that I can spend winter in the Man Cave with the PC on and the heating off! Simples! 🤣
  4. I take it the boiler swap out is for ASHP or similar and you have to ensure the network is sized large enough to cope with low grade heat? This is my worry with the current "No new gas boilers from 2030 (I think that's the date) " The politicians think it's wonderful but who will tell Joe Public it's not a straight swop? Bigger radiators will be needed and possibly bigger pipework in addition to probable thermal insulation upgrades to the property structure. Looking ahead, are our street electrical infrastructures man enough to suddenly cope with the extra load from ASHP? It obviously won't happen over night but.... Also how would the additional loading impact the phase sharing in the street? My other big concern, whenever I see big new housing developments announced, is..... I hope you've checked the local drainage / water / utility services for capacity. They didn't do that once in my area to a big development and we had months of roadworks while they upgraded the gas mains. No-one admitted it but you didn't need to be a rocket scientist (just a services engineer!) to figure it out!
  5. Retired plumbing and heating engineer/estimator/project manager here Luseth. HNC Building Services was as far as I got but this industry can be a carousel at times - correct @Diddums? - and I moved around regularly until I found a niche in a small family company and stayed there 19 years! 😂
  6. I'll take your Rainbow and raise you a (magic) Roundabout....
  7. I'll bring some food / beer but I'll need some guidance, so can you tell me what you want, what you really, really want?
  8. I can remember it vividly! [(2 x eggs) + (2 x bacon) + (2 x sausage)] x No. people x maximum No. mornings = quite a lot of it going to Ipswich and Cov on the Monday morning!! 😂😂
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