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  1. I’ve treated myself to a pump action shottie from the trader as well...might see if I can get a light for the barrel as well later on
  2. How are we going to get a 4x4 and a motorcycle down from the roof?
  3. Hopefully this is true... PS5 and PS4 Players Will Be Able To Play Together Through Backwards Compatibility, Sony Says WWW.USGAMER.NET Nobody's putting PS4 players in the corner.
  4. For you, I might just enable Crossplay! 😂👍
  5. Ye gods, that’s a thick end of wedge to find down the back of the sofa! Is it value for money?
  6. Very true and I’ll be happy if/when we get to ~40 points.....it was too good an opportunity to miss though! 🤣🤣
  7. Any thoughts on the current League 1 table @J4MES OX4D ? 😗😎
  8. Well deserved Leigh, you’re one of the best mate 👍❤️
  9. At the moment, the only thing that would tempt me to buy a PS5 is if my PS4 dies. Ive had it since a couple of months after launch day and managed to keep it going since. It sits on top of some game boxes to help keep it cool and has a strip of Sellotape over the eject disc sensor to cure that fault. Some compressed air helps keep the dust at bay I think I’ll probably wait until the bundles start arriving to see if there’s anything I fancy. I think the PS5 game prices won’t stay at £65+ for long....I think they’ll eventually be at a premium of + £5 or £6 over the PS4 version at the
  10. While, in other transfer news of a less spectacular nature..... Thiago Alcantara: Liverpool agree £25m deal for Bayern Munich midfielder - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Liverpool agree a deal to sign Spain midfielder Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich for at least £20m, plus £5m in add-ons.

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