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  1. Washington Football Team 41 - Dallas "America's Team" Cowboys 16......spanked on their own ground! Go WFT!!
  2. Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving everyone...and "Go Washington Football Team!!" (crap still no team name yet) The game today against the Cowpats is probably like our Man Utd vs Liverpool
  3. Do you really want to play CW? Why not try it on PC?
  4. Your mu......nope, not goona stoop that low
  5. By the time this game arrives you’ll be needing to worry about PS6 compatibility and we’ll all be watching John Wick 9
  6. @Middle Class Caveman Elliott, is vitamin D the same as vitamin D3? And is 25 microgrammes = 1000iu?
  7. I thought you’d started playing Destiny?
  8. And your old favourite purple guns can't be infused higher than 1060 so start trying out the new ones 😎
  9. ^ what Bob said ^T Crucible makes levelling up easier and if you can team up to do it, pick up the clan bounty for it as well
  10. Once we can get in a game... 🤬
  11. I've inadvertently put a vault door on but it has a 7000 rating so should be ok for now. I get the feeling there's another door missing though...by all the steelwork on the inner wall entrance..I'll let someone who's more familiar with the layout sort that one out Be aware if you do jump on that it's 24 hours to a horde night - I probably won't be on for a while, maybe tomorrow sometime

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