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  1. @Antpool84 , @Lurch and @GazzaGarratt FML!!!
  2. Count me in as well 👍
  3. Loving these write ups. Really gives a good bit of context to the evenings
  4. Loved it mate, lap times wouldn't have been a million miles away with a clean lap. But that's where I let the car down!!!
  5. No idea Dave. I assume you mean you joined the party chat via the app as your phone was playing music? I'll have a bash later and see if I can replicate your results
  6. Fantastic bit of kit, absolutely love the quality that it gives. Plus the battery life and comfort is just amazing. I use these for anywhere up to 12 hours a day for work and then in the evening for gaming. My ears don't sting at all after this period of use and the battery is only about 1/2 used. Couldnt live without them now, would totally reccomend
  7. No Thanks This is a card game based around numbers and the idea being to have the smallest total once the deck is exhausted. The numbers in play are numbered 3-35. Everybody starts the game with no cards and between 7-11 "pass counters". The first card is then revealed from the deck and then it will be down to the first person to decide whether to take the card or to play a pass counter (No Thanks!) Obviously there is slightly more complexity and tactics to the game which is down to 2 factors. When you elect to take the card, you also collect all o
  8. Ghost Blitz For anybody that's played Dobble and enjoyed it, this game takes to a whole new level of franticness! In this game there are 5 pieces: White ghost Grey mouse Green bottle Blue book Red armchair Then a card is turned over from the deck and it is down to you to decide which piece corresponds with the card and grab it from the table as quickly as you can. No points here for just shouting out the name! You must physically have the piece in your hand to earn the point Like with Dobble, the card may show an
  9. Rhino Hero Probably the quickest game to play out of my current collection as it can be over in the space of a few minutes depending on how it goes! However, there is no chance that you'd play this for only one game, it's just too damn addictive! This is basically the opposite of Jenga, so instead of having to rearrange a pre-existing tower, you have to build this one up from scratch. It's the method of how you do this that makes this fun and different every time. There are 2 types of card in the game. A roof card, which you place on top of the
  10. Bandido This is a great and simple card game where the object of the game is to trap the Bandido in the tunnels and send him back to jail. You do this by building a tunnel network using the cards in your hand to close off the escape routes. Once you've played a card, you then pick another up from the deck and the game continues until you either trap the Bandido, or you run out of cards and there are still open tunnel routes So in essence the game is very simple, but it is bloody difficult!! I've lost count of the amount of games i've
  11. As part of looking for something to entertain whilst stuck in the house this year, i've really started to get into my board games as part of having something different to do whilst stuck in the house. The general feel for these have been to either be single player games or decent group games that aren't too difficult to get to grips with so the kids could join in easily. We've really enjoyed these so far and i thought it'd be good to share the experiences of these games with you all I'll continue to add to the thread as the collection grows as i have no doubt it will!
  12. Merry Xmas everybody. I hope you can enjoy it all in your own special ways given the circumstances and we can hopefully look forward to some normality next year. Love you all and to reiterate Rich's comment, if anybody is feeling down at this time of year then please reach out. We're all in this together as a family. Peace and love all, peace and love 😘😘
  13. One of our favourites when camping is home made pizzas. Which is one of the simplest things ever. Just a wrap bit of tomato puree, mozzarella and pepperoni. Bang that in a really hot frying pan for a few minutes and you have a great calzone type pizza for a fraction of the cost. Done this many a time with @G_dub52 and it's always gone down well
  14. To be honest, I was going to do this thread myself but ended up playing on the damn thing a lot later into the night than I should have!!! So, I have a PS5 and I can confirm, its fucking BIG!!!! I thought I had plenty of room for it in my tv cabinet, wrong!! I had do make some quick furniture rearrangement which pleased the mrs no end!! The controller is a significant step forward in feel and weight, much like the difference from PS3 to PS4. If I'm honest, it feels like a pro controller straight out of the box. The feedback system is just out of this world!! It's not ju
  15. So, just watched a review and a bit of gameplay of Godfall. At £60/70, no thanks. Would have probably had a punt on it at £30. Back to square one again as I've just not really been grabbed by anything at this moment in time. I'm almost at the point where the first proper PS5 game I'll get will actually be Cyberpunk. Till then I'll make do with the PS4 game pass thingy. Bit underwhelming to be honest for the next gen, almost makes me question why I went to the lengths to pre-order that I did 🤷‍♂️

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