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  1. Not looked at this one but sounds right up my street. The Rouguelike genre has really floated my boat recently. Plus I like having games that aren't easy, makes it have a bit more that old school "one more try" sequence. Defo will hit this one up
  2. Absolutely awesome game. Art style is great and the gameplay is a nice subtle step above hack and slash. For £15 it's felt like an absolute steal
  3. Bloody legend!! How does he go about joining the server now? Or will he have an invite pending?
  4. Hey folks. Gabe is wanting to have a bash on the FG server now. Do you guys need to add him and then he'll need a code to access the realm? He's playing on xbox and his user name is gabe616 (#2894). Appreciate the help folks, I'm a total muppet when it comes to Minecraft (amongst many other things!!)
  5. Gabe got England. He's not sharing apparently after seeing our picks!!
  6. Not only did my poor dogs get told they couldnt take part, but I also drew Finland and North Macedonia. Thanks Tom!
  7. Paid up Thomas 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. I'll go for 1 spot. If it needs filling up I'm good for 3 more which will be for Gabe, Etta and the dogs (sorry Debbie!!)
  9. @Antpool84 , @Lurch and @GazzaGarratt FML!!!
  10. Tier 1 Team for @Stretch616

  11. Loving these write ups. Really gives a good bit of context to the evenings
  12. Loved it mate, lap times wouldn't have been a million miles away with a clean lap. But that's where I let the car down!!!
  13. No idea Dave. I assume you mean you joined the party chat via the app as your phone was playing music? I'll have a bash later and see if I can replicate your results
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