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  4. I'm interested! Can probs do anytime except the first two weeks of August. Would just be me. Happy for a picnic type thing as well. MK is a 20min drive, so is perfect for me
  5. I've been a big Souls fan since Dark Souls 1, but deliberately stayed away from all info around Elden Ring as I wanted to relive that same daunting feeling I first got when playing the series. I hopped on during my lunch break, and ended up playing for a few hours in the afternoon, safe to say I'm hooked 😅. The mounted and stealth mechanics are a welcome edition, and the truly open world feel will make it weird to go back to other souls games. Beaten a few fairly simple bosses to begin with, though think I may start a new character to take out that very first boss before the tutorial!
  6. I think most of us are pretty new to it, I wouldn’t be expecting a high level of Madden play 😂
  7. What's good all? It's Suberbowl month, which means there's no better time to get the ball (egg) rolling for... FG's Madden 22 Connected Franchise! For those not aware, Madden enables users to play a conected franchise mode, which allows us to all play the equivalent of career mode together, each controlling a team! For now, I'm just trying to gauge interest, but some general points to consider/discuss: This will be played on the PS4 version of Madden 22, to ensure all can play. There are 32 available teams to choose from, those not controlled by a player will be controlled by the AI. We need to commit to a number of games we are happy to play each real-life week. A dedicated day to get our games played could be a good idea? If anyone doesn’t play their games, they will be simulated to ensure we don’t stall the progress of the league. The league will start with a Fantasy Draft, to ensure as even teams as possible. I’m still looking into the recommended settings for the games (quarter-length, difficulty etc), but wanted to start gauging interest early. I’ve never ran one of these myself, so am open to any suggestions to make things run as smoothly as possible! For now, please just comment below if this is something you are interested in, and we can start to form a more concrete plan! GGFG
  8. jordie1892

    Clubs Update

    I don't mind what club we play for, as long as everyone is able to play. The reasoning for leaving the first club was to give people time to get their pros up a bit, and I think we should be in a much better position now. Having a second club for those who want to play during the week is an option, though it will annoy me with stats a bit! Personally I don't really care for the cups, we genuinely win about 90% of the ones we enter, and they don't feel nearly as much of an accomplishment as progressing through the league. You often times can't even find opponents for the finals due to how unpopular some of them can be! If this is what the majority want however, I'll still happily jump on. Overall with clubs I'm generally in the 'do as you like' camp. If peeps feel like jumping on a Monday and playing a cup, that's fine. If people want to play some league matches during the week, that should be fine too. Restricting when people are allowed to play games seems a bit silly to me.
  9. I love a WW2 setting, regardless of how many times it has been done. The game is fun, and the new map looks pretty cool, but as Tom said it’s just too glitchy right now. The lag was ridiculous, and a few graphics glitches with guns etc need to be addressed before I obsess over it 😂
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