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  1. That's the definition of coming down to the wire, should be a tense last race! Just a note - Think Tom, Macca and myself are jumbled a bit!
  2. Really enjoyed the league race last night. Ultimately think a lack of concentration was my undoing, not only in the fuel miscalculation, but with getting wheels on dirt a couple of times. Was just shy of catching @Mikepjbell who made the same fuel error at the end!😂
  3. Regardless of the morality side of it, having a guy like that associated with your brand could be really bad for business. Makes perfect sense to me!
  4. Tuesdays and Thursdays are both fine with me.
  5. That's a really useful tip, considering my usual strategy is hammer it until I run out of fuel, then panic😂
  6. I've been tapping the brake at the 100m marker and downshifting to squeeze it. Are you practicing in a lobby, or just the offline time trial? Not sure why but time trials always give me a false sense of security, maybe the cars aren't balanced?
  7. This all looks great to me, the value of a finish in regards to number of drivers is something else I hadn't considered!
  8. To be completely honest, I have no idea as to which method of calculating points is more fair! Was thinking about the manufacturer side of things. If the teams are going to be as fair as possible, perhaps a lottery for manufacturer selection order is the way to go?
  9. Sounds good to me mate! I'll wait until we have all the final results, and a definite list of who's consistently racing and go from there!
  10. I'm all for having this as a manufacturers championship, think it's a fantastic idea. In terms of organising teams, I think using the table as a base is a better method than a lottery, as two faster drivers together and two slower drivers together defeats the purpose a little. I know I myself will commit to the full season, if there's any others who have missed a significant number we could use the average race results from where they (I) have participated to get a good idea of ability levels. I'm happy to do the math here and propose teams, unless one of the more expe
  11. Was thinking that. Obviously it could be a bit skewed by people who have missed a lot of races/CBA'd etc. but it's a decent indicator!
  12. Just an idea I thought may be worth getting opinions on for the next season of GT races. Alongside the usual drivers championship, could we pair drivers together for a team competition, with both drivers scores combined? Figured this could help achieve a few things: Closer competition within the overall standings (assuming more experienced drivers are paired with newer guys for fair teams) More experienced drivers could focus on helping their teammate, almost as mentors. This could be really useful with race strategy becoming increasingly important. More incentives for

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