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  1. I’ll try to get on saturday or sunday, maybe both even. @GazzaGarratt yeah PUBG has taken over 😅 But it’s just so fun!
  2. Shock news this week as Ryan Reynolds and one of the actors from It’s Always Sunny In Philladelphia are in talks to buy Wrexham AFC. Doubt they’ll lead them into the BPL any time soon, but could be interesting.
  3. As long as I can get the next elder scrolls on the ps5 I don’t care about the other games 😂
  4. That would surprise me less than Jomathan Woodgate and Julien Faubert going to Real 🤣😂
  5. Considering the next team Milan has to face is a Norwegian one I’m keeping my fingers crossed Shamrock pull off a 1-0 upset 😂
  6. I need to get back on ESO as the last week has been all PUBG 😅 First character I made on this was a nightblade, I suggest looking up build guides online for which abilities to unlock @RedXIII there is also a skill advisor in game that you can use, but it’s not as detailed as the guides you find on the internet.
  7. Was great fun last night, even with a bit of a rocky start 😅 Formation change seemed to help and maybe we just needed some games to warm up, but we definetly ended the night on a high. GG FG FC 😂
  8. I might be wrong here, and I’m sure Aaron will correct me if I am, but I think "CC" is crowd control?
  9. Voted yes as I do use it on certain things like meatballs, but putting it on a sandwhich is about as alien to me as germans eating raw minced meat mixed with onion on a slice of bread
  10. You can repair your armour at any merchant. As for the bossfights your team has to revive you for those if you go down. If the whole group dies you get the option to respawn yourself, but it also resets the boss hp to full
  11. Your armour loses a bit of durability. Then you also gotta have filled soul gems to respawn or your group needs to revive you

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