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FG Montage Submissions Thread - June 2019

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Rich @tronic44 has made himself available for an awesome FG montage so we need clips from you all.


I want to try and push and get at least just one clip from you all. Doesn't matter whatever game it is, the more variety, the better.


We need them in by end of this month - 31st May, to give Rich time to put them together. Google drive will be available if you can but equally a small youtube clip can be worked with too.


Come on all, I know this is within reach - even if justs one little clip! Let's see them! Post below once you've found one and need some help getting it over to us.


Also, if you want to see any specific requests in it, let us know here too 😎

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I'll try and get some raw clips over to you Rich @tronic44 tomorrow at some point.


Did any of you guys get some good CoD or/and GTA clips the other night? @Greboth @Stretch616 @Diddums @phil bottle @crispymorgan @Misneach_ @LordBaguette @Shucker @ChaosGladiator @Nutcuttlit @Bluebear @techno 


Even if its one race, one match, or even any other game over the past week or so, make sure you get it over to Rich ASAP. Want to get a good range of clips together for him.

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