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  1. I had to open the quest thingy and track the quest, because apparently just clicking on the big button that says "DLC THAT YOU PAID FOR LOL" isn't the correct way to play the DLC that you paid for. So in reality it's Bungie being Bungie, helped with a very strong dose of Diddums being Diddums. I should go work at Bungie, we can create a singularity and take over the world. Create an evil villain and call him IncompetenceMan™
  2. I vote start fresh. Saves on server costs, and @techno and I can also hop in and be a bit relevant too, rather than run around amongst you lot in underpants with sticks whilst you're all lasers n light sabers n shit. I don't really mind, whatever. I am never attached to these things and don't really care about any progress, but I can totally understand why you guys would want to keep your shizzle.
  3. 37, in case anyone's wondering.
  4. I also did an art car recently.
  5. Oh. My. Fucking. God. Did you seriously just list out all of those cars off the top of your head? Like seriously? I've loved those cars since the moment I laid eyes on them, I can picture myself in a pinstripe suit cruising around London at night, Tommy Gun optional. Art Deco cars and vehicles are the cream of the crop, nothing else even comes close. Boat Tails rock my world too.
  6. Sigh. Fine. Here's my annual whinge. It looks fucking shit, it's going to be fucking awful, the cunts that play it will be absolute top shelf wankers, the maps will suck, there will be head glitching spots on every corner, there will be bullshit crutches to help the bottom feeders (thinking of you you goddamn fucking heartbeat sensor), perks that break the game, cunts sitting in corners, it'll take up 400gb on my hard drive, and I'm probably still going to buy it so I can whinge some more. Fuck you Activision.
  7. I'd love to, but I'll get it on the first run and then lose interest in helping @Baabcat with his next 600 runs 😕 Also I don't know what the fuck a "damage phase" is.
  8. Sorry Bob, you'll need to speak up mate, I can't hear you over the buzzing of my Vex Mythoclast from my second run 😄
  9. They actually come together to form a little minigame that Bungie created, it's called "Ultima Confusion X: What the fuck is all this?" and the reward for completing it is that they all piss off. Throw all that shit in the bin and play with what you enjoy. If you tried to keep track of the metas and sort out the who's who of weapons and armour, you'd lose your mind. Find a gun you enjoy playing with and every time you get something else, play with it a bit and see if you enjoy it more, if not - infuse or bin. Keep one gun of each type for the various gunsmith bounties, and you're golden. As for armour, I just randomly picked something I liked, maxed it out and masterworked it, then added some nice colours and shit so I look fucking fabulous darling and use that. If you want to fanny about min-maxing then hit up Youtube, shitloads of sweats who will tell you where to place every single pixel but I play the way I enjoy and if that means I do 5% less damage then so be it.
  10. No, gave up. I posted on the forums about it too and got no response. Tried everything you could reasonably expect, including reinstalling the PS4 version to see if it validates, still nothing. Won't be spending any more money on this game.
  11. A little photo taken in the city. The white building in the background, with all the round windows, is where I work. For perspective, this photo is of the same field, but taken from the rooftop of that building. The little gate in the middle at the back is where I took the above photo from. It was taken through glass sadly, and zoomed in quite a bit. The car show taking place is the London Concours, the ponciest, most pretentious car show in the world. The brown building on the right is the first building I looked after in London, and also the reason I have a 6" scar on the top of my head: This is a 10 minute walk from our house:
  12. Happy birthday mate, hope you're having an epic one ❤️
  13. Diddums

    GT 7

    Pretty sure they just went "what's the most irritating music we can put on our trailer?" and used that. What a fucking awful racket that is. Still, can't wait and I'm sure @Kurt will be there too. I'm very much a case of believe-it-when-I-see-it though, I've learned that release dates mean fuck all.
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