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  1. Oooof, shot put in an Audi R8 sounds awesome!
  2. Bought the season pass, still have to pay £43 for the DLC. Closed the game, can't be fucked with that such blatant greed.
  3. I still play it a lot, but not as much anymore. Usually when I'm drunk I end up on it, boosting people for free and giving all my shit away. Then I feel bad the next day because I'm poor so don't wanna log in. Then I get drunk again and stop caring, so I log in and do it all again. Don't drink and wow.
  4. No, I've been stuck on World of Warcraft Classic for the last fuckknowshowlong.
  5. So Density wants me to spend £43 for the latest xpac. I'll pay it if I have to, and then whine like a little bitch every time I feel I'm not getting my money's worth, but I will. Or don't I have to? Do I pay the £8 and that's it?
  6. 'kin 'ell son, look at that fancy table, proppa bling innit Also Matt's getting spanked by someone who doesn't even participate. Ha. Ha. Ha.
  7. Me. I was the driver of the week. Yay me, congrats.
  8. Wagwan bredren. Does this bloke still exist? When's he selling jellyhorn again?
  9. Your mum is an action. What do I need for this? I'm assuming I need to pay another £50 for the same recycled raid we paid for years ago? NeW CoNtEnT EvErYbOdY!!!11eleventy Still. I'll be there unless the woman finds more important things to do than save the planet from the Vex. Like go to Ikea or whatever.
  10. I even told them about that 😄
  11. Let me tell you a story. In World Of Warcraft classic, you need world buffs to be competitive and push progression. What's a world buff you ask? Well, it's a buff that's obtained out in the world. There are a few of them and they generally last one to two hours, and if you die, you lose them all. These buffs are immensely powerful, to the point that without them, you're not progressing until your whole raid's gear is very high level. Acquiring them is a monumental pain in the ass as you need to be in certain places at certain times, and often cost quite a bit of gold. It can take
  12. Oh that's good that you were taught, I wasn't, which is why I never finish anyth
  13. Nice one you lot! Now when I get smacked down by Chad I can say I got moderated by Batman 😎 La is a lovely addition to the community too, will be nice to get to know you 😄 As for Carl, well, let's not go there. I'm still licking my wounds from our last interaction 😂
  14. Nice, hopefully this unfucks their massive party system fuckup a bit. It still baffles me that someone thought changing a perfectly functional party system like they did was a good idea.
  15. So much to look forward to. In watching that I also just realized that COVID fucked the launch of Free Guy, another film I'm really excited for. I reckon we keep our ears on the ground for any news of cinemas opening again and see if we can book a whole cinema for a film release. Enough films coming out on various dates this year, shouldn't be too hard to achieve provided we can throw enough money at them (which I'm happy to do, that industry needs a bit of love after this COVID bullshit fucked them over so badly)

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