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  1. Nice, you seem pretty commited this time around 😎
  2. No. Until you're seeing your RAM usage max out, it's a waste of money. Save the money until you actually need to upgrade, then see where the market lies.
  3. No it isn't. It'll be P2W out the fucking wazoo and have 300 different types of currency for XP boosts and loot boxes. It'll be a cold day in hell when Actiblizzard do something for free 😂
  4. Yeah Blizzard can get fucked. I'd rather burn money than spend it on them.
  5. That's amazing dude, well done to her. Cancer is a bitch, I've lost my father to it, an uncle, my mother had it, my wife had it, etc. That being said, I can't support CRUK. I do support other charities like Macmillan but some of the things I've seen first hand from CRUK were absolutely despicable, disgusting and shameful greed. So in honour of your wife's walk I've just chucked £20 at Macmillan, might not be the right charity but I know where the money goes and that it'll go to good use. Good luck to her, I'll be following closely 🙂
  6. Ok, I will then. Well, not this strike in particular but the way that the English strike in general. You know why the Dutch never strike, or when they do it never lasts more than a day or two? Because when they go on strike they still go to work, uniform and all, and just open everything. The Dutch love it, I remember people queuing for Eurostars to all over Europe, trips that could cost 200 euros, for nothing. All the barriers opened up, go wherever you want free of charge for the duration of the strike. That's why the top dogs listen, because strikes cost them an absolute fucktonne of money. Sadly it's the only language those people speak, things like quality of life and human rights mean fuck all to them, but when money is involved they fall over each other to come to resolutions.
  7. Also I stickied this thread because I feel like a forum with three threads needs a sticky.
  8. I'll need to dig out cards against humanity again. No idea what i'll be bringing though. Or how I'm getting there. I'll sort it out nearer the time.
  9. All I have to say to you is. square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle square square square square R1 triangle
  10. We had heat pumps at one of my last buildings, the place didn't even have a gas meter, it was quite fascinating tbh. They're a lot more potent than people think, although I'm not entirely sold on the reliability yet.
  11. Ah, so you design all the stuff I used to install and now look after. I'm an HVAC installer by trade, pipe fitting being my speciality. I am no longer on the tools however and manage a team of engineers instead. Do yourself a favour and concentrate on energy, that's where the world is heading. In my last building I oversaw the installation of an Openblue system and saved my client £1m in the first year, with the prospect of another £1m over the next three. It was extremely intensive and took a lot of dedication but the results are worth it. This was one single building, the only building in London to have a running track on the roof and the first building in the client's portfolio to have free cooling, photovoltaiv solar, thermal solar and energy recovery in the air handling units. It's a benchmark for most of their portfolio now, interesting stuff 🙂
  12. Bout time you came home dad, we've been missing you.
  13. Ooooooooh is it? Fuck. That changes things. Will have a looksee, loved these games as a kid 😄
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