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  1. Looks ace mate! Well done. Now go get some sleep 😄
  2. I won a few races last night in the Sunday league thing. I haven't raced properly since GT4 (apart from the NFS stuff and GTA which is to racing what Blackburn Rovers is to professional football) so it was nice to have a little go again. I have a fucktonne of practice and shit to do but it was a laugh, I can see myself getting in to it again.
  3. Nyet komrade. I still exist kurwa. Chair - Ikea Markus. Breathes nicely and is cheap compared to the "gaming chairs" (which are all ridiculously overpriced). Desk - Something nice and big, if you're gonna do hobbies on this system you'll want two monitors at least, and a VESA arm to stick them to. These arms bolt or clamp to the desk so you'll want something chunky. Monitor - If you're doing photography n shit, then get a good monitor which can be colour calibrated. Do some homework on these as they can cost a ridiculous amount of money for negligib
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 165 seconds  
  5. Teffuck is DSC? I haven't irritated you lot in a while, I could be convinced 😛
  6. This is fucking awesome and just what I wanted to see at the end of this dark, crap year ❤️ Congrats to all of you, and Leigh you're an amazing person, this is fantastic 😄
  7. I've had tons of mice and keyboards over the years, for your wife you won't want mechanical but rather a membrane board with decent keys. Mechanical keys are fun and all but they become a pain in the ass after a while and having used noisy keyboards at work, I can tell you that nothing will get people to hate your wife quicker. Personally I'd be recommending a Steelseries Apex 100. I had the 150 for a couple of years at work and loved it, it was the most comfy keyboard I've ever used and it was silent. Had I known that the 100 was the same board without the RGB and half the price, that's where
  8. I was just thinking last night in the bath "I wonder when the new cod is out", shows how much interest I have. I might get it when it's on sale or something, I'll need to convince @techno to buy it too though.
  9. As you'll have guessed from my questions before, the reason I'm not in to fitness is for that exact reason, I've no clue what I'm doing and no targets / goals. I think if I had something to work towards I'd be a lot more motivated to get stuck in. Hopefully this rona bollocks will fuck off soon and I can give it another go, but this time I'll hire a PT and do it properly.
  10. Good to see you back on form dude! Always interesting seeing the sort of commitment it takes to do this, and how quickly it all turns to crud when you stop. Crack on, keep those updates coming 😎
  11. Well, where to start? The controller sucks, the menu sucks, the party system sucks, the lack of optical out sucks, the amount of launch titles suck, it's far too big, and the people I play with suck. Am I missing anything? Ok for realsies then: The controller feels a bit chunky and very Xboxy but this is probably just a case of getting used to it. The menu system is a bit odd at first but like the controller, I'm sure it'll become second nature soon enough. God knows how much I'd be whinging if they didn't change it, I'd be all "new content e
  12. Well, I just turned my PS4 off because of it. They've completely fucked the chat system so trying to talk to your friends has become harder than trying to get Rachel Riley to show us her tits. I'm just sick of the PS4 to be honest, every time I log on there's some bullshit. Update this game, update that game, update the software, can't chat to your friends, I think I'm done with it tbh, and if Sony fucks about with the PS5 like they are here then they can refund that too. Sony: the best people for fixing things until it's fucked.
  13. I feel like my recordings might be used for psychological research in future. Those fucking useless cunts.
  14. What perk is it? I'll need to pick some too and I do love a good knob.
  15. I'll bring chairs. Touch my chairs motherfucker, I dare you. I motherfucking double dare you. Touch 'em. Touch my fucking chairs.

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