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  1. Well, I just turned my PS4 off because of it. They've completely fucked the chat system so trying to talk to your friends has become harder than trying to get Rachel Riley to show us her tits. I'm just sick of the PS4 to be honest, every time I log on there's some bullshit. Update this game, update that game, update the software, can't chat to your friends, I think I'm done with it tbh, and if Sony fucks about with the PS5 like they are here then they can refund that too. Sony: the best people for fixing things until it's fucked.
  2. I feel like my recordings might be used for psychological research in future. Those fucking useless cunts.
  3. What perk is it? I'll need to pick some too and I do love a good knob.
  4. I'll bring chairs. Touch my chairs motherfucker, I dare you. I motherfucking double dare you. Touch 'em. Touch my fucking chairs.
  5. Also, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE CHAIRS? You people disgust me. This must be rectified, I'll be on tonight.
  6. You probably have Destiny underpants.
  7. Bundle it with Destiny and I know someone who would buy it 😄
  8. Aaaand he was never seen again, almost as if he didn't give a shit about anything and just wanted to promote his channel. Fucking quickscopers.
  9. LOL Everyone: "Yeah yanno, this game, that game, now and then sometimes yanno" Bobby: "here's my CV motherfuckers"
  10. Dropped a like. I love qui-k-scoaperzzzzzz
  11. Hey welcome buddy! Glad you joined the forum ❤️ I've changed your links a bit to reflect your post a bit more, hope you enjoy them fella. Have a great stay 😄
  12. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea. As most of you know, I do the odd matched betting now and again, and a side effect of this is that occasionally the bookies want me to get responsibly addicted to their casinos. To do this they'll put a nice little lure on their rods and cast it to my bullshit Gmail account, and today I bit on one of those lures, nice and deep. Today's lure was from Grosvenor Casinos and it came in the form of a £10 bonus to use on their live casino. I'll save you the boring shit but live casino bonuses are always great as you stand the highest chance of making

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