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  1. I'd be up for a cheeky third league
  2. Looks like Bungie have rolled out the hypetrain! Can't wait
  3. I'm still going to be 30 seconds behind so it makes no odds for me 😂
  4. Weapon changes are something that definitely need to be studied; after having much success with 2x ballistic gatlings and a distortion repeater on my 300i doing bounties, those same gatlings now only have 265 rounds each rather than the 4000 I was used to. I think I'm gonna outfit it with a full brace of laser repeaters and see how I get on! I also need to study up on power management, as the power triangle now directly affects weapon performance (especially when using energy weapons).
  5. Watched Nightcrawler last week, as it's come to Netflix. Really good film, fantastic acting from Jake Gyllenhaal. Gets really dark but I don't want to say much! Definitely worth a watch if you like noir thrillers.
  6. Bluebear

    VoG Hard mode ?

    I'm hapy to give it a try, but given that I'm seeing 1350 LL is needed..... 😅
  7. Bluebear


    Absolutely give it a go again. The constant tension in it is immense, and I say that not as a fan of horror or scary stuff in general.
  8. As the title says, shall we have a night in the 'Verse at some point? Especially with 3.14 looming and the arrival of Orison and the Crusader rework.
  9. Bluebear


    Picked it up in the sale, and forgot just how much I missed it; I had a disc copy years and years ago but for ease I bought the full series on steam for pennies in the sale. Me and a mate were discussing the AI, and we reckon it's due to games no longer being 'corridor' shooters or having non-static or open worlds. It's a lot easier to implement flanking behavior when the world's layout is 'baked in'. It's still absolutely fantastic to see in action, and as @J4MES OX4D mentioned, I've found myself caught out more than once already. The sound design of the first game especially is still unmatched. Even the SMG feels meaty as hell. Not to mention the sounds for ambience (that disonnant tone and radio static 'marker' sound before/during spooky things STILL gets to me like nothing else).
  10. Honestly, that same engine goes all the way back to Morrowind. I'ts just been built ontop of for literally decades but it still has very similar jankiness the whole way through. And to be quite honest, I wouldn't entirely mind, as it's very good for mods.
  11. I'm awaiting this with bated breath. I've been wanting a 'casual' space RPG for ages now. No Man's Sky had that inital wonder of exploration that I'm craving, but the effect very quickly wears off due to its shallowness by virtue of being a proc-gen game. If you see one ruin, you've seen them all. So for a game to (hopefully) have hand-crafted planets/locations etc but be somewhat casual along the lines of The Elder Scrolls, I'd be very happy.
  12. Bluebear

    Regular VoG raid slot

    Honestly, something is fucky with the auto-targeting with the relic. When I tried to do an R2 smash on the hydra, it sent me off into the abyss in a completely different direction. I suspect this is the same issue @Kemp210 had last week too a few times.
  13. I can barely make out how they sound anyway, the sides/distance callouts make far more sense for me when I've been shooting them. I'm happy sticking with 'near, far, wherever you are'
  14. I'll be up for this, but don't ask me to remember anything from VoG as I barely ran it in D1, I was a TakenTot 😂
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