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  1. FG night out in Leeds when??
  2. How much research material did overhearing FG Fridays provide for her degree? 😄 Congratulations to Kayla! However I'm naff thinking of ideas other than what's already been mentioned
  3. I live smack bang between Dewsbury and Wakefield myself but both towns are absolute holes tbh 😆. I'd take a look at places above the M62 and east of Leeds, so Sherborne-in-Elmet, Selby, that kind of area is lovely and plenty of countryside. Might be lacking in easy transport links however.
  4. Bit of a bump, but CoD Vanguard is currently 50% off on PSN right now!
  5. Cheers for all the mentions people, I'll get there!! I'm WFH on Monday so it won't be so bad for me to stay up a bit later on Sunday's raid. I feel I'm starting to get an understanding of how the raid works as a whole (still a little fuzzy on the first encounter inside the pyramid though). Gonna spend tonight and tomorrow getting my powerlevel up. Also, given that we missed out by 2% on Rhulk that one fight... I guess this won't be the time to say that I've just found out you get an additional Mobieus use while using the exotic legs... I had it hardcoded in my head that it was only 2 uses with the Void 3.0 stuff...
  6. I don't trust myself with standard resin/acrylic dice let alone zircon glass ones 😄 They look lovely though!
  7. Has anyone else been following Mothership and the upcoming 1E version? I found the Kickstarter having not known anything about it beforehand, but after looking into it I fell in love with the whole idea of a sci-fi horror RPG and promptly backed it. ...And then several other third party story collections, modules and pamphlets that were also doing Kickstarters for their own 1E compatible versions. Yep, I'm in deep. Mothership's system is primarily based on D10/D100 rolls, but what's interesting about it is there's stress and panic mechanics baked in. Fail a check or save, you get stress. Stress can actually improve saves, but get too much stress and you can move into full blown panic which either be good or bad depending on the result of the panic check (eg. more focused on the task at hand, or gain detrimental conditions. Yep you guessed it, there's a LOT more negative than positive results for a panic check...). The rules of Mothership as a whole however, are quite light, with the onus on the DM (or Warden, in Mothership parlance) to craft a dramatic and interesting story. While the actual print layout etc hasn't been finalised yet, the core mechanics of 1E are pretty much established, and as such, I'm gonna test out running a solo game with my mate over the next week or so with a one-shot I've had a go of writing myself. It'll probably go terrible, but it'll be a learning experience nontheless!
  8. I know the throne world is meant to be an extension of savathun's mind, I wonder if the scene with the water and the worm gods was a memory of Fundament?
  9. Dave Samuels coming through again. Love that guy
  10. Deffo up for a fun day 1 run, the DSC one we did was hilarious
  11. Missed last week due to prior commitments, and I'll be missing this week's due to a wedding! Normal service from me willresume next week 🙂
  12. For anyone on the fence, I can recommend picking up the GRIP code. Plays exactly how I remember Rollcage did back in the day!
  13. Really good race last night! Like I said during the race, I was surprised just how far I could take that 86 on the softs, going well past the halfway lap count and it still being fine. I was in two minds about attempting to go the full hog on one set but with it really starting to push out on some corners, decided against it. I don't think i would have caught back up to @GazzaGarratt and @phil bottle otherwise. Thankfully, I didn't need to take on extra fuel at all, despite hammering the redline like it owed me money, so the pitstop was as short as it could be. Still flummoxed as to how you two were getting so many penalties because I was absolutely caning it through those fast esses and properly chancing it some laps (especially when I had worn tyres) and never got anything. I wonder if it was something to do with proximity to other competitors ('Is this player trying to gain an advantage on the other' kinda thing) And of course, Kiwi being Kiwi, I don't think I saw him at all in the entire race 😂
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