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  1. Ok I'll try to add more on my PPR but I'm more an answer question rather than write stuff about myself kinda dude. Every time I've tried to do a piece about myself I often delete and forget about it because it's just normal to me and seems really interesting. That's probably just because it the norm for me but will be different for the person reading it I suppose, I will try to do more on it and work through my personal barriers.
  2. I shall endeavour to do more on the site but I don't really know what. My PPR is pointless as I only really play games with other people and don't actually monitor progress of the game itself as I'm laughing to much to notice or I'm completely pissed off my head. If someone could give me a direction to follow and a sole role I'd be alot more comfortable.
  3. Welch me to the thunderdome mofuckah!!!! Played a good bit of remnant with this dude. Top class guy and a good laugh, hopefully catch up soon bud.
  4. Ok so here we go again, picked this wee beauty of a game up on sale on psn for £16 and I have to say it's worth every penny. It's very souls like with regards to bosses and dodging but has something very different, the maps are randomly generated and requires more than one play through to discover all the content. There is a variety of game modes so as campaign, adventure mode which is so you can pick specific areas to farm for gear or bosses, lastly is survival mode. Survival you start with nothing and loot/upgrade your gear as you go. Currently rocking this with @J&B
  5. until

    Don't have space on the hard drive but I'll try clear some room
  6. Nutcuttlit


    Let's get mangled by bullets and beer!!!!
  7. @ChaosGladiator is bang on cc is crowd control. Agro is just keeping the enemies attentio solely on you. AOE is anything dropped on ground or surrounding your character, this can be damage over time or heal over time normal works on per second basis. Healing can be direct to one or overtime to all. Hope this helps.
  8. Bring it on, love playing this and there's so much more content. Let's see if we can get 12 people for a huge run.
  9. Ok for those of you new to the game and needing a little bit of help with game mechanics I thought I'd break down my favourite role. . . The tank. First and foremost this is not your typical mmo, there is no threat level for which to hold agro it is done by using taunting skills or certain weapons. Most taunting skills have a timer of 15 seconds this does not mean reapply after this time though YOU MUST do it again between 8-12 seconds. Too often you lose agro too late you lose it aswell so keep an eye on your timers. Primarily the tanks role is "do everything" you are the squads CC
  10. My general statement is enjoy the game first and explore before being bogged down by the intricacies of a build. For beginners you have a skills advisor but just remember to switch the advisory to the style you wish to play.
  11. Bomblance and stam shot is the best I know this far
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 140 seconds  
  13. Enrage phase is when butcher starts throwing fire and running faster, when spider is quicker and does pounce attack, assassin is after taking alot of damage he spawns a decoy. Any sharp weapon or frag will do rending in PvP also. Via the FG App
  14. I certainly shall, see you on the hunt big fella.

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