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CoD MW2019 Multiplayer Night

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And another one up to group up with FG!


I'll put a few of these up across some nights so keep a look out, RSVP and most likely join FG Game Room 1 on the PlayStation so people can jump in together.


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It's a Thursday isn't it? Should be able to make it. Will check to see in good time if I can actually get on MW19 and redownload it all, plenty of time in advance to make sure I can get on this time. 😜

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Didn't think i'd make it with all the football stuff trying to sort out at home but i'm glad I did. Even @Diddums turned up with his shotgun...and dominated some games with it!


Great games all, glad we could have a big FG squad to group up on. James' Vtol nearly grabbed us a win from being down 10-20 points at that the start of the match, shame we lost that final kill to that camping bar steward. And we definitely need more of the Search and Destroy 10v10! We'll have to see if we can make a bigger group up so we can play the 10v10 modes all in one team!


GGs all @Diddums @LordBaguette  @slamminbones  @J-Lurch  @IRaMPaGe  @Bluebear

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