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    Chalice of Opulence Loot Table

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    The Chalice of Opulence brings with it a guaranteed way to get the loot you want. After beating the numerous different activities and one of the rotating weekly bosses on the Leviathan, you get the chance to obtain specific loot by inputting Runes into the Chalice in a specific order. The tables show what you would get if you are wanting Weapons or Titan, Hunter or Warlock Armour. The speicific loot comes from selecting the corresponding Rune 1 (Top) and Rune 2 (Left) slots. Rune 3 (Right) slot is used to select the corresponding Masterwork trait you want for your loot - this is also shown below.


    Weapons Loot Table


    Chalice Loot Table.png



    Titan Armour Loot Table


    Titan Chalice Loot Table.png



    Warlock Armour Loot Table


    Warlock Chalice Loot Table.png



    Hunter Armour Loot Table


    Hunter Chalice Loot Table.png



    Masterwork (Rune 3) Table



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