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    Monday Night Football Match Report x2! - 6th & 13th March 2023 - FGFC

    2 for the price of 1 this week! The last few weeks have been a real hard slog for FGFC, with many matches not going our way whilst also coming up against formidable opposition. However, this wasn't all the FIFA Scripts fault as some of the highlights from both nights will show. Epic fails and some hilarious luck meant that the wins were very hard to come by.


    Alas, we didn't let it defeat us as FGFC trundled down the leagues:


    @Ally is hotly contesting the Offside Championship with reigning 7x Champion @LordBaguette

    @LordBaguette farting and burping is distracting his usual upbeat depressiveness

    @Macca89's comedic timing is still really way off

    @James5497 needs to rediscover his heading stats

    @Luseth needs more hair dye to distract the opposition full backs getting in the way

    @Findmartin just needs to be found

    @JamaicanSteve's Pro needs more than one position just like his game collection needs more than one game

    @Antpool84 is trying hard to stop being obsessed with the colour Yellow, although he still finds the cards

    @GazzaGarratt needs to Believe even more than he already does

    @Camers93  is just happy to be here



    It wasn't all bad news though. There were some gems scored and others that are not allowed to be shown before the watershed for all your children's benefit. Next week we'll be trying to get back to the dizzy heights of the Gold Leagues and bring some energy from our recent EA Cup runs that have been successful on the past 2 previous Super Sundays.




    MNF 6th Mar 2023 Page 1.jpg


    MNF 6th Mar 2023 Page 2.jpg


    MNF 13th Mar 2023 Page 1.jpg


    MNF 13th Mar 2023 Page 2.jpg

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