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    Recommended Positions: LW/RW/CF

    Height & Weight: 5’4, 119lbs

    Skill Points – Agility, Balance, Ball Control, Dribbling, Crossing, Weak Foot, Skill Moves/Flair, Pace


    You can see my build here:




    When choosing a position here, it depends on whether you feel you will cut inside and play off the ST, or want to push out wide for the crosses. A CF will do the job nicely, with added shooting attributes, but I personally prefer the increase in agility, ball control, dribbling, balance, and crossing that a winger offers.


    Similar to a CAM, you want to make your winger as mobile as possible at 5’4, 119lbs.


    For skill points, putting all you can into pace and dribbling/agility/ball control/balance is a good start. I choose to run with 5* skills and weak foot to help create opportunities, as well as flair for the fun. Lastly I put points into crossing and curve for them beautiful driven crosses.

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