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Football (Played with Feet)


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I know, I feel bad for him... Was a poor poor pen, I'm never confident in a stuttered run up...

I really didn't understand why Ribery was such a problem today, he cut inside every single time and ivanovic didn't seem to learn throughout the whole game...


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ffs, crap result for us at the weekend and it doesn't look like we're going to buy anyone this season. Although i thought we played well at Liverpool i still feel we're missing something.


Fair play to Liverpool it was a good game, even though Sturridge celebrated like he meant to score that deflected shot lol


Looks like Ozil will be going to Aresnal, would have liked to have seen him at utd but it seems we want to bring half of Everton to utd. I like Fellaini and Baines but i think we should be looking at better players. I read today Moyes says we don't need anymore players......is that, we don't need any, or no one wants to come to us. Either way i've been less than impressed with this transfer window (in terms of utd) i really hope we sign someone, i think new faces equals more competition, so will hopefully spur some people on to play harder.


Also Bale going to Madrid for 85M is the biggest joke ever, i've never wanted someone to fail so much in my life!



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