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Happy Birthdays!


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Happy birthday Lee! You sexy beast you [emoji6]

Again happy birthday Lee

Happi Burfday Lee! :1301_clap_tone2::1301_clap_tone2::1301_clap_tone2:

Favourite people only? Gonna be a short thread then! 
Happy birthday again Lee! [emoji512]

Happy birthday, Lee!!

Fanks people!!! [emoji173]
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So thought I'd share a little late present I got in the post today.

As soon as I seen it had 'Leigh' on it I knew who it was from as he had said he was sending me some Thermal Paste. Well....this is what I ended up getting from him.


Thanks Dave [emoji23] [emoji173]

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We were literally in the middle of clearing out some drawers and Kyla kept asking me what I wanted to do with stuff and that's where it started. I forgot it was your birthday too so this was completely unrelated and NOT meant as a birthday present. A few bits and bobs I thought you might find handy.


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Yes the big 50 has arrived. I guess at some point I intend to grow up (but not just yet)


Special night, Charlie’s parents evening , ugh, will celebrate tomorrow night. My in laws sent me 50 cans of Old Speckled Hen, so at least I won’t go thirsty over the next few days. Cheers guys

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