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  1. I have to say mate you were very unlucky with your auto shutoff. Mine turned off as I went into that long left handed and miraculously my guess at where the track was worked out whilst I wrestled with the controller. Still not sure what was up with that last track as my optimal time was near as damn it what Greebs did, but for the life of me I just couldn’t get the sectors hooked up resulting in a fastest lap that was seconds away from what I could have done. Just a disappointing race from my side unfortunately
  2. Couple of things, is anyone elses mini-map broken? I’ve played a number of games today where team mates don’t appear at all on my mini-map. I can see them on the main screen but there is no arrows or anything on the mini-map. second thing is am I being stupid or does ghost not really work at all. I’ve got a number of classes that are more perk based so run ghost and ninja in perk 3. The number of times I have been moving (sometimes running sometimes walking) and not shooting, the enemy has put a uav up and suddenly players have whipped round to get me. Even when you have a counter ua
  3. Good racing last night guys. It was good to see a large group racing again this week and even my missus says she hasn’t heard me laugh so much on a race night! 😄 @Greboth3rd race was hilarious but I enjoyed the close racing on that one with you even if it did get close! Definitely think the GT needs to have another look at the penalty zones on the red bull track as there was a lot of frustration flying about!
  4. I’m definitely in 😄
  5. Thought it would be interesting to see how I do in the following games compared to the previous screenshot and weirdly enough I seem to have done better despite the lobbies getting a hell of a lot sweatier. I can only assume that the MLG wannabes bunny hopping around the map hyped up on RedBull and adderall are a little bit more predictable for me.
  6. @IRaMPaGe yeah this is going to get really sweaty now 😂 This just shows how different that game was compared to normal games for me
  7. yeah it was the Christmas one and completely agree with you. I really seem to struggle to see anybody on this game in general so any darker maps are not my favourite. yeah got the game and instantly finished up for the night as I knew any further games were just going to be a disappointment 😂. No idea on the SPM, but I will have a look after my next game. I already thought most of the games were a bit sweaty So this is really going to top it off 😁
  8. Very proud of this considering the map and this sodding game in general. Now watch me get fucked relentlessly until the next CoD game by SBMM 😂
  9. Was absolutely gutted to have missed the first race at Willow springs especially as I had spent a fair bit of time in the morning playing around with different cars. Of the two races I definitely thought that would be my best chance of a win as it seemed to suit my style. Fuji I didn’t hold much hope for but my AMG Merc didn’t miss a beat at all! 😂
  10. Going to be slightly delayed on as I have only just got home and need to whip up some dinner first be on as soon as I can
  11. I’ll definitely be about if people would like a race 🙂 keep forgetting to click the attend button
  12. Apologies for last night in the Gr4 race for just quitting and leaving. Controller issues all evening had been really getting to me, with it randomly twitching the car to the left or missing multiple gears at a time, which is why I was was rather quiet. It’s alright in the Gr1 where you can get away with it but not in the lower speed cars When the TT had decided to go from 6th to 1st gear at paddock hill bend despite only clicking the button once, subsequently throwing me off the track I was about ready to spike the fucking thing through the floor so thought it best to go.
  13. The Nordschleife.... fuck...
  14. So this week was a weird one for me. The track I didn’t like before Tuesday and was really struggling on, I actually did well on! And the track I thought I was going to have my best chance on I drove poorly in the last few laps 😂 Before the the first race started I had been struggling to get into the 1:55s and even those were incredibly inconsistent. Then quali rolled around and somehow I managed to find nearly two a half seconds and wrestle pole away from Greebs! I do have to say, my performance might have been down to the fact I really needed a piss which actually almos
  15. I’ll be about if there’s enough people for a race. Not sure about that first track as it’s definitely not one of my favourites ☹️

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