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  1. JBR-Kiwi

    GT 7

    Couldn’t give a shit about the landscape stuff but does look great and I can see people that are really into that side doing some pretty impressive pieces. I’m not a massive fan of too many concept cars, and I really hope they don’t focus on this too much as I do enjoy a wide range of “normal actual” cars, but I do like the look of some of the old school stuff like the merc clr-gtr’s. The racing gameplay was a bit disappointing and despite all these advances in graphical power, it really doesn’t look too different from GT Sport. I was expecting a step up in graphical “realness” and didn’t really get that impression on first view ☹️
  2. My appearances might be sporadic during this season as we are on the countdown to due date now. I will still aim to try and attend but it will just depend on more important things unfortunately 🙂
  3. Thank fuck for that! If a 3sec lead was eliminated in one straight at Tokyo, I was dreading the Le Mans one at 3x in length!
  4. Teams - I love the idea and it’s been good seeing how people encourage their team mates. I just think this game doesn’t support that side well enough and unless we do a relay race like suggested it’s difficult to see the benefit of this side unless the whole grid was a lot closer. Manufacturer - Despite being one of the people that has suffered hugely because of my choice, I have really enjoyed this as it has seen a lot of strategies built around their car choices. I would like to keep this for next season and one manufacturer, but maybe mix it up. Either; A) lowest team/teammates get to choose first B) whatever manufacturer you chose this season you can’t use next season C) most of us regulars have most cars/coins you so we just get assigned a random car at each race and we do the best we can. Guaranteed to mix some races up! Races - I’m happy to do either one or two races each week although I might miss quite a few races in this next season if little lad is difficult😭 Endurance race - not really a fan but willing to give it a try if people want a go at it (like rallying...). My worry is that long races are quite draining and a people lose a lot of interest if it isn’t close racing which is where our shorter races work so well.
  5. yeah I never use Time trial if I do any practicing because to me it feels like the difference between playing on LAN vs online so it will also give you the feeling of more grip and car responsiveness when turning and on the brakes. That could be just a placebo effect of course... If I want to try the circuit I will always try and set it up as an online lobby with BOP being the first thing turned on as I have been caught out with that before! Looking back, I think I was struggling to exit cleanly through the corners especially onto any of the high speed straights which was punishing me massively due to the beetles poor top end.
  6. 1st race this week was an absolute disaster for me which kind of started off as early as the practice. I had done about 5 laps the previous night to learn the circuit in GR3 and had got down very quickly into 39s which was promising and then come race day couldn’t get anywhere near that and was even struggling to break the 41sec barrier in quali. And then the race happened... After apparently walking under a ladder whilst smashing a mirror and crossing Luna my black cat, I got the mother load of bad luck and a reasonable start ended up with me getting knocked into the gravel at the first corner and then then unfortunately rear ended at high speed at the chicane, which left my race in tatters, especially on a track like Sardegna. Just one of those things unfortunately ☹️ 2nd race was a complete surprise considering my lack of pace at Monza but I think there’s a different BOP for ovals compared to normal circuits, but either way the beetles high cornering speed really helped overcome my limits in straight line speed. So overall a mixed result with the circuit I expected to do well in ending poorly and the oval I expected to struggle on I ended up doing well The joys of GT Sport!
  7. Ok me and @Macca89 will be going VW for this championship
  8. Sorry if this has been covered but are we enforcing a pit stop in this championship? There are some cars that easily do a full race without stopping whereas others will definitely have to stop
  9. I’m up for some races but will understand if people want to give it a miss for a week 🙂
  10. No Fuji or Autopolis??? im disappointed @phil bottle.... 😡
  11. @GrebothWould this be the Toyota with the GT86 and the Supra? 😜
  12. Massive thanks go to you @phil bottle for getting everything sorted for this inaugural season. Getting all the tracks sorted and setup with the cars, tyre and fuel settings is definitely not a job I would have wanted to do so great job! Honestly from my side it's been a brilliant season and I genuinely wouldn't have wanted to finish in any other way than for it all to go down to the last race of the season to decide the final positions. It's been great seeing all the fights all the way down the grid and I know I have said it multiple times at this point, but it's brilliant to see everyone's progress through the whole season, and how everyone has developed their own style and race craft. I know everyone has taken it seriously but at the same time it's been great to have a good laugh with everyone because at the end of the day it's only a game 🙂 @GrebothIts been great racing you this season mate and i definitely have had to up my game to get anywhere close to you especially after my slow start to the season and thinking "how fucking fast is this guy???" Looks like we might have our work cut out for us for the Summer season especially with the rate of improvement of of certain individuals! The race reports were great to have a read of when i should have been working on a Monday 😀 Roll on the Summer season and let's get a full grid every race if we can!
  13. I went for @GazzaGarrattfor the simple reason of it has been a tough errrr “couple” of weeks in terms of results but finally looks like you cracked it and secured a brilliant result in race one on a track that isn’t forgiving at all if you make a mistake. Second race you were also blisteringly fast and pushed me all the way until the last lap or so. Looks like @Mikepjbell should be thanking his lucky stars that this form didn’t start a couple of races ago! 😄
  14. Tuesdays or Thursdays will be good for me. Mrs will be very happy if it’s Thursday as I’m told Bake Off will be returning at some point which means avoiding a fight over the TV on Tuesday night 😂
  15. You can take the corner almost flat if you down shift and turn in smoothly at the 150m board and slightly run the kerb on the inside. However as the race runs on and understeer becomes more of an issue then you will need to tap the brake on entry to get the nose in
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