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  1. I went for @GazzaGarrattfor the simple reason of it has been a tough errrr “couple” of weeks in terms of results but finally looks like you cracked it and secured a brilliant result in race one on a track that isn’t forgiving at all if you make a mistake. Second race you were also blisteringly fast and pushed me all the way until the last lap or so. Looks like @Mikepjbell should be thanking his lucky stars that this form didn’t start a couple of races ago! 😄
  2. Tuesdays or Thursdays will be good for me. Mrs will be very happy if it’s Thursday as I’m told Bake Off will be returning at some point which means avoiding a fight over the TV on Tuesday night 😂
  3. You can take the corner almost flat if you down shift and turn in smoothly at the 150m board and slightly run the kerb on the inside. However as the race runs on and understeer becomes more of an issue then you will need to tap the brake on entry to get the nose in
  4. I think everybody has become so much better over the course of the season that it’s now meant that if you make any sort of mistake you will unfortunately be punished for it, especially on a track like Laguna this week. One lap pace from everybody is incredibly quick and you can see it in qualifying where when everybody hooks their laps up, the whole field is covered by only a couple of seconds whereas in the past you might have been talking 10+ seconds from the front to the back. I think where people are struggling a little bit is dealing with the tyre wear and fuel managem
  5. JBR-Kiwi

    F1 2021

    Portimao was an ok race, but baring a few moments of excitement, I could have easily fallen asleep to the race. The width of the track on the straight all the way down to turn 1 is simply a bit ludicrous and with the DRS it made it almost impossible to defend from someone as you had the width of six M25s worth of space on either side so all anyone needed to do was just dummy one way and then switch back. Bottas once again was the bridesmaid never the bride. Started off so well but as soon as he got into a period of managing tyres especially on the hards he just didnt have the pace.
  6. Dropped my vote in for @crispymorgan especially after his mega quali where he managed to stick with me all the way around the Red Bull ring to snag a front row place 😄 was extremely impressive with the mother of all tows!
  7. Whilst I made it work by running long on super softs until lap 9 at Autopolis before switching to hards plus a quick splash of fuel, it did require me to pretty much run quali pace almost all the way through in order to build a 22sec lead over @Greboth in those laps, and I think when I left the pit I only had a 0.4 sec lead over him so the hard strategy was definitely the better one to use. I think potentially in the Gr4 class, hard tyres are not as much a penalty as in Gr3 so maybe like @GazzaGarratt says, maybe we make the lower class have a mandatory pit stop coupled with higher f
  8. Is this what we are now referring to as the @Greboth rule? 😂
  9. Good races last night guys. Seemed like most people had very similar strategies for the league race so was a very good indication of people’s raw pace. Monza is going to be a very interesting race especially with the potential of lots of drafting. Obviously this assumes everyone gets through the chicanes safely 😂
  10. @Mikepjbell brilliant drive in that third race mate. Strong consistent laps which was exactly what was needed in those tough conditions
  11. I currently dart around the A roads of Northamptonshire in a 2017 VW Polo Gti 6C Bought a couple of years ago as I was missing the feeling of racing on a regular basis thanks to various injuries, and just wanted something that made my drive to work a bit more interesting. Was torn at the time between a couple of different cars like the Golf GTi/R and a BMW 125i/330, but saving for a wedding at the time and remortgaging the house made me consider finances and thought I needed to be a bit more sensible. It’s a great little car for me and the wife, with plenty of p
  12. @Shucker not sure if you can do this with the setup that you have mate, but I know a few of my racing friends swapped out the springs on their pedal setup for a harder spring which stopped the issue of it being too light and giving them more control on the accelerator. I know when racing I’m the wet we used to do that for some of the younger drivers to stop them from spinning out on low speed corners when it was wet or greasy
  13. Maybe it would be worth suggesting implementing drop scores, to help people who can’t make it to every race. if you say that only your top 9 or 10 scores will count towards the final total then that allows anybody to still be in contention if they have to work or have internet issues etc. only a suggestion though but I really like the idea of this @phil bottle so well done mate. Think there will be some really close racing and it’s an extra incentive to not stop pushing in a race even if it was a poor start
  14. I must have been the only person to actually enjoy Fuji!! 😂 Really good close races all evening with everybody and it’s showing just far everybody has come as now there is close racing all the way through the grid and lap times are relatively close

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