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  1. Forgot to say I’ll be about tonight seeing as the wife is not feeling too good so didn’t end up going out for dinner Think we Are just using n300 🙂
  2. Yeah I downloaded a couple of them and I’m losing so much time in the 3rd corner where it tightens up almost back on itself. up to that point I’m within a tenth or two! 😂 People carry An impossibly large amount of speed into that corner and somehow don’t understeer whereas my car washes out constantly. That then punished me all the way to the top. Unless I’m doing something wrong the ghost doesn’t reset either so I have no idea where else I’m losing time to them. ☹️
  3. Yeah had a go last night after sending the message just to see if I could improve it from the previous week! 😂 2.06 was the best I managed to get on a single lap and was getting quicker and quicker but just couldn’t keep it consistent. Ended up getting frustrated if I lost time in one section and was then far too lairy in the one after which punished me further. Apparently my optimal time could have been in the low 2:04s but just couldn’t string it all together. God knows how the guys on the top10 are doing their times... I’ve been informed by the wife that
  4. Man Bathurst is going to be a challenge! I was watching my friends online racing league there recently and almost a full field were doing 2.01mins almost every single lap. I hop on for a try and can barely get within 10secs of them! 😂 There’s so much time that can be made if you are brave but smooth, but you make one little mistake you are clouting that wall harder then a chav on Stella slapping his missus
  5. Was some pretty good races this week. First race for me was a proper struggle considering I had never seen the track before let alone turning some fast laps. Only managed to get one good lap in right at the end of quali which still ended up being nearly two seconds down on Greebs. After a poor start in the first race it was a good race with @Mikepjbell where we each had sections which we excelled at but mike did well winning our duel. second race was pretty much the same with positions reversed between me and Mike and a soundtrack provided by Lee having a drivin
  6. Just wanted to say good races last night guys. Was good to see that was incredibly close in qualifying with positions 2-5 being covered by only a couple of tenths with myself @GazzaGarratt @phil bottle fighting over who got the runner up spot, and @Greboth just pissing all over us in the Lexus IS F. Was interesting to see just how popular the Peugeot RCZ was for Gr4 racing tho. last nights racing really did highlight just how few cars I actually have as I was struggling in that 2nd race with only two cars I could choose from.
  7. I will definitely try to get on but It won’t be until half 9ish I’m afraid ☹️ really need to sort out another tv for the house!
  8. Thanks for getting me in last night lads, apologies that I could only get one race in. Was a good race at Monza tho. Sorry to @GazzaGarrattfor giving you a tiny push at the start mate. Was gutted that I ended up spinning twice at the same spot which cost me a chance at victory. 😭
  9. Really down for this boys! Just let me know when and where. I'm trying to work out if I could utilise an old kart chassis I have as a racing rig but I’m terrified it could end up in divorce when the wife comes home and finds it in the front room 😄
  10. Can I still get in on this sweepstake? PS5 - £474.99 Xbox - £425 Either way I won’t be getting one initially until the first run of consoles have been stress tested by the general public. Too many nightmares of the first Xbox 360 and red ring issues I had...
  11. yes would definitely be up for this. To be honest atm I’m just working my way through the challenges and that as I’ve got gold in all the licence tasks. Just trying to top the leaderboards above all my mates 😂
  12. It was a bloody good laugh getting in a few games with you lads. some of those party games were absolutely hilarious with the amount of screaming and shouting going on and the team matches were...nice and close 😂
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 223 seconds  
  14. Router is literally a meter away from the PS4 and is always running on the Ethernet cable rather then wireless. I had a look through your thread and can see you had to do a bit of tinkering to get it working correctly in the end. Ultimately was it something that you might have figured out or am I going to struggle if I end up going for one of these Decepticon looking routers?
  15. JBR-Kiwi

    Season 4

    It has moments where it rips through everything but there is a noticeable point in range where it falls off a cliff and suddenly you are shooting marshmallows. Doesn’t help that there appears to be an issue with horizontal aim assist on ps4 right now which isn’t helping things 🤨

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