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  1. Let’s see who is on, can always get someone
  2. yeah thats the bit i always get lost at, too much going on
  3. Yeah me and Charlie are fully up for getting as many through as want it. When can Justin manage, @FallenDark200 , if he lets us know when he is around we can try to sort something out. We also took Gary @techno through last week, if he wants to do more runs. @GazzaGarratt got a run tonight around 9 if you want in, promise to do Arc on third encounter this time!
  4. Just told Charlie !! He’s in
  5. Bump as we need people tonight !!
  6. Errr none! Got it done this morning (had two triumphs to do and picked up a group who wanted to do them). But will still be running it to make sure @RenFengge , @RedBeardCG , @Kemp210 , @Ajay , @TurboR56Mini , get it, and you @GazzaGarratt if you need any help, and anyone else really.
  7. Baabcat

    DSC Raid

    What time does work for you @RedBeardCG ?
  8. Baabcat

    DSC Raid

    Fine by me, if you guys are up for it 👍
  9. In fact I'll make it 8.30 so we can get the sparrow bit done while you are on your way. We know have to do the sparrow bit legit so could be carnage the first time! wont go past the first chest!
  10. Can make it 9, we are pretty zippy at this raid!
  11. DSC run, stasis run if we need it, but also the Antraks challenge
  12. Event Title: DSC Stasis Run (if we want!) Event Author: Baabcat Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 01/21/2021 08:00 PM DSC run, stasis run if we need it, but also the Antraks challenge DSC Stasis Run (if we want!) N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  13. Hi @RenFengge i'd be struggling with this one - could we do 2pm GMT sunday perhaps, the earlier we start the better for me but appreciate 9am is a lot to ask I'm also struggling for the DSC raid at 5pm, so i'll set one up for Thursday night ad see if people can make it - think we need a stasis run, but its also the hardest challenge for those going for the seal
  14. Yeah we could definitely run it a lot quicker second time through
  15. So we got Last Wish done yeah ! And I got 1k Voices , evens bigger yeah! Bloody heart run ! It’s a pain without all the insane glitches we were getting last night, still will be a lot quicker next time as it just takes time to learn. Happy to go again if you guys are !

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