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  1. How do I find out league?
  2. Ok have got the app and set up an account 👍
  3. Baabcat

    Vow fresh

    Fresh Vow I've put this up for Thursday but if anyone has a preference for tonight / wednesday instead just shout and i'll try and be around
  4. Baabcat

    Vow run

    Let’s do this
  5. So what do we think of it! What are you guys spending those oh so bloody rare ascendant alloys on. Any interesting builds. My thoughts so far: wish ascendent alloys were easier to get / more plentiful supply, i've only had 4 and still got one left! I've got a mission fully completed red-border guns in the vault and all my various materials are full except for the Alloys, which seems like a bit of a poor economy. Like the last thing i need is more stuff to put in the vault However tweaking that aside i see promise in it - just got to rank up guns quicker than i am. So far spent two alloys on Osteo catalyst, which is beast Only other Alloy I have spent is on my Glaive, gave it upgraded rampage, which i'm running with Grave Robber, which is a nice perk for this weapon, but dont seem like any point in upgrading it further - whats anyone else doing with their Enigma? Any good ideas for builds?
  6. Congrats to 5 more FGers getting a first week completion of Vow. @Venom @GazzaGarratt @TurboR56Mini @SWAINEY84 and me. Many thanks to @Capn_Underpants for subbing in late on! Think it was a 10 hour completion but determination won We need to get it for @Bluebear ! 7 hours of the 10 hours I reckon and only two drops !’
  7. Baabcat

    Vow fresh

    Cheers buddy , obv if we have a no show I will come begging your foregiveness !!
  8. Baabcat

    Vow fresh

    Going to make this a continuation of the Tuesday raid as that team are all available and we have a cp. @Ajay and @Leeesh13 have dm’d you on discord. Normally first 6 would always go on one of the raids I post but think we should give the team from Tuesday a chance to see the cp out.
  9. Dont feel bad @GazzaGarratt the symbols is clearly the hardest part , trying to take that info in, and translate it into names people recognise, whilst in a frantic rush is really tough. Thought all the symbol guys did a great job, and it’s the sort of thing that will get easier over time. We’ve made a great start to learning this raid and getting those first loot drops is best gear we get all year !
  10. Yeah the soft lock was annoying but in some ways it just cemented the knowledge. The more we do of the earlier stuff the sooner we get to a point we can blast through it all in one go. Feel bad for @Bluebear who missed out on loot as a result of the lock but congrats to @Riff Machine for stepping in and picking up that role - thought the stun team were on it from the start. I need to start learning the symbol role to help out, sounds horrible and glitchy so we all need to suffer a bit! GG's everyone. Lets see if we can progress it a bit further on Thursday. when hopefully we can all get back on.
  11. Baabcat

    Sunday Vow

    run the new raid
  12. Baabcat

    Vow fresh

    Going to move this to Tuesday, I know we lose a checkpoint but its not like we got far !
  13. Baabcat

    Vow fresh

    I'm not sure the best is available ! But happy to run it - note we are still learning it, literally hit a brick wall on saturday night but hoping to have two good cracks at it this week before Sunday
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