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  1. Baabcat


    Good job getting the newly harder and less rewarding DSC raid done under serious time pressure ! Sorry we had to go early @Kemp210 and you missed out , was up against a server maintenance deadline !! Not sure about whether to run it again til we know for sure EoT is actually dropping , let me know who wants to do that. Next week is iron banner , maybe Thursday night FG-iron banner for pinnacles?
  2. Yeah I heard stasis in the crucible had got worse as the hunters had a buff !! I get what you say about the grind and do agree it makes it easier for the more casual player to an extent, but ..... I’m guessing GMs will need 1335 though , so that’s a lot of levelling needed into the artefact and limited ways to improve your base power. That’s another reason why the DSC non-pinnacle decision is so bad, such a fun raid , relatively easy, nice source of pinnacles for most people. I suspect VoG won’t be so straightforward. The power grind without DSC is going to be pretty tough so I’m h
  3. Yeah I'm a bit meh with it at the moment. I liked the brief bit of story so far, and I think they have got their seasonal story telling on point after last season, so hoping it will continue to build. New weapons seem good and at least they have added quite a few I believe, and really looking forward to the return of VoG, expecting that to be awesome. However the things I'm meh about are: Transmog - seems to be a big part of the new season and finding it hard to care - clearly been done for Eververse purposes, which i don't mind, it just wont engage me at all. DSC - not droppi
  4. Baabcat


    Whose up for DSC, want to get AJ that rocket launcher before VoG !! Extra slot added t account for Bluebears likely no show !!!
  5. That's great La, same deal as Atraks though, this time you get to kill my Gorgon
  6. If it means we get 12 instead of 10 I’m all for it
  7. Baabcat


    DSC run
  8. Baabcat

    DSC run

    Yeah where is @Kemp210 haven’t seen him for a while ?
  9. Baabcat

    DSC run

    Are we one short ? Or do we have a @TurboR56Mini or a @RenFengge?
  10. Hoping for a good season. Seasonal activities can be a bit hit or miss but battlegrounds were ok, story telling had been good, and the epic return of VoG should make it a fun season.
  11. Baabcat

    DSC run

    Who's in? @Bluebear and @Ajay are so close to the title that it would be great to get it done before VoG drops, but we need RNG to be on our side
  12. Baabcat

    DSC run

    Who's in? @Bluebear and @Ajay are so close to the title that it would be great to get it done before VoG drops, but we need RNG to be on our side
  13. Baabcat


    DSC raid at noon uk for those you want it
  14. Intriguing to see what will change and what will stay the same, hoping some of the iconic weapons come back with the raid related mods but I guess they may be armour mods now. For those who’ve never been in VoG I guess it’s your call whether you want to try and have a fully blind raid, or mix it up with people who’ve done it before. We’ve got such a large and active raid group at the moment we need to make sure that as many people as want day 1 experience get it.
  15. Yeah VoG!!!!

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