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    Monday Night Football Match Report - 13th February 2023 - FGFC

    Another successful evening had with FGFC last Monday, even with harder opposition we seem to have coped well with the regular experience of Monday Night Football and the odd Super Sundays we've had across the past few years.


    An easy quit gave us an early winning start, followed by a tough 2-1 win against FC Yeazerr. We probably spent too much time talking when Macca realised that Madtekz was one of the previous number one teams in the Pro Clubs on a previous FIFA. In all honesty we seemed to play well but concede every time that had a shot so 4-1 was a tough loss to take but it spurred us on to bounce back immediately with another close win.


    Some battling performances breaking up the play by @Findmartin and @Antpool84 allowed FGFC to keep an unbeaten streak going that eventually reached 6 games; most needed when we were down to 10 men due to @LordBaguette losing ahead early doors to Phoenix Esports and they dug out a draw for FG. @jordie1892 became a resilient pivot-point for the team as we pushed on to gain 3 wins in a row near the end of the night whilst @James5497 @Luseth and @LordBaguette were having success up top.


    The 'FG money shot' was probably used way more than this night than previous; @Macca89 assisting once again from multiple corners to the pinpoint heading stats man @James5497, leaving them with 6 assists and 8 goals respectively.


    Final 2 games of the night happened off stream which was a shame as @Findmartin found his shooting boots, collecting a hat-trick for his efforts upfront. A very tidy win percentage of 58% to finish the night in Division 1 is something not be grumbled at.


    Mini highlights below as usual along with the stats.



    MNF 13th Feb 2023 Page 1.jpg  MNF 13th Feb 2023 Page 2.jpg

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