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FG Driver of the Week Poll - 4th May 2021


FG Driver of the Week! 4th May 2021  

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What a league race this week! Lots of things happening, it felt like most drivers were in it with a shout.


@JBR-Kiwi  had a cracker of a race given for the fact I think he got away from everyone else without a scratch the entire race! Everyone had struggles but came through the pack well - most notably @Mikepjbell  and @phil bottle. And then @Greboth making his way back from dead last to second was an achievement...probably lucky it happened on the first lap!


I somehow spun the car  nearly half way through the race whilst sitting in 3rd after such a good start - devastated. @crispymorgan  really held the second fantastically well, but came unstuck right at the end with @Lurch  driving fantastically consistent throughout to get 3rd.


Commendable mention for @Macca89  too. If he starts to understand more about the strategies that can be done, i really think a higher position was available.


I think James just edges it from Phil tbh. Phil nearly nicking third made his strategy pay off but in the end another solid drive from James on this track sealed him a great finish. Crispy is so close to nailing the entire pack though if he can get the strategy right.


What's your vote? Poll is above 👆 and sound off below 👇

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I’m quite proud of my recovery as I didn’t think I’d get back to second but my massive fuck up to need a recovery rules me out of DOTW.


Crispy had a great race and is a close second but I think DOTW has to be James who had a good race while everyone else was making mistakes and kept pushing to bag a podium right at the end.


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