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Found 25 results

  1. On Modern Warfare 2 you can switch between using Scorestreak and Killstreak so which one do you prefer using and why? Post your reason below 👇
  2. Which one is better, FG decides! Tea or Coffee? I've also added Water and Alcohol for the drinkers that don't have warm drinks, you heathen lot. Tea all the way for me. Coffee stinks. It's just like drinking a cigarette for me. Or black tar. Whichever makes you feel better. Not too fussy about teabags either, apart from flavoured tea and Earl Grey which is basically drinking perfume. Yuk.
  3. After our long trip away to see the mighty @Plumbers Crack, we had a conversation about every other person on FG is either a Chris or a Dave. This got me thinking...there can only be one winner! So FG, you decide! Make sure you put up a compelling argument below for voting either way too. P.S. Every newbie or oldie should be encouraged to vote! #FGLivesMatter
  4. When James@anticonscience mentioned about getting it on Xbox I thought it would be good to get an understanding who is getting MW2 on what platform - this will help us work out if we start Playstation parties or/and look out for game chat parties. I also think we may need to start sharing our Activision gamertags too - if we have enough players, I can start looking at adding a Profile field for everyone at FG if people want that too? For the first time I think we'll start to see alot more crossplay so lets see if we can make that happen with everyone here!! Vote away folks! https://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/polls/2-what-platform-you-buying-mw2-on/
  5. So what's your favourite type of chocolate? Maybe share what bar or slab of chocolate you enjoy the most too. I've loved White chocolate since i was a kid but milk is a very close second. Dark is always just too bitter for me, even though I still would have some if offered. The Crunch Bar was probably the best alongside when Cadbury's did the Dream bar. Obviously Milkybars were nice too. Outside of White, it has to be a Double Decker. Not in the fridge though, you animals. I love the Nougat chewy chocolate with the biscuit inside. Let me know if you want me to add more options to the poll!
  6. Right, there seems to be a lot of choices for Battlefield 2042 and considering it looks like it will be a popular game at FG, we should all double check what we're buying as in some instances when we look to put in big Private matches (cos we will) or just MP groups, we will need the right version to play together. Essentially the game is cross play but only with their corresponding current generation platforms. So, what this means is (if turned on): PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S owners will all be able to play together - max match sizes of 128 players PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to play together - max match size of 64 players Pre-ordering ANY version will get you beta access which is still tbc when it will take place and the 'Pre-order pack' which includes: Baku ACB-90 Epic Melee Takedown Knife Mr. Chompy Epic Weapon Charm Landfall Player Card Background and Old Guard Tag A bit of info on the different versions: Standard Edition - PS4 / Xbox One Digital Version £59.99 Physical Version £54.99 (checked via GAME) Base game Pre-order pack Standard Edition - PS5 / Xbox One S / PC Digital Version £69.99 Physical Version £64.99 (checked via GAME) Base game Pre-order pack Open Beta Early Access Gold Edition (Cross-Gen version) Digital Version £89.99 NO Physical Version Base Game for PS4/Xbox One Base Game for PS5/Xbox Series X Pre-order pack Open Beta Early Access 7 Days Early Access Year 1 Season Pass - 4 New Specialists (1 per Season), 4 Battle Passes (1 per Season), and 3 Epic Skin Bundles (”Blistered Earth”, ”Tempest”, and ”Cold Blood”) Ultimate Edition Digital Version £109.99 NO Physical Version Base Game for PS4/Xbox One Base Game for PS5/Xbox Series X Pre-order pack Open Beta Early Access 7 Days Early Access Year 1 Season Pass - 4 New Specialists (1 per Season), 4 Battle Passes (1 per Season), and 3 Epic Skin Bundles (”Blistered Earth”, ”Tempest”, and ”Cold Blood”) Midnight Ultimate Bundle Official Digital Artbook Exclusive Digital Soundtrack Its good to know that if you have EA Play, you can save 10% on the final price of any version e.g. £9 off Gold edition so it is £81 rather than £90 What this all means is that with our FG playerbase largely 70% PS4 and 30% PS5 (with some dregs on PC too 😄), there are things to consider. At £90 the Gold Edition is very steep, £20 more than the standard new gen version, however this gets you both versions of the game to be able to play with previous gen folks and pays for the first season pass - which are usually anywhere between £20-40 depending on game on content. They unfortunately don't offer an edition that just gives you the cross play bundle, which arguably would've only been £10 more. It would be great to if everyone could vote what they are likely to buy soon because I would much prefer to be buying the same version that everyone else is playing over and above the graphic updates I would get on PS5. Same thought process for the PC folk, as it could be worthwhile buying a later new gen version a few months later when the game has decreased in price and possibly an upgrade is offered on its own. If I could find the cash then I would get the Gold version but with other games out around the same time I know i'm not the only one who has to think of the pennies for everything we have got coming our way for the rest of the year! So definitely could dip for just the physical PS4 edition as its £35 cheaper! End goal is I just want people at FG to feel like we can all play together, so please share your views on the poll and below! GGFG
  7. Right, I've had a quick play around and seen what I could work up with Owayo football kits as they can really customise kits further than the standard kits you can find at the most common places online. I've come up with a few designs and it would be cool to get all your thoughts on which ones you like...and maybe more ideas if you do think there is other things we can add! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 We can also change the colours but i'm mainly seeing the only real change to be the collar colour from white to black imo. Black and red are our main colours with a dash of white so it would be cool to keep those as primary colours for the 'Home' kit. Yes, you're now thinking we could do Home and Away?! Of course, its up to us what we do if we all want it. If we get enough interest - and that doesn't have to be just the FIFA FG lot as this is a cool enough jersey for anyone to have, we can buy in a bulk load to significantly reduce the cost. It can go from £65 to around £30-35 per shirt if we def know what we want. Also, we may be able to add names and numbers with that too. Examples are below: Let us know what you think on your options and also thoughts below would be ace! I love Option 1 but also like 2 and 3 too. GGFGFC!
  8. Let's get the show of hands by voting what we think we should play tonight! A nice little warm up for a big weekend with ENGLAND!!! GGFG ❤️
  9. As we're some hours away from tonight, I thought I'd see a quick show of hands on what people would play as their first choice. If your first choice isn't the best thats chosen, please still turn up to play as I think whatever is on the list above, we'd all enjoy any of the games chosen! We'll see whats occurring later! GGFG ❤️
  10. Good few races this week, unfortunately the GT Sport update delayed us all getting off earlier than expected but worth the wait. I don't think i've ever seen so much practice go on in previous weeks so nice to see the buzz around! @JBR-Kiwi had some stellar races, winning the first 2 and wiping the floor with us if i'm honest. @jordie1892 showed great pace and he was just unfortunate that a miscalculation meant he wasn't even higher. @Macca89 showed some promise again but his race was impacted early from lack of knowledge on the track 'prone to the dust zones' I think others had an off week or moments that just defined their racing night which meant they slipped down the leaderboard in all 3 races. Kiwi gets my vote for keeping the Super League going still!
  11. What a league race this week! Lots of things happening, it felt like most drivers were in it with a shout. @JBR-Kiwi had a cracker of a race given for the fact I think he got away from everyone else without a scratch the entire race! Everyone had struggles but came through the pack well - most notably @Mikepjbell and @phil bottle. And then @Greboth making his way back from dead last to second was an achievement...probably lucky it happened on the first lap! I somehow spun the car nearly half way through the race whilst sitting in 3rd after such a good start - devastated. @crispymorgan really held the second fantastically well, but came unstuck right at the end with @Lurch driving fantastically consistent throughout to get 3rd. Commendable mention for @Macca89 too. If he starts to understand more about the strategies that can be done, i really think a higher position was available. I think James just edges it from Phil tbh. Phil nearly nicking third made his strategy pay off but in the end another solid drive from James on this track sealed him a great finish. Crispy is so close to nailing the entire pack though if he can get the strategy right. What's your vote? Poll is above 👆 and sound off below 👇
  12. Some really good drives throughout from what I could see this week. 1st and 2nd (@Greboth @JBR-Kiwi ) was kind of dictated by strategy mess ups so for me the stars were the middle of the pack with Clive @Teenwolf25 and Crispy @crispymorgan having their best drives since me, James @Lurch and Paul @slamminbones really struggled to keep the car quick and on the track. I think Clive just edged it for me, however there's no doubt Crispy will be a driver of the week over the next few weeks if he can avoid my utter rotten luck 😄 There might be a race report up soon to give more detail but for now let us know what you think if you saw or raced in it! Poll closes in 7 days
  13. Better late than never eh?! Forgot to put a poll up for March's Goal of the Month A few uploads of some of the FGFC crew courtesy of @Macca89 ❤️ As per February's one, poll open for 7 days, pick a winner and write in the comments below if you have any thoughts about them! If you want to find the goals, go and take a look at the FIFA FG GOTM - March 2021 Video Collections. You'll find these on the FIFA Game Hub Homepage and highlighted in on the Video section on FG. And while you're at it, take this as the pre-warning for getting April's Goals in before the end of this month on FG 😄
  14. In the This Week At Bungie (TWAB) post this week, they've explained within the next Festival of the Lost event coming up soon, they get the chance to offer one concept armour via Eververse (so real money)...so, which one are you?! Lets see which wins a poll here! #TeamDino or #TeamMonster ?! Both sets look incredible if you ask me! Lets hope its one of those things to spin up some PR and we get both! Can't deny I'm team dino, but the more I look at them, the more I prefer the monster versions!
  15. Here it is! February's poll, up a little late because I think people struggled to put up their videos in the first month but with a little help I think we've got them up now. Go and take a look at the FIFA FG GOTM - February 2021 Video Collections first. You'll find these on the FIFA Game Hub Homepage and the highlighted in on the Video section on FG. Go and have a look (rate them too if you like cos its looks great seeing them stars on there) and then come back here and pick a goal on the poll! (Poll will also be on the FIFA Game Hub page). The poll will stay open for one week from now, as per the Process guidelines. That way we keep things moving for March. Have fun watching them folks! GGFGFC!
  16. Here's the poll for this week! Put your votes in please!! For me whilst a few people had some moments of glory and brilliance, I think @Greboth showed his ridiculous pace on both tracks, holding off @JBR-Kiwi in the first race and absolutely destroying nearly all of us in the second. Top job mate 👏👏👏 Who and why do you think won it this week?
  17. We've done awesome of late, getting many raids done and a few new people through on them too which is ace to see. I think we need to try and get an understanding from who needs what from a Moments of Triumph perspective as well as if there are raids that people would like to run because of a specific reason e.g. need the exotic weapons, triumphs, etc. So, I'm suggesting that we all tick the raids we'd like to do and some of us that help organise raid nights can then work out what we need to put up as events. This doesn't mean you won't do the ones you don't tick, more so it helps prioritise the raids which people need/want the most as some/most are easier when you 4-5 experienced people that have completed it before taking 1-2 new people in max. So lets see what you wanna do and maybe explain below if there's reasons you'd like to share!
  18. See and read the following post here first: Now select any or all of the above that you might want to help and get involved in. You can write more info below if there's you're thinking something is missing or want to explain what part you want to be involved in more. Thanks All!
  19. So, @Dan94 raised a perfectly valid question in the love food thread so i've picked it out to see how many people give the right answer 😎 Jam or Cream first? If anyone does Jam first you have serious problems with your mental health. Discuss. P.S. Best served on Sultana Scones. Omg they are amazeballs.
  20. Just a little fun poll to understand who will come second and third after Titans 😎 Place your bets please!
  21. Created just for poll. Main thread here - http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5046-the-forever-gaming-xmas-giveaway-2017/
  22. Whilst I had all 3 last time, I only rocked the Titan tbh. This time round I want to try to maintain all 3 types, even though Titan Master Race FTW of course. So what will be your setup on D2? Will you have different Guardians so you have different mains on PvE and PvP?
  23. Sennex


    I was told to type here LOL
  24. Created a poll after Bart's random question in the cross-play thread. There's isn't any rush with whatever the poll outcome is, I just want to gauge interest so we know what everyone wants to do in the future. Please note - Members viewing this via the App must visit the website via browser to vote in the poll.
  25. If you'd all be so kind to answer the poll I've created it would give me some understanding on what to focus on if we make any changes going forward. Obviously any comments about it, just let me know, as always. Lee
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