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  1. Heading home now to download!!!
  2. Macca89

    FG Friday

    Basically it's FG Friday without Lee so we can go crazy as fuck! Fall guys, Wreckfest, Battlefield, classic cod, you name it! So get your names down and let's have a good old time!
  3. Love this lad! Some insane stuff, it's killing me that alot has been unboxed but water under the bridge 🤣😂
    Awesome stuff bro! They didn't stand a chance! 🤟🔥
  4. So Ladies and Gents! I regret to inform you this is an FG Friday without our leader Mr Garratt who has better things to do! Soooo... I suggest we cause as much chaos, anarchy and trouble as possible! Let's all get in the FG game room chat around 8pm, then just decide what we shall play then. Can be Battlefield, Can be Wreckfest, Cod Remastered, Fall Guys, GTA Races, what ever the fuck you sexy bastards want! Let's go all out and just fuck shit up! Let's show that traitor that we can cope without him 😁😂🤣 (Highly doubt it but we can try) See you tonight guys!
  5. Macca89

    FG Friday

    Ohhhhhhh FG!!!!!!! Don't you dare be sour! Clap for your Euro finalists and feel the power! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Anyway back to gaming! Looks like the poll winners are Wreckfest and then a little Fall Guys/Bomberman 😁🤟😁🤟 If at some point during the night people get in mood for some old school GTA we can always switch over to that too! 😉😁 Get your name down guys! It's gonna get messy! Now give me 2 claps and Ric Flair 👏👏 WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  6. Macca89

    Euro 2020

    Honestly I do have to question some of Southgates choices, but I cant really fault the guy. We've qualified with 0 goals conceded which not many teams manage to do. I genuinely think he knows how exciting we can be attacking however was more focused on suring up the back 4 first, being able to defend as a team, a bit of strategy for the latter stages in the final 10 mins if we are in the lead. Plus he's chopped and changed the front 3 and it keeps every other team guessing, Not sure as to what team we are going to pick. It goes without saying that we looking solid with Maguire back in the side. As a united fan, we slated him alot in his first season however he's come back to his best now and we massively missed him towards end of the season, he reminds me of Rio in a way, obviously not in the same class but can bring the ball out, play with some calmness and it's something that back 4 need. Also think Pickford has silenced his doubters, he's been brilliant whenever called upon which hasn't been much but that's even harder for keepers, spending 89 mins doing nothing and still keeping that concentration ready for any split second to react and rescue your team. Also think Kane was alot better in last game, didn't have much to feed on however second half lead the line well and press just need to get off his back, once first goal hits back of the net he will fly! Only criticism of Southgate for me is mins given to Sancho, the guy is fucking dynamite once he gets going and honestly think he'd be perfect against Germany, knows them inside out. Confidence might be shattered, fingers crossed he's still ready to go when called upon. Anyway bring on Germany, will be tough but can't see any reason why we can't progress.
  7. This looks insane 😳😳😳😳
  8. Macca89

    FG Poker Night!

    Looking forward to this
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