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  1. As we're back in Division 3 it should be a good laugh, plenty of wins and plenty of goals... So make sure you get your name down. Back to Division 2 we come!
  2. It's too easy to laugh at this... Looked like they had the ref on the books and they still lost 😂
  3. Please RSVP below if attending.
  4. Had to chuck on the Friday tunes today! Jungle - Fred Again..
  5. That sounds pretty wicked! I've got a few joint tattoos.. always think they hold good memories better than my actual memory does 😂 I think you're a 100% right.. shouldn't matter if you get tattoos for a reason or not but if you do want to get a meaningful tattoo that's a lovely thing to do. I mean I've got a tattoo for pretty much everything and the ones I love the most never had meaning at the time but now remind of where I was or who I was with. My favourite tattoo is an illustrative version of the painting 'Room in Brooklyn (1932)' by Edward Hopper 😊
  6. @J4MES OX4D you called it 🤣
  7. Lurch

    FG Germany FIFA 22 Cup

    I'll be around Monday night if you want to have to game before MNF? You know what they say... The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
    Not much of a turnout but we managed to have a few games of 2v2 between us and some good laughs on chaos.
  8. A casual night of ranked Rocket League matches or tournaments this Wednesday night! If you need adding to the Rocket League PSN chat or want to play using cross-play please let me know before Wednesday.
  9. Lurch

    FG Germany FIFA 22 Cup

    I'll take that 😂
  10. Give me a tall striker and I'm in!
  11. Division 2 League games on FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. Get your names down, it should be an exciting night!
  12. I can't wait to drive head first through windows again 😂
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