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Best Retro Game Soundtrack?


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For me it's slightly more recent with the PS1 era of Final Fantasy, I often listen to the soundtracks whilst I am working (especially if it's an overly stressful or busy day) as most of it is quite relaxing 😄 Would love to see one of the orchestra events they put on every now and again.

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Great thread @IRaMPaGe . Some greats above. Here's some of my favourites so far. First one has to always be Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1.



European Club Soccer have some incredible tunes. Especially made depending on who you or your opponents are. Here's the United Kingdom theme when playing a game.



OMG, and how can I nearly forget the amazing intro to Ridge Racer Type 4 (R4). I was in awe how this looked when it first came out too.




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